The American Apocalypse

Irreconcilable Differences

Once upon a time, irreconcilable differences were a cause for divorce, but now it’s how we live in America. We’re a broken country.

Not too long ago, we fought for unity, but that effort was immobilized by ersatz exigencies, difficulties, and disputes designed to instigate contention and belligerent postures, ensuring more straightforward control and advancing social engineering as we align into easily identifiable tractable tribes.

Think of the Mongol tactic of divide and conquer… it’s easier to topple a country divided into smaller warring factions than to take it en mass, especially when the tribes fight each other.

What follows is the prevalent discontinuity facing our country.


The primary parties involved in this partisan combat see compromise and the middle ground as evasive excuses for not taking sides in the war on everything, especially each other. The American political divide demands that we are patriots or traitors, particularly regarding their conflicting ideologies. Backing the wrong political cult is grounds for cancellation.

Cancellation is a frightening concept. Becoming Persona non-grata because of an ideological choice is a recent phenomenon invented by the Woke crowd to punish free thought and opinions contrary to their norm. It means you are no longer welcome or recognized by the regime; you are ostracized.

There are three ideological-political cults:

  • Democrats – “Big government From workers’ rights to protect the environment, equal pay to fighting the special interests, Democrats believe we can and should make life better for families across our nation. Fairness, justice, and equality for all by standing up for all middle-class Americans and those struggling to get there.
  • Republicans – “The positions of the Republican Party have evolved over time. Currently, the party’s fiscal conservatism includes support for lower taxes, small government conservatism, free market capitalism, free trade, deregulation of corporations, and restrictions on labor unions.
  • Independents – “The American Independent Party is the party of ordered liberty in a nation under God. We believe in strict adherence to written law. We believe the Constitution is the contract America has with itself.”
  • Libertarians – Considered to be independents – “seek to maximize autonomy and political freedom, and minimize the state’s encroachment on and violations of individual liberties; emphasizing the rule of law, pluralism, cosmopolitanism, cooperation, civil and political rights, bodily autonomy, freedom of association, free trade, freedom of expression.”

Being a Libertarian myself, I find the partisan animus entertaining. Being a business owner, I realize there is always more room in the middle for compromise and discussion than in the narrow partisan margins. The single person, not in a relationship, is the only one with near-total control having their way most of the time. No one always has their way!

Democrats are Socialists in sheep’s costumes. Recent decisions and directions favor total government control. Their policies of open borders and creating massive debt through deficit spending crippled America. I frequently refer to them as Democrat-Socialists which I shorten to DemoSocs.

Republicans are the Make America Great Again (MAGA) group that advocates reduced taxes to stimulate the economy and advance individual economic freedom, and they generally support conservative social policies. Republicans also tend to oppose extensive government regulation of the economy, government-funded social programs, and affirmative action. They were called Ultra-MAGA by #46. In homage to #46’s rant against the right, I added the Super Duper Ultra Uber Mega MAGA (SDUUMM) to their moniker to emphasize the inanity.

Using the all-or-nothing approach championed by the socialists and radical SDUUM MAGAs, I willingly acknowledge that the Independents are also traitors and a threat to democracy. That means that the preponderance of Americans are traitors; mathematically, that’s 74%.

It appears that I’m in good company.

We are deliberately divided by a myriad of invented issues too numerous to list. America, the land of freedom, has so many limitations it’s preposterous.

The New World Order:

The new world order initially focused entirely on nuclear disarmament and security agreements. Mikhail Gorbachev would expand the concept to strengthen the UN and superpower cooperation on several economic and security issues. Then, implications for NATO, the Warsaw Pact, and European integration were included. The Gulf War crisis refocused the phrase on regional problems and superpower collaboration. Finally, incorporating the Soviets into the international system and economic and military polarity changes attracted more attention.


If you trust the mainstream media, the country is predominantly Democrat-Socialist, and the minority are Super Duper Ultra Uber Maga, traitors to democracy, but according to a recent Axios poll:

  1. 25% identify as Democrats, the Socialists
  2. 25% identify as Republicans, the SDUU MAGA
  3. 49% identify as Independent, the intelligencia
  4. America is NOT a Democracy

There are a couple of significant fallacies in this assertion from a strictly mathematical perspective; if 25% are Socialist, 49% are Independent, and 25% are SDUU Maga, the middle has nearly twice the room for compromise as the ideologies surrounding it, and… 74% of American are therefore traitors. I’m in good company.

This question is for all deep thinkers… When did the majority become the minority? When did 25% of 100 become a majority?

Regarding item #4 above: America is a Republic, not a Democracy. If this distinction is foreign, I recommend you take a moment to discover the difference. This brief period of discernment will pay huge dividends, elucidate my point, and possibly clear up multiple confusing issues permeating the country. Additionally, the traitors to democracy cannot tolerate the socialist leanings of the Democrats.

Less than forty years ago, over fifty companies presented America’s news; today, there are six. Six companies control what we know. They are AT&T, CBS, Comcast, Disney, News Corp, and Viacom, affectionately called The Big Six, aka Mainstream Media.

Imagine their influence when they join Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, and TikTok, to manipulate and control what we know and discuss. They form the American Information Monopoly (AIM) and aim to regulate the narrative. The more direct description is to censor what we hear.

Everything we see, hear, and know is filtered through one of these Big Six Censors. Admittedly, a few independent sources strive to present “truth” as they see it. Now the point is, Whose Truth? After forty years of Big Six censorship and manipulation, we have no idea what truth looks like. We’ve trusted their interpretations for half a century; how would we know? Who can we trust?


A great leader once said:

  • “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
  • “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
  • “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
  • “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

You know the man and his positions on the cause that began the unification of our country in the 1960s. Dr. ML King was a staunch supporter of unity. His sentiments and preaching are memorialized in the hearts and minds of those who grew up with the era’s racial tensions and continue his crusade.

That fabric Dr. King referenced was ripped apart when #44 took the oval office for eight disastrous years. During his divisive reign, #44 dismantled the efforts of the Civil Rights Movement and set America back on the track of racial strife. So much for #44’s being the great unifier… The DemoSoc leaders use this rekindled tension to further their Socialist aspirations.

If we are genuinely serious about abolishing the apartheid plaguing and crippling America, we can take the first simple step toward healing this open wound: Stop defining everything by race. In fact, stop putting labels on everything!

But race is our number one identifier in America.

I asked myself why this is so important. The answer hit me like a sandbag… Because we make it essential by giving it power. The DemoSoc agenda supports this in their quest to destroy the American Republic and in deference to the New World Socialist Order.

Adding a descriptive qualifier to anything dissociates it from the whole, segregating them from humanity – making them unique, which is the anthesis of unity. Pandering and conceding to these demands usually afford unwanted notoriety calling more attention to the rift.

A sterling example is the demand by LGBTQQIP2SA’s insistence for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE). Rather than maintaining a reasonable role in our society, their persistence to DIE had the opposite effect, putting them center-stage. Well… they’re in the spotlight now and have the attention they previously shunned.

It’s far from being accepted and assimilated into society, but America is not a haven for the pretentious. Anyone with an axe to grind can find an audience here.

Many other factions followed suit, believing that being the public’s view would elevate their cause to national prominence. Their cry for attention was usually seen as a prepubescent tantrum, annoying most adults and garnering little real support. These hysterics received enormous support from the Mainstream Media Coalition and Big Tech, which views aberrant behavior as fodder for their pay-to-play promotion machine. It’s all about ratings and the commensurate commercial cache’.

We were all Americans, and that should have been sufficient. It was once a point of pride. It used to mean something to be an American.

This differentiation plays into the Divide and Conquer strategy used by elites, often understood as “the oppressors,” to break down the relationships and unity between subjugated, often racial groups struggling for justice, freedom, and liberation, to keep the status quo. It’s a strategy by which someone remains in power by ensuring that the people under their control quarrel and cannot unite to achieve their aims and overthrow their leaders. The 1619 Projects is a long-form journalism endeavor developed by Nikole Hannah-Jones, writers from The New York Times, and The New York Times Magazine focused on subjects of slavery and the founding of the United States. The project’s first publication was in The New York Times Magazine in August 2019, the 400th anniversary of America’s founding and the role of slaves in that event. It is a revisionist historiographical fictional work criticized by historians for ignoring salient facts. It discusses American democracy, its treatment of blacks, and its role in founding America.

This project ignores several important points, one of which is that Africans captured their enemies to sell into slavery and that slavery continues to this day in many supposedly advanced societies, like Asia and the Middle East, to name two.

The 1619 Project also avoids discussions of the Democrat Parties’ role in the Klu Klux Klan, Jim Crow Laws, Filibustering to prevent the Civil Rights Act, and the attempts to stop integrating schools for fear of them becoming racial jungles (Joe Biden).

Critical Race Theory is an adjunct to the 1619 projects. It’s a set of ideas holding that racial bias is inherent in many parts of Western society, especially in its legal and social institutions, based on their having been primarily designed for and implemented by white people. It professes that color is the basis for all decisions based solely on White supremacy.

One of the most annoying developments of the DemoSoc cult is the concept of being Woke, the simple past tense of wake, and Woke: having or being marked by an active awareness of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those involving the treatment of ethnic, racial, or sexual minorities: In light of incidents of police brutality, it’s important to stay woke.


You and your family have needs, and few families can afford to pay cash to cover emergencies or large purchases, so we borrow money to purchase these larger items; this is called debt. At the end of 2022, American families amassed a staggering $16.9 Trillion of debt. That’s an average of $58,604 per adult, 77% of Americans.

If you make $1,000 a month working but spend $1,500 a month, you have a deficit of $500. If you continue this for 12 months, you will have an obligation of $6,000. Over an average working lifetime of roughly 30 years, you’re burdened by $180,000 in debt.

The fiscally responsible and mature posture is to live within your means… OK, we need houses and cars, appliances, etc., and very few can pay cash, but some cogent strategies pay down the principle on these loans before the interest eats your alive. Adding $20.00 monthly can significantly reduce interest costs and shorten the loan’s term. There are other simple and notable strategies to save money on large purchases if you look for them.

This simple example addresses our government’s reckless spending. There were only two years in our 247-year history that America’s been debt free; 1835 thru 1837. I recommend you sit down or lean on something for the rest of the news.

America’s debt is $156.2 Trillion in debt. Each taxpayer’s share is $933,000. In the time it took to write this sentence, our debt grew by $2 million or $1 million per minute.

The annual interest payment on our debt for 2023 is $663 Billion and will climb to $1.4 Trillion by 2033. Interest payments are projected to total $10.6 Trillion over the next decade.

It doesn’t require a degree in economics to see this as unsustainable personally or federally, yet we keep writing checks on an empty account. Maybe if our elected representatives spent more time managing the country and doing their jobs instead of holding them, America would be in a better financial state.

The hardest lesson to learn is to say no…