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Here I am, staring at the end of another year – 2022 – funny… Like America did in the past, we hope for the next year to improve, but it rarely does, especially where this regime is concerned; for some reason, that never gets better.

The allegorical word is Hope. It implies that we want things to change for the better, but in reality, it’s passive. There’s no required action – so we hope, and that’s the end of it. We trust that someone will take care of it for us.

I’ve used the term Hopium in past articles. Hopium merges the words “hope” and “opium” it means surrendering our beliefs, desires, or trust to a drug that compromises our ability to analyze and make sound judgments about anything.

It’s self-perpetuating; like every addiction, we use it when we’re too lazy to act. The more we use Hopium, the easier it is to exclude every other avenue or solution, including actually doing something.

Hey man, I’m hoping for the best…

Americans are generally fat, dumb, and happy. There’s a saying in the Air Force that someone is “fat, dumb, and happy,” whenever they take a break from actively flying to look out the window momentarily. This often happens while someone is grabbing a bite to eat. At that moment, they stopped being a crewmember and became a passenger.

Sound familiar?

Here’s my anecdotal proof.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – and you know what I think of this department after their scientific failures on the Wuhan virus – claims that 49.1% of Americans are obese. The livin3 website says that 70% of Americans are overweight. They cite overeating and inactivity as the primary causes.


We keep appointing the same type of people to political office, expecting them to change and hoping for the best. OR… we allow the same kind of shysters to assume these positions. Either way, our selections are appearance-based and with rare exceptions on ability or substance. We pay no attention to their past failures or accomplishments.

The chosen – the anointed ones – spend more money than we could possibly make, to the tune of $175 trillion in unfunded debt.

I had lunch with my friend Samwise a few days ago. We were discussing the burgeoning debt mentioned above. We agreed that this astronomical number is meaningless without a frame of reference.

So, here’s a frame of reference:

  • A stack of one billion, one-dollar bills would be 67.9 miles high.
  • A pile of one trillion, one-dollar bills would reach 67,866 miles into space.
  • A trillion one-dollar bills, laid end to end, would stretch 96,906,656 miles – further than the earth’s distance to the sun (91.407 million miles).
  • A trillion one-dollar bills laid side to side would cover more square miles than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined.
  • A trillion dollars on pallets would require 478 semi-trailers to transport. It would fill a football field from sideline to sideline and almost goal line to goal line. Now, imagine 31 or more incredibly 175 football stadiums full of money. That represents our current national debt and unfunded debt.

We don’t have nearly that much money. Detailing that financial data would take more time and space than I care to invest, but the numbers are at Us Debt Clock.

A note of particular importance: Nothing is backing the dollar’s value. It’s officially known as FIAT money and is promissory by nature. Please read the description at the [Link]; Investopedia explains it much better than I do.

President Nixon abandoned the gold standard in 1971. Remember the campaign slogan – “Don’t change Dick’s in the middle of a screw – Reelect Nixon in 72.”

I certainly remember those prophetic words. Sadly, few recognized that admonition. Tricky Dick was reelected, and Nixon was the only President ever to resign. He received credit for ending the Vietnam War in 1973, but the coitus interruptus was on April 30, 1975.

Congress (the opposite of progress) just passed another $1.7 Trillion Omnibus spending bill to keep the government running for another year. Nancy Pelosi’s remark about a bill one/quarter of this size haunts me still. “We have to pass the 1,100-page Health Care bill,” she said, “so that you can find out what is in it.”

As her final salute to America, Nasty Nancy boosted the maximum salary for congress (the opposite of progress) to $212,100. The next step to Californicate America.

Thank you, Wicked Witch, of the West Coast.

We accept this as leadership in America.

These are the people we hired to represent us.

Yes, we are this fargin dumb!

  • You can download a synopsis of the Omnibus bill here if interested. [Link]


We refuse to take any steps to correct our personal deficiencies and ignore our government’s perpetual puerile debacles – so we must be satisfied with their stellar accomplishments.

  • 69% of those eligible voted in 2020
  • 51% for the republican candidate
  • 47% for the DemoSoc candidate
    • Don’t let the math confuse you; that’s the intent…
  • The math indicates that 31% didn’t care. So by extension, I’ll add those who don’t care to the DemoSoc caste, and we have a resounding 82% of Americans that are satisfied with the present situation – my rationale is that if they didn’t care enough to vote, they sanctioned the winning candidate in absentia.

If there is no demand for change, people are either dead – and yes, many in this category voted DemoSoc – or are satisfied with the status quo.

QED – Americans are Fat, Dumb, and Happy!

Returning to the explanation of the phrase: Americans are looking out the window, eating lunch, and letting someone else drive.

I’ve been searching for a word that represents the past seventy years. I’ve decided that that word is negligence.

Americans fought the Revolutionary War because we were taxed and not represented in England – “No taxation without representation.” That was the slogan.

Do you understand what that means?

Simply stated, we paid for policies we didn’t want or authorize, and we paid people that didn’t represent our interests.

Decisions are made without our knowledge and before we’re even aware of the arrangement and… They’re forced through the lame-duck congress (the opposite of progress) before the other participants can share their opinion and deliberate or even comprehend the intent or long-term implications.

There used to be a process for passing bills and laws. [Link] It’s in our Constitution, Article 1, section 1 – I say used to have because we haven’t referenced that document for many, many years. Congress (the opposite of progress) ignores it entirely because it limits its power and stops its overreach, and they can’t have that…

Shakespeare suggested, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” – From Henry VI. It’s an exciting read. His recommendation relates to our exact situation. Apparently, misrepresentation and impropriety have been a problem from the very beginning of governments. Since most of the people in government are lawyers, that would effectively necessitate a reset.

  • (I’d like to offer this as my idea for a Great Reset!)

Who does this administration represent?

If you’re a devotee of my work, you should have a pretty good idea by now, but a refresher may be in order.

Obviously, they represent themselves and their benefactors.

Greed – is the overwhelming desire for more.

Most congress’ (the opposite of progress) appointees are “squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, sinners…” only there for the money and power.

(I borrowed that quote from Being a Ghost Story of Christmas – A Christmas Carol by Dickens)

I’m sure a few office seekers begin in earnest and with pure intentions, but greed’s siren call of power soon corrupts even the stoutest hearts. And yes, there is still a tiny minority trying to represent their constituents and America, but they usually fight alone and against monumental odds.

Some politicians have spent their entire lives in congress (the opposite of progress), never seeing past the entrance of the capitol building complex. How can they represent something they’ve never experienced – life as a commoner…

A powerful coalition of bi-coastal elites controls the media, banking, political parties, corporations, and our government. Their leverage is evident in the flow of information. These magnates manage what we know.

The recently released Twitter files are a prima facie example of the government conspiracy, how deeply avarice runs, and the mutability of morals and ethics. Twitter is only one of many media sources influenced by government overreach and tampering.

While we sat relaxed and distracted by the fabricated stories, control slipped from our grasp. It happened so slowly that no one noticed the change, but it happened, nonetheless.

We’ll never regain the America we’ve lost.

We’ll always recall how well we lived, but we’ll fail to watch over our shoulders for the thief sneaking up from behind. If only we’d listened to the founders when they cautioned us to be wary.

Americans have conveniently programmable – rewriteable memories.

America is negligent!

We had a functioning republic and, through our inaction, invited the thieves to take it while we watched from the passenger seat.

Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.

  • Mark Twain –

I find Americans negligent in their duties to safeguard our country. The standing evidence indicates that elections were stolen, the agencies we trusted do not protect us, and the people hired to represent us don’t. Yet we’re content to watch the destruction of our country from the passenger seats and do nothing to stop it.

We’re drilling holes in a sinking ship to let the water out.

Americans love to point an accusing finger. We love to find fault and place blame.

Here’s a little exercise that illustrates my point.

I want you to point at something, anything. Now notice the number of fingers pointed at the object. Now count the number of fingers pointing back at – YOU! It’s a lesson I Learned from my Grandmother. It illustrates that we are more responsible for situations than anyone else.

If you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look in the mirror.”

  • V –

If the government doesn’t suit you, change it. If, on the other hand, you like the direction we’re heading as a country, that’s OK. We do still live in a land of free speech, but when this hand cart crosses the threshold of Hell – I don’t want to hear any whining when the Democratic-Socialists take over and:

  • You no longer own property
  • Your savings and investments are gone
  • Your profession is assigned – you have no choice
  • You don’t attend the university, college, or school you’d like
  • You’ll have to pay either your share – $94,091 or the family share – $239,045 of the national debt
    • That’s where most of the confiscated savings and investments will go

Here’s some food for thought:

  • The median American net worth is $121,700
  • Average Individual Savings by age group
    • Under 35 $11,250
    • 35 to 44 $27,910
    • 45 to 54 $48,200
    • 55 to 64 $57,670
    • 65 to 74 $60,410
    • Over 75 $54,320
    • Family $41,600
  • The average is calculated by adding all the individual values and dividing this total by the number of observations. The median is calculated by taking the “middle” value, the value for which half of the observations are larger and half are smaller.

None of these groups have the were-with-all to cover that debt payment, which means it’s deferred to our children’s, children’s, children. That’s quite a legacy for future generations. AND… congress (the opposite of progress) is still writing checks on an empty account.

Remember that the funds involved are FIAT money, not backed by anything but promises. There is no real value – it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

We keep kicking the can down the road, or we fail to deal with today’s problems; regardless, it means the same thing. We’re passengers…

The situations above are just the financial implications of the DemoSoc regime. There are things we’ll lose. Inconsequential things like,

  • freedom of speech,
  • freedom to worship as we please,
  • the right to assembly,
  • the rights of evidence and speedy trial,

I hope you get the idea.

These are guarantees in the Constitution. Look around… We’ve already lost most of these, either wholly or partially. The January 6 hearings are a marvelous example of what’s in our future.

Did you have any choice about wearing a mask during the Wuhan pandemic? We’re still required to wear them in specific places like the Veterans Administration and most hospital clinics. (I’m forced to wear a mask during physical therapy sessions.) Masks should be OPTIONAL!

Did the businesses the government closed – permanently – have a choice?

Why did “Big Brother” close churches but allow big-box and liquor stores to stay open?

Did the military, medical, and other first responders deserve to be fired for not taking the jab?

Is that freedom?

What happened to the integrity of the “fourth estate,” the news media, during the presidential elections and the Wuhan Pandemic?

  • Me – If you must lie to promote your candidate, what does that tell you about that nominee? Just think about that. Who will they represent? Sorry, I forgot; you’re all just passengers…

Big Brother bought or coerced the media into compliance with the IRS, FBI, CIA, DoJ, congress (the opposite of progress), and other federal departments. We were hostages in America.

The most profound disgrace belongs to the citizens who shamed the rest of America into compliance. The virtue-signalers are equally reprehensible – the do as I say, not as I do, caste.

These are the manifestation that we’ve lost control of Herr Bidens Koenigsreich.

Hey you, out there on the road

Always doing what you’re told

Can you help me?

Hey you, out there beyond the wall

Breaking bottles in the hall

Can you help me?

Hey you, don’t tell me there’s no hope at all

Together we stand; divided we fall.

Hey You!

  • Pink Floyd –

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For The Amalgamated Heavy

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