The Road to Insurrection

Where are we going?  

The Talking Heads said – We’re on the Road to Nowhere, but ACDC claims it’s The Highway to Hell.   

Do we know?

I can’t shake the suspicion that all these moronic mandates and irrational, deluded decisions are parts of the master plan to plunge America into another civil war – insurrection, revolt, or violent rejection of the lunacy from the DC Swamp.

Bungles the Clown did not hatch this plot; it’s the product of nearly seventy-five years of over-accommodation, inclusion, diversification, and hesitancy to call bullshit as socialists infiltrated our systems. Most of us slept through this class, and the few who passed the pop-quiz were called racists, xenophobes, bigots, and nationalists.

Any quasi-violent civil action would provide Bungles the Clown and posse the opportunity to declare Martial Law, exploiting the military to take complete and total control of the country – by Imperial Degree. I’m convinced that this is the plan. They want to push us past the breaking point to rebel and take violent steps to reclaim our country. All indicators and actions point in this direction.  

(Whispering) This is why they want our guns.

Every morning, I scan the news feeds looking for encouragement that America has found its footing and is turning from this socialistic slide; alas, I can find no such solace. All I discover is more craziness and decisions that substantiate my contention.

The five hundred thirty-five people in Congress are supposed to represent us, protect us, the citizens of this country.  

Why is Congress waiting to pull the trigger on this moron?  

They obviously know something we don’t.  

Are they waiting for our next move? Shouldn’t the next move be theirs as our leaders and representatives?

Nothing happens in this country without a plan even if it’s on the back of an envelop or a napkin – someone has a plan. What we see around us is not happenstance – it’s not serendipity, maybe karma, but not an accident. The facts lend credence to my hypothesis that this is all – ALL – well planned.  

It’s no surprise that I find supporting evidence and data. I have to thank Dr. Al Gore, Astronaut, and Inverter of the internet, for his yeoman efforts. I also conscientiously check the integrity of the information because, as Abraham Lincoln said, “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

If there was a textbook checklist for the destruction of a country, the Cabal’s using it. I know enough to recognize that we’re being set up. Look at the decisions Bungles the Clown has made in the past eleven months. He’s on a mission to obliterate everything Trump and plunge America into civil unrest!

  • 71 Executive Orders
  • 42 Presidential Memoranda
  • 173 Proclamations
  • 25 Notices

Five Easy Steps to Destroy a Country

I discovered this recent monograph with the five steps to destroy a country. Although this article is written about the government of Ethiopia, the steps apply nonetheless. 

Article by: Mark Lowcock

  1. Pick a fight with a previously influential leader.
  2. Divert resources.
  3. Tank the economy.
  4. Alienate your international supporters.
  5. Antagonize a few of your immediate neighbors.

Step 1: Pick a fight

  • Bungles the Clown blames Trump for everything, especially the practical policies that Bungles the Clown rescinded. This covers Trumps’ entire life from his conception to three days from now. Everything is his fault. 
  • We all recognize that President Trump was an abrasive person, politically incorrect, and a bit of a bully, but he is an outstanding and effective leader. As a friend of mine says, ” If you want nice, buy a puppy.”
  • Trump’s policies worked and kept America growing; America was perceived as ‘The World Leader.’ No one messed with us.
  • Enlist the Trump-Hating media as your accomplices!

Step 2: Divert Resources

  • Open borders – Welcome from Bungles the Clown to a paradise for illegal aliens. This policy revokes long-standing constitutional guidelines about controlling immigration. It forces the ingress states and inheriting states to divert precious resources to handle the Bungles the Clown’s 1.7 million recently invited guests. Transportation and relocation costs provided by Merkin taxpayers.
  • Law enforcement and border security are playing lifeguards and nursemaids to the hoards crossing daily, not preventing or controlling illegal entry as they should.
  • Clandestinely transport these recently invited guests to undisclosed republican run states – let them deal with the mess, intentionally altering the voter mix to bias the democrat party in red states.
  • Weaponize your executive departments like the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, etc., to intimidate anyone you don’t like.  
  • Use them to keep your son out of the news and to block any potentially incriminating investigations – drug use, weapons charges, financial misconduct, influence peddling.
  • Lose them on Parents who dare demand a voice in their children’s education, declare them domestic terrorists.
  • Sell your influence to China and Russia through your son to ensure his financial viability – After all, he pays your bills.
  • Use your position to launch your son’s budding art career.
  • Use your ‘Bully Pulpit against anyone with whom you disagree.
  • Make America the butt of every joke worldwide. Our super Power standing is now; well, let’s just say we’re sitting at the kids’ table.

Step 3: Tank the Economy

  • Energy Dependence – Let’s buy our oil from our most ardent enemies. We could do it at home, but Bungles the Clown has investments in Russia and the Middle East. Besides, fossil fuels don’t fit his plan to electrify Merka and kill those smog-belching infernal combustions engines.
  • Build Back Better, regardless of the costs. What’s a few – $7 trillion here or there; it’s his legacy that matters. “Hey, it’s free… it doesn’t cost anything… It’s all paid for…” whispers Bungles the Clown.
  • Inflation is at a thirty-year high and climbing like a scared cat in a tree.
  • Halt the construction of the border wall even though All the materials are paid for but continue to pay $5 Million a day for contractors NOT to complete the construction. This policy dovetails nicely with the pay Merkins not to work debacle.
  • If you’re an illegal alien, he’ll give you $450,000 for breaking the law. (Some limitations and stipulations apply. See the DOJ, ICE, CBP, and AOC for details.
  • Use the DCD and the medical community to perpetuate more hokum about the Wuhan Virus.
  • Remember to reward those who fund the Cabal.

Step 4: Alienate your international supporters.

  • Abandon $85 billion in high-tech weapons, release 5000 prisoners, and revitalize ISIS and the Taliban with a last-minute pullout at Bagram Airbase. Set an arbitrary target date that coincides with the anniversary of the most heinous attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor, all in a failed attempt for a ‘victory lap.’ Do Not let any allies know about the plan.
  • Sabotage, a submarine deal with Australia – completely piss off the French, our oldest partners, in the process.
  • Open the southern borders. Send mixed messages telling our neighbors that they should keep these reprobates at home but invite them to cross unimpeded.  
  • Send Giggles the Border Czar to El Passo for a photo op. She’s getting to the root causes but still waiting for her trip to Europe.
  • Tell Australia – a staunch ally that China’s impending attack on Taiwan and incursions in the South China Sea are their problem and that we may help, but no guarantee.
  • Forget where you are and what you’re going during international summit meetings. 
  • Forget the Prime Ministers’ and key Cabinet appointee’s names during press conferences and meetings.
  • Shit your pants during a Papal Audience!

Step 5: Antagonize a few of your immediate neighbors.

  • Blame them for all the problems you created – This is a typical political maneuver, but it plays well with our, you know, those guys on the other side of the fence.
  • The Canadian border is tighter than the minister’s wife’s girdle at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. We don’t want none ‘a them Canuks in Merka’ unless they play hockey.
  • Mexico is responsible for controlling its own border. Please come to Bunglesville – Everything here is free. It’s up to Central America to stop their people from leaving – it’s not our problem, it’s theirs; just ask Giggles.
  • Communism is Cuba’s problem. There is no Liberty here in America – it’s been banned. Take your leaky boat and go home.
  • Haitians are welcome if they come through Mexico. We’ll even give you a free plane ticket home if you’re male. We need more service industry workers.
  • All illegal entries must process through the Mexican border. All countries are welcome – no covid screening, no documents needed – we especially want terrorists from Middle Eastern and communist block countries. Certified American enemies receive priority processing.
  • Although never spoken, Bungles the Clown’s immigration policy indicates that “America needs cheap unskilled labor.” We paid our ‘skilled’ people to stay home, so Bungles the Clown needs You to cross the border illegally. We’ll find a friendly, quiet Republican-run state to repopulate with prospective Democrats. Don’t worry; they’ll give you everything you need to start your new life in Bungles the Clowns’ New Socialist States of North America.
  • Lie about everything and blame your cognitive, oh what’s the word…?

The point is that there is a method and process for destroying a country. These are but a paltry few examples.

We’re On The Road to Nowhere, or the Highway to Hell, and Bungles the Clown’s every policy, activity, mandate, proclamation, press release, press conference, law, filing, speech, and document proves it.

God Bless America… or its memory, anyway!