Who Da Fat Bitch Is?

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Who Da Fat Bitch Is?

I hear opera in the background – the orchestra builds to a tumultuous climax, and a diva belts out the final aria.

For those wondering what I am talking about – it means the opera’s almost over. Operas usually end with an Aria traditionally delivered by a contralto the size of Rhode Island, clad in a furry vest and Viking helmet – with horns…

Have we reached the end of America, The Opera?

Yes, folks, “The Fat Lady” is singing.

It is the end!

America is circling the toilet bowl, and we’re in the vortex. The outcome of a few crucial choices and a clean-up in aisle 46 will determine when and how that end materializes.

This operatic finally marks the end of America. The opera, in this case, is the 118th congress – the opposite of progress – which has all the tools and authority to Save Our Ship (SOS), but something tells me that this is the last thing that will undertake.

The rhetorical promises are the same as in past legislatures. “After all is said and done, there’s much more said than done.” And the rhetoric is precisely what congress – the opposite of progress – promised – so it’s not a lie, and it is what they do best – Pontificate! [link #3]

The Eubonic Phrasing of the title underscores my animus for Black History Month and the apartheid created in a country already reeling from disunity. Disingenuous inclusion reinforces this divided social structure to support a Marxist ideology of uniformity through equity and the legitimacy of their fabricated racist allegations.

Divide et Vince – Divide and Conquer!

I further reproach the Fake News Media and their insect overlords. This DemoSoc party has done more to destroy America than any foreign enemy. Their support of this nefarious cabal is treachery, but in their lizard brains, it’s patriotism with a socialist chaser.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

  • Marcus Tullius Cicero

We’re on the precipice of a very steep and slippery slope, and when we lose our footing, there is no recovery. To use the vernacular from my military service days –

“We’ve Screwed The Pooch!”

There was a time when our system was self-correcting, but our misleadership in congress – the opposite of progress – legislated that system into oblivion. The prevaricators steering America’s unsinkable Titanic of a Government are headed for an iceberg, and we’re rearranging the deck chairs and singing “California Dreamin’.”

No, there still aren’t enough lifeboats.

Is that a clear enough picture for you?

I honestly don’t recognize America from when I was in the military fifty-some years ago. Maybe my time in Uncle Sam’s Service opened my eyes to the lies that started our descent into Biden’s – Dante’s Inferno. [link]

Think about this; we’re $31.6 Trillion in debt – which equates to $ 94,275 per person or $246,867 per taxpayer, and #46 has plans to spend even more money that we don’t have…

I’m not going down this financial rabbit hole any further; there’s no reason to proceed, but if we don’t pull our heads out of our collective asses, we face the end of America as we know it.

Yes, fellow citizens, we are that close!

Brother, can you spare a dime? [link] I suggest you read this link. It’s about the “Great Depression.” It was a financial collapse of our design, like the economic disintegration just around the next corner.

We face a complete failure of our financial system.

When I was significantly younger, I thought an item’s price determined its quality. At least, that’s the way it used to be. When you purchased a Cadillac or Mercedes, those prices bought you a great car. It set a mental president. If that were true today, we’d have the best fargin government on the planet; $31.6 Trillion worth.

By the way, we have $181.346 Trillion of unfunded liabilities! [link] But that’s fiat money – no substance, just like the promises from our Gubmint.

Now that I’m significantly older and a little bit wiser, I can see the error in my hypothesis and its concatenating supposition. There was something I discovered called “The Best Lie.” If you’re looking for a promise and cheap alternative – it’s always there. Unfortunately, it’s ALWAYS the most expensive in the end – your end.

Before my 1978 unaccompanied deployment to South Korea, I bought my family (wife & two younglings) a brand-spanking new Plymouth Volare Station Wagon. Mama needed safe transportation for the kids, and I wouldn’t be there to keep it sorted. That was the Best Lie and Promise. To put it politely, it was a LEMON, and being on the other side of the globe, some 6,449 miles and fifteen time zones from home, made managing this car-tastrophe challenging.

My point is that shoddy products and promises derail even the best intentions. Yes, I bought the bridge…

Now turn your gaze to the DC Swamp and defective units running this country. The promise of a vibrant economy and a secure nation is similar to the warranty purported by carmakers – not worth the paper they’re printed on or the empty promises they bluster. That POS cost me a fortune – AND – this current congressional cataclysm is no different.

In truth, the entire system seems bent on dismantling this republic. It’s much like the Merger and Acquisitions raiders of the late twentieth century who bought, dismantled, and sold off profitable portions of companies, destroying entrepreneurs’ efforts and workers’ lives just because there were a few dollars in profit, more often just because they could.


It’s not always a bargain, and as an old saw says, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” And boys, girls, and all of the other sixty-eight moronic gender descriptors to virtue-signal equity – We are monumental fools.

The 118th Congress – the opposite of progress – will fritter away their time by having interminable investigations and ceaseless committee meeting to discuss meaningless minutiae like parking spaces, executive washroom towels, and PRC weather/spying efforts. It’s all arm-waving and grandstanding. Meanwhile, back at the republic, we creep ever closer to the precipice.

These liars are leading our republic to ruin, and the worse of all is our Con Artist in Chief, Joseph Marionette Biden. Clean up on Aisle #46 and hurry…

The Barbarians Are Through the Gate:

After fifty years of indoctrination from every Fake News media outlet and publication available, I’ve become a super-cynical septuagenarian. I know that all media outlets have agendas, and their sole goal is profit. Their flagrant political alignments only serve their GOD – PROFIT!

I feel like Senator Joseph McCarthy [link], who alleged that the communists had infiltrated the American government. Maybe McCarthy was just a little too adamant and radical about it and perhaps not assertive enough because they are here… but they’re not Russians. They’re Chinese…

The infestation of and by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is evident and expected. Corporate greed and their desire for broader and more robust markets walked us into one of the classic blunders. [link]

  • You fool, you fell victim to one of the classic blunders: The most famous is:”
  • “Never get involved in a land war in Asia…”

And only slightly less well-known is this:

  • Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line…
    • Quote from “The Princess Bride.

The land war America engaged in is a financial one. Another American Fiasco! We gave the PRC our manufacturing, supply chain, investment power, and access to everything we produce. We even sold them our debt. Our largest corporations zealously pursue this massive audience. There are 1.412 billion reasons in the PRC.

American companies are eager to send whatever we make, and the PRC gladly accepts our contributions – with absolute and total content control, which is why they buy it all, except for our chief export – lies…

Within these business accords were the keys to our intellectual property. Interesting tidbits from our manufacturers and developers. Industrial espionage and collegial spying run unchecked in Merka. We even let the PRC into the lives of the Merkan family with a social media application Named TicTok. Oh, it didn’t stop there… our Gubmint used TicTok to communicate with each other. According to Wallaroo’s January 2023 numbers, Merkans have 80 million monthly accounts.

China can see through the clandestine and misdirecting messages and censors them before they infect their population, and they’re not shy about it either. China has total control. Control the US wishes they had. And yes, the elites are working on it through the back door.

Think about our response to the Wuhan virus pandemic. How did America react? We locked down the entire country before we understood the problem.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

  • Winston Churchill

Since Merka was a world leader – almost every government on this rock followed suit. Not because it was a medical necessity but because it transferred limitless power to the STATE by fiat and edict!

Here are a few things we must address – FIX – that are edging us over the cliff:

After diligent soul-searching and serious consideration, I’ve synthesized our problems into a few main points.

  1. Merkans
  2. Politicians


Most Merkans is followers – sheeple – easily led by a good story and anyone called a leader or with a degree. Merkans luvs dem some initials (acronyms), and da mo you has; da mo da luvs ya.

You cannot make a man by standing a sheep on its hind legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position you can make a crowd of men.

  • Max Beerbohm

We’ve traded our discernment for convenience.

We’ve exchanged our liberty for security.

We no longer act; we react as programmed.

We bartered our curiosity for indifference.

We don’t think we respond as directed.

Where is the value of free speech if it sits rusting in your kitchen junk drawer?

Mine is bright and shiny because I polish it every single muther-fletchin day. You’re reading some of it right now!

We’ve embraced socialist indoctrination.

We want everything everyone else has, but we don’t want to earn it, and that boys, girls, and all of the other sixty-eight moronic gender descriptors that virtue-signal equity is why America is circling the toilet bowl.

Can you hear a flushing noise in the background?

Americans are neutered. Our teeth are pulled, we suck pabulum through straws, and our moral compass spins, never pointing to right or wrong – only toward easy and expedient [link].

Our once proud and indomitable belief in America is painted over with all the colors of the Gay-Pride rainbow with BLM emblazed in the center. Equity at all costs, even if it destroys our republic. The general stupidity displayed by everyone that thinks we’re not already equal underlines the industrial ignorance of indoctrination.

We have everything, but we want someone else to do the work.

You Lazy Toads!


Last but by no means least are the people we hire to represent us to our elected (term used loosely) in Washington, DC. We had a businessman as the leader. His callous demeanor pissed off everybody except those that understood business.

#45 did more for this country in four years than the preceding ten. #45 upset the elites by enacting sound business-like practices and making decisions that threatened to expose them as the frauds they are. They are so outraged that they still blame him for all their blunders…

There is a virus in the seat of Gubmint that no mask or vaccine will stop. Our only protection is vigilance and the US Constitution.

If we are to rescue our republic, we must revert to being a nation of laws, not a nation of men!

Brother, can you spare a dime?

[Exit Music]

If someone can prove me wrong and show me my mistake in any thought or action, I shall gladly change. I seek the truth, which never harmed anyone: the harm is to persist in one’s own self-deception and ignorance.”

  • Marcus Aurelius