The title of this essay is a word I’ve used in past commentaries. Schmegegge is a Yiddish word for baloney, hot air, nonsense, and by extension, bullshit.

Other cultures fascinate me. I’ve lived, traveled, conversed, listened, and absorbed a lot of erudition in my LXXII years on this rock. I embrace this increased awareness because I never know when this knowledge will be helpful.

America is a melting pot of people and languages. We’re an amalgamation of everyone that merges with – not storms – our community. Much of our language originated from other countries, as do some of our customs – like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo.

Sadly, we’ve lost our sense of community and regressed into tribal monikers and identifiers that challenge and expunge that unity. As if that’s not bad enough, we partitioned along partisan political paradigms.

Unfortunately, we’ve become the world’s doormat and refuse heap – landfill – for unwanted people.

I recently heard the estimated 13 million uninvited guests referred to as “geographically disenfranchised.”

Humbug, they are invaders!

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

  • Poem on the Statue of Liberty

It looks like the joke’s on us, Thanks, France!

The intent was to do it within the process and legally, not by storming the gates and certainly not by presidential fiat circumventing the immigration and nationality act and ablating the constitution.

Considering the duplicitous messages the mainstream media mafia sends, it’s no wonder we’re so popular. Our view of this country differs markedly from what the geographically disenfranchised masses believe. Still, compared to the places they flee, I can see the attraction America represents, even with the deterioration of our original charter and culture.

You will only recognize this if you’ve experienced a third-world banana republic firsthand. No, the resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean don’t qualify. Of course, if you wait a few more years, America may become a stereotypical banana republic of the Third World Kind.

As Strother Martin said in Cool Hand Luke… “What we have here is…a failure to communicate!” And what we see going on in our country is some real Banana-Republic Schmegegge!

OK, let’s call it what it is – It’s Bullshit!

There should be a point in each life when one reaches their limit, where we’re maxed out on all the platitudes; We’ve had enough. Are we so stupefied that we can’t even respond, or so intimidated that we dare not?

Our lives are saturated with information and legal mumbo-jumbo, laws, executive orders, proposed regulations, mandates, orders, directives, memos, and regulations; we have no earthly idea what’s essential and what’s schmegegge. It’s all humbug.

Every time I read the news; I reach a point where the colossal stupidity bewilders me. I wonder who thinks up this crap. Is there a dank cellar cube farm office with minions furiously rewriting the news using catalogs of acceptable substitutes for the truth to convey and echo the DemoSoc hyperbole?

I frequently look to the government department of redundancy department’s guide of listed departments looking for the department of asininity and absurdity department.

There must be a cabinet post for the secretary of idiocy because it isn’t a coincidence that America keeps making the same decisions expecting different results. Einstein called it the definition of insanity; we know it as American Government. Is it intentional?

In 2022, the 116th congress – the opposite of progress – enacted 344 public laws, and so far in 2023, the 117th congress – the opposite of progress enacted 362 public laws and 3 private laws.

How many of these 706 bills from the past two years do you know? Scary thought… they’re still in session, and we’re not halfway through the year.

Congress – the opposite of progress – has passed more than 30,000 statutes since 1789: that’s 234 years.

Did your appointed representative ask you or contact you for an opinion?

Do you even know who your representatives are or how to contact them?

Or did you support the media’s advertising recommendations like too many other citizens?

Your answer is personal; no need to answer; I can see the results – I ask you to think about it…

Don’t these representatives – as defined by their position title alone, represent us? How can they express my political interests and desires without asking or even responding to my emails? AND… How can I express those needs, wants, and desires if I don’t know what’s going on in congress – the opposite of progress?

  • Boz: I will continue to use Mark Twain’s satiric wordplay, congress – the opposite of progress until there is some progress from these schmekels.

I’m perplexed that more Americans don’t see it. Maybe they do, but they are so immune that it doesn’t bother them. They’ve developed resistance to it or ignore it completely. Perhaps they/you don’t care anymore. It’s a lot to absorb… Or maybe they’re so intimidated they don’t dare comment…

I remember being told to read the fine print in any contract. I also remember the adages I heard as a child. Things like “he bought a pig in a poke” and “all that glitters is not gold.” All of these quaint sayings remind us that we need to be careful and aware that someone will try to gain an advantage or bamboozle us.

My favorite word in that list of synonyms for bamboozle is humbug.

You may recall the word humbug from Charles Dickens – “A Christmas Carol” or, as the author titled it, “In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas.” (1843) – Scrooge uses humbug frequently in the dialog, referring to the Christmas Season and Marley’s ghost as humbugs.

Regardless, our government and most of what they attempt to sell us is a humbug.

The Department of Distraction

It’s not mentioned or noted on any government OrgChart (Organizational Chart showing the hierarchy of the departments and their employees) [OrgChart]. Our government is exceptionally efficient at doing what they want and obfuscating – hiding – what they don’t want us to know. When the deception is exposed, they place blame elsewhere. They lie!

Disclosing this obscured information was the “Fourth Estate (journalists) charter. Interestingly, most have since been retained – purchased by the DemoSoc administration. Their new masters provide copy and talking points and shareable information.

  • As an amusing assignment, listen to or watch the various mainstream media programs and remember the talking points – and how often they are repeated verbatim across the networks. I deduce that the information – their talking points – are scripted by the Department of Distraction and “News Speak.” [link] (Orwell’s 1984)
  • I often wonder if the DemoSoc regime used this dystopian novel as a blueprint…

How much you believe and accept are critical concepts where lies are concerned. Turning a blind eye to this schmegegge is a personal decision, as is ignoring it altogether. The folks in my age bracket can recall the freedoms we enjoyed pre-9/11. The Patriot Act continued the dilution and erasure of the constitution, ceding power to the government ostensibly for national security reasons. We bartered more privacy for security theater.

We bought the story that several middle eastern countries were massing weapons of mass destruction to wage war in that region and eventually attack our homeland. After all, they attacked us first. It was our modern-day Pearl Harbor and our responsibility to preserve democracy in that region.

  • What type of government is prevalent in the middle east? Is it democratic? Please don’t answer, but consider that the next time you hear that we’re preserving democracy anywhere…

It was ALL humbug – schmegegge! But we swallowed it hook, line, and sinker [link]. We’re really easy marks for a good story, flashy graphics, and a tragedy; especially where threats to democracy are involved.

The fact that the Department of Distraction – News Speak is so effective conveys volumes about their experience and talent at spinning a lie into problematic palatable pabulum.

Please park your dislike for #45 for the moment and objectively consider the lengths the DemoSoc machine took to spin the events of January 6th, 2021, into an insurrection.

The actual available evidence paints a drastically different portrait of the situation than the carefully massaged reported incident. The fabricated story played into the insurrection and coup, the DemoSocs needed to delegitimize #45 and fulfill their goal to prevent him from ever threatening their sovereignty again. Nothing is sacred in politics, and no rules concerning preserving power exist.

Over 41,000 hours of closed-circuit video were made available publicly. Realize that this trove of videos was scrubbed to remove sensitive security information, but the visual information deemed acceptable for mere mortal’s consumption distinctly contrasts the DemoSoc narrative emphatically.

The extension of this massive misrepresentation of fact ruined the lives of hundreds of people, many of whom are in prison. The Jan 6th committee vowed to persecute and prosecute thousands of other supporters of #45 to ensure that no one will ever dare to dissent again.

If successful, the DemoSoc regime will finally raze the constitution ending our republic.

We’re in the last days of Rome; Brutus will knife Caesar putting an end to the republic. I hope you appreciate this metaphor because we’re paraphrasing history with each misrepresentation and twist of the truth. It’s all played out before in many epochs and other countries.

“What has been will be again; what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

  • Ecclesiastes 1:9

… so why didn’t we learn?

For the Amalgamated Heavy

Charles Dickens