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You’re A Heep…

You’re a Heep…

The American Politician

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Friend Bennett and I share an uncommon appreciation for literature, notably Charles Dickens.

Our love of music brought us together many years ago in a blues club where I played. The club’s name escapes me, yet this encounter kindled a splendid friendship, and many discussions about music, art, and literature; especially the works of the author whose name I share along with some ancestry.

Jeff and I frequently gab about books, especially Dickens’ writings. One such chinwag launched this collection of commentaries based on Mr. Dickens’ novels and characters.

I quipped in the first of the series that I fully expected the Newspeak-police to revoke my literary license for taking liberties with Dickens’ work. A black van has been parked in the neighborhood lately, replacing the helicopters that stopped circling a week ago. 😉

This commentary is an interpretive parallel based on a character in the novel David Copperfield (1849). Dickens connected character traits to a name so masterfully that they remain analogous to this day. His fascinating and enduring descriptions give us an image to link to the message.

When anyone mentions Scrooge, your mind conjures the miserly avaricious skinflint from ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Yet Scrooge’s image is remembered rather than the message of atonement and reparation, the intent of the story.

When you think of sycophants, you think of Uriah Heep in ‘David Copperfield.’

When I think of fiscal failings, Wilkins Mccawber, a spendthrift in ‘David Copperfield,’ comes to mind. Mccawber’s famous line:”

  • “My other piece of advice, Copperfield,” said Mr. Mccawber,” you know. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery. The blossom is blighted, the leaf is withered, the god of day goes down upon the dreary scene, and — and in short, you are forever floored. As I am!”

Dickens’ unctuous villain Uriah Heep was David Copperfield’s clerk who pretends to be a faithful, ‘humble’ and benevolent servant but, in reality, cheats him. Uriah Heep is synonymous with urbane and disingenuous people who insincerely show great respect while working earnestly to ruin you.

When I think of politicians, I see Uriah Heep, an insincere and smarmy sycophant reaching to greet you with a hand outstretched and a knife clutched and concealed behind his back in the other.

The American politicians are the topic of my article.

It’s notable that not all politicians fit this description, just as not all people are easily boxed as good or evil. As the one-liner states, 99% of the lawyers give the other 1% a bad name, so it is with legislators. This 1% are the unicorns in Congress and the reputable lawyers among us, raising the question… Are unicorns real?

Dissatisfaction created America, and when properly harnessed, this displeasure stimulates improvement. This sentiment gave rise to Plato’s axiom, “necessity is the mother of invention;” I’m adding “then together, with avarice as the father, they created politicians.”

Partisan political alignments preceded America’s independence by many decades. Unfortunately, our glorious beginning became a challenge to the proponents of the continuing and unending coup urged on by the politicians. The most effective tactical plan is ‘divide and conquer.’ Create dissent and distrust in the targeted populace and watch as things fall apart.

So here we are, some 300 years later, embroiled in the same centuries-old battles fighting our neighbor over the color of their fence and who’s dog crapped in our yard. Lawyers argue about the definition of the word, “is,” and how that applies to our Constitution while we listen to the mainstream media mafia misdirect the truth to protect the guilty.

This is the same tactic wearing a different shirt.

It is, incontrovertibly, Divide and Conquer!

We’re so busy fighting each other that we fail to see the elephant – barbarians – in the living room.

We should fight against those whose sole purpose is to corrupt this republic; not each other.

Welcome to our world today.

The elite oligarchs know what’s best for the Helots.

We are the Helots; we are David Copperfield! (link) (Movie Reference)

The cult names are unimportant; their myopic, self-centered view, is preeminent. Politicians are so focused on cult-defined custodial control that they neglect a critical element: the rest of us, the citizens. We are significantly, insignificant, and necessarily, unnecessary. Patriots represent impediments to their goals, but we are all necessary evils since we involuntarily fund their endeavors, including the Coup.

How do you like being used?

What, you didn’t know?

We are effectively silenced and incapacitated, we are inconsequential; we no longer pose any threat. Our initial, trusting, laissez-faire attitude gave them the governance, and oversight of the Constitution, and, by extension, the republic. The partisan cults now control two of the three government branches; they wield them like a club to beat back any challenge. We have the rights they give us, especially to remain silent, and… We pay dearly for it all!

We give them the money to facilitate this coup.

The taxes we pay to maintain this republic are used to wage war on us. We are financing the government that is destroying our republic with us in it.

How Fucked Up is that?

America is no longer a Constitutional Republic; we are the latest in a growing list of third-world autocracies.

The parallel I draw with these two characters is that we, the American Citizens, are David Copperfield, and our government is Uriah Heep. If you’re unfamiliar with these references and inferences, I recommend you find the ‘cliff-notes’ version of David Copperfield. Better yet, read the book, or at least find the video.

According to the textbook definition, the government ‘should’ provide the parameters for everyday behavior for citizens, protect them from outside interference, and if required, provide for their well-being and happiness as circumstances dictate; it extends to everyone in the republic, even lawmakers and politicians. It signifies that No One is above the law, but because governments are our invention, they are prone to our frailties, idiosyncrasies, and peccadilloes. They are as corrupt as we are because they are us – we are the government, or at least we used to be.

Somehow, a group of people devolved into a unique Species: Administratus-Politicianus, characterized by an incapacity for honesty and an overwhelming, passionate impatience for power. They are easily recognized by their Scrooge-like avarice and Uriah Heep-like insincerity which define the characteristics of this new species Administratus-Politicianus, i.e., Politician. The sub-species is Politicianus-Americanus. Each continent has its specific and unique sub-species; they are, however, all related by these identical characteristics.

Remember the one-liner I used above, replace lawyers with people. The percentages vary slightly, but the premise is analogous. The reason is that we ape, emulate the behaviors we perceive in our leaders – Monkey see – Monkey do…

Speaking of aped behavior, we are supposed simian descendants; some use our social behaviors to substantiate this claim. When allowed to descend to our puerile and baser selves, we cannot resist returning to the jungle. Witness the actions of Administratus-Politicianus in groups. They congregate around a leader, fawn, and dance to the tune the leader calls. Anyone that fails to dance to the called tune is ostracized, and punished by the group, ensuring compliance and coherence.

Even more telling is the behavior of teens in large unsupervised groups. They eventually become violent uncontrollable mobs. Recent instances in Chicago and New York City support my allegation.

And never underestimate the stupidity of adults in large groups, either. The 2020 Summer of Love is a salient example. Over five-hundred buildings were destroyed causing over $2 Billion in damages, nineteen killed, all because of misrepresented, race-based, innuendos and lies. Who whipped America into a frenzy and started this maelstrom? It was the Mainstream Media Mafia supporting the DemoSocs political agenda to reinforce the premise that America is systemically racist, that all cops kill blacks.

Their tacit message was endemic apartheid. Therefore, we must defund these racist police and demand fundamental changes in the justice system. Which, because it is systemically racist, must change its view of criminal behavior and treat criminals as misunderstood, uneducated, disenfranchise people who need what the oppressive White government refuses them. Police should be social workers, not persecutors of underprivileged and misunderstood minorities.

Why is criminal behavior rampant in the public sector, especially in liberal cities and states?

Why is anarchy bleeding over into every community?

Stop for a moment and ponder why this lawlessness is the mainstay of every news article and broadcast on every media outlet throughout this republic. It is the main message of 95% of the Mainstream Media Mafia – it is their bread and butter.

Why do we lie so glibly, with no remorse?

Is the People’s Republic of California (PRC) the model we crave for the rest of America? We must carefully ponder this proposition because the PRC’s governor could be our next Sovereign…

We have relinquished control to the people we’ve hired to represent us. We didn’t notice that politicians are Uriah Heep, and their actions, although evident, went unchallenged. Politicians always have an excuse or Machiavelli’s Gambit – “the end justifies the means,” ready for every questionable decision.

We’re dupes!

We have our own prepared pretexts adapted from the Administratus-Politicianus, whom we ape.

  • The media should have warned us…
  • The Constitution should protect us from this…
  • There are laws in this country about this…
  • But the media says that everything’s OK…
  • There’s no crisis at the border…
  • We are fighting the Ukraine war to preserve their Democracy…
  • Why doesn’t someone do something…

These excuses conveniently shift the blame to someone or something else and avoid the relevant clues of our culpability. If we elect or hire government representatives, we are responsible for them. They are our employees!

This relationship appears to escape most of you.

Why don’t YOU demand more from them?

You are technically their boss.

They should be doing as we require, not the other way around. It’s all Ass-Backwards!

But how would you know; the mass indoctrination centers (schools, colleges, and universities) no longer teach civics, and their lackeys in the Mainstream Media Mafia distract our attention with drag-queens and transgender mutilations of our children. Stories of pornography in school libraries cause concerned parents to challenge school boards, demanding accountability, while the Department of Justice meets them as domestic terrorists at the behest of the Local School Boards and Teacher’s Union.

If any such non sponsored and unapproved nonsense sneaks through, it’s quickly denounced and subjected to the appropriate socialist Newspeak-editing to amend inconsistencies with Barbarian – Socialist – doctrine.

Have you ever wondered why?

Who controls the curriculum?

Who are the people fronting, selling, promoting, cajoling, and encouraging this havoc?

Who controls almost everything we see, hear, or read?

Why is Big Brother pushing secular public education over classical, conservative, value-based learning?

Pause for a moment to consider these questions…

Guess what… It’s the government’s Department of Education, and their minions the Teacher’s Union. They want drones, not free-thinking, reasoning, well-educated adults they can’t control.

The inmates are running the asylum!

Everything we hear, see, read, and know, comes to us through one of three-thousand news outlets. The top one hundred of them are owned by six conglomerates, five of which lean Left. The other fights a pitched battle with advertisers to maintain a Right-leaning ‘Conservative’ view, and even they, are subject to the whims of their sponsors. They terminated Tucker Carlson, their most popular evening commentator on demand of an advertiser and the owner of the conglomerate. The defining and critical factor in all of this is money! Think about the message that Carlson’s termination carried through the rest of that network.

Isn’t this all an integral part of the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy of the DemoSocs (Barbarians)?

They keep us confused, focused on inconsequential idiocies, and bickering about race, gender, our history, and their rights to terminate life; even though they struggle to define when that life begins, and at what point it’s no longer viable? I have long maintained that if we allow this controversy to extend from the sublime to the ludicrous, we can rationalize murder as retroactive abortion. QED: Now murder is legal!

A few of us hold them accountable, but in many instances, we’re perceived as a few inconsolable, insatiable, psychotic, crackpots – and do not represent most Americans in the politician’s view.

We have met the enemy, and it is us…

  • From the Comic Strip ‘Pogo’ by Walt Kelley (1970)

Since our America is a constitutional republic governed by the people who elect representatives to the Body Politic, it is the will of the people who control this republic. If this is your will, then so be it, but remember that our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution allow those of us that do NOT want to be Socialists, Communists, Bolsheviks, Demon-crats, or Dumb-publican, to follow our conservative convictions.

At least that’s how it is for now.

Our fight for independence began with this quote from John Adams: “The die is cast. The people have passed the river and cut away the bridge. Last night three cargoes of tea were emptied into the harbor. This is the grandest event which has ever yet happened since the controversy with Britain opened.”

Have we crossed the Rubicon; is the die cast?

Have we passed the point of no return?

I’ve posed multiple questions throughout this discourse, all intended to lead you to understand that we, the people of this republic, are ultimately responsible for what happened, is happening, and our present direction. Since we allowed this disaster, we have the power to stop its progress – if that is our will.

If we, the people, are the government, how can we blame them and not find or recognize these faults in ourselves?

I think some reflection and introspection is in order here.

If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.

Albert Einstein


For the Amalgamated Heavy

Charles Dickens