Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed

Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed

The title is a curious military cliche that ricocheted through my consciousness as I sipped my morning coffee.

So I said to my self – self I said, this would make a dandy title for your next article.

Who am I to argue with myself?

I’d lose anyway…

Sun of a gun, I was right!

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

  • Mark Twain –

Not long ago, I wrote about buying a bridge as a metaphor for being duped, swindled, deceived, and taken. This morning I discovered the quote from Mark Twain that reinforces my opinion that Americans have always been easy targets for hucksters telling us what we want to hear, especially politicians. The higher the stakes, the more easily we’re bamboozled and resolutely cling to our blunder.

Maybe it’s our boundless hope for things to improve because they always have. It could be our misplaced optimism that America will self-correct and mend these broken fences. Maybe it’s our foolish pride in America’s ability to conquer all adversity. But these adjustments are past occurrences. Our weakness, the chink in America’s armor, is that we assume we’re led in the right direction. Want to buy a bridge?

It’s troublesome to convince anyone that they’ve been duped and inconceivable to convince them they’re wrong.

It might help if you understand the title before I launch into this article’s content.

  • Screwed, blued, and tattooed means placed in a perplexing, very difficult situation, especially a situation in which one has been unjustly victimized. In British Navy terms, you are syphilitic and likely to die.
    • “Screwed” essentially means “cheated or in a difficult or hopeless situation, ruined or broken.”
    • “Blued” means “lost or been robbed of.” The word’s origin is from the German “blauen,” so it’s actually related to “blue,” not “blew,” and meant that something had vanished (into the blue).
    • “Tattooed” refers to a beating with very rapid blows, in the same sense as a military tattoo, a rapid pattern on a drum, or a boxer pummelling an opponent.

And you thought this was just another rant.

I could easily have titled this article “The Victimization of America.” But that softens this article and fails to convey how fucked we are. I mean, really fucked. You have no idea how Totally and Royally Fucked (TARF) we are.

Yes, folks, we really are Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed!!!

The theft of our country began before adopting our constitution. Our checkered history is replete with accounts of betrayal and intrigue. Fortunately for America, most leaders were still men of good moral character and viewed America as a shining example of infinite possibilities worth preserving.

Surprisingly, our legitimate leaders managed to get us through two hundred plus years of history, landing us in this wild and wooly new millennium of the twenty-first century, where we’ve eliminated the inconvenience of accountability and character.

Rather than recounting our sordid past, I’ll fast forward to recent episodes that form the basis for the title of this article.

Various timelines and charts lay out the chronology of this chapter in America’s anthology, all available on the interweb. I believe we are living the next to the last chapter in American history while writing the conclusion.

Power shifts have rocked America since the beginning, but never as much as at the beginning of the Twenty-First Century. The final chapter is titled:


  • “21st Century ~ A New Age of Lawlessness.”

2001 awakened America to the external hatred we’ve consistently recognized but underestimated until our government used this terrorist attack in its power grab on September 11th. Our presumed need for increased National Security sold us the Patriot Act at the cost of more of our liberties.

It called for ways to combat this existential threat by transferring more investigative latitude to DoJ and DoD. It unified the FBI, NSA, and CIA into one massive security engine controlled by the Administration – Homeland Security. The right to privacy flew out the window as innuendo came through the back door.

The assertion was that a lack of communication allowed this terrorist attack. There were boulders in the information stream, disrupting accurate collaboration between the departments. It was blocked at the POTUS level – they knew it was coming and did nothing to prevent it. Never waste a good crisis.

The result was an insinuation that everyone knew something was about to happen, but no one would share the information. The decision-makers knew that the DoJ would play the blame game, and America lost again, just like Pearl Harbor in 1941.

What happens in Las Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter, no longer stays there. Now the Security State knows everything and will use it.

But the Security State wanted more…

The beginning of the end or… How corrupt are we?

The presidential electoral cycle of 2016 amalgamated our current plight. It substantiated the megalomaniacal cabal’s weaponization of government departments under partisan domination.

The actual electioneering began in 2015 with the pomp and pageantry of the nomination nonsense and the obligatory debates. I call them “mastur-bates” because several prominent people jerk off for the camera and each other.

The intent is to showcase their political genius and views. The result is a self-aggrandizing cavalcade of their narcissism.

These events are presented from grand venues large enough to accommodate invited high-dollar donors, a few riff-raff, and the candidate’s enormous egos. It makes for great TV; it reaches millions of viewers.

Why not, the political parties are paying for it, and the mainstream media mafia keeps the money; you know, your donations…

Candidates spent $6.8B on the 2016 elections and $2.65B on the presidential contest.

Let that sink in for a moment.

If you’re interested, the interweb has loads of breakdowns and details, which are superfluous to my point. The candidates are purchasing votes. It’s nothing more than advertising, which sold for $225,000 for 30 seconds post-debate.

The selectees pander to the country for more campaign funding and support for their pie-crust promises.

  • A Pie Crust Promise – is like a pie crust, easily made, easily broken, and usually flakey.

In the background, out of sight, is the political mechanism necessary to ensure victory. It’s called the political machine for good reason. Remember the Wizard of Oz scene when Toto pulls back the curtain revealing the Wizard and all the cranks, dials, levers, and switches? That’s a metaphor for the political machine, and the Wizard is the individual calling the shots.

Let the battle begin. And begin it did!

You and I have no concept of victory in this arena. Our concept of winning is a $1500 Powerball ticket. Try to stretch your imagination to include ruling the world… Because, as the US president, you are the most powerful person on the planet.

It is hard to contend against one’s heart’s desire; for whatever it wished to have, it buys at the cost of its soul.

Politics is the profession for which a candidate will sell their soul to the Devil.

In 2015, the political machinery selected the two political gladiators, and their contest ensued. OK, in fairness, there were other political party candidates for the position, but only two are pertinent to this article: Clinton-D & Trump-R.

The background was the DemoSoc alliance with the Department of Justice (DoJ), specifically the FBI, who validated and certified the smears, one of which became known as “Russia Gate.”

The DemoSocs, assisted by the mainstream media mafia, including the big tech social media platforms, set about spreading this concocted story of Trump’s involvement with Russia to affect the election.

Many Americans were fooled!

The implication of this collusion extends to the top of America’s political hierarchy, to The President of the United States (POTUS) – Barack Husein Obama, and his (VPOTUS) Joseph Robinette Biden (Bungles the Clown).

POTUS controls everything into and out of the DoJ. They follow his orders, and POTUS sets the tone for his executive branches – especially for the DoJ and IRS. The Trump-Russian Collusion was a political ploy; POTUS & VPOTUS knew about it and probably sponsored it.

Somehow against the odds, Trump Won. America had its final opportunity for salvation.

At least for the next four tumultuous years.

The specter of this collusion followed Trump, and no matter what he accomplished, the Swamp’s power hounded him; even today, Trump spars with the Swamp Monster.

Even though Trump installed new heads in several departments, many of their subordinates remained loyal to Obama’s cabal. Trump was very unpopular with the rank-and-file socialists in government. He represented a significant change in their world. Holy Shit, they might have to WORK and do what’s best for the country. Trump threatened to expose and eliminate corruption and reduce the size and reach of big government.

The next great distraction and controversy arose in December 2019. The Wuhan virus came to play in America and, subsequently, the world. Just in time to muddle the 2021 elections.

Remember that America (Anthony Flip-Flop Fauci) paid China to develop the Wuhan virus. China delivered it in December 2019. The timing couldn’t have been better because 2020 was a coup d’etat year. It transferred almost total power to the executive branch in the name of national security, health, and safety.

Before the 2020 election cycle even started, the SemoSoc machine was in place to control every facet of the election, including full mainstream media mafia control ensuring victory for Bungles the Clown. By the time America knew what had happened, it was too late.

The DemoSoc regime usurped power and was in the Whitehouse.

There is no proof that the DemoSocs had anything to do with the Wuhan Pandemic. Still, the various departments aligned, their department heads’ allegiance ensured, and coincidental timing offered enough circumstantial evidence to suggest more collusion.

Enter the master of misinformation, disinformation, and administrative bullshit, Anthony Flip-Flop Fauci. His terpsichorean acumen rivals Fred Astair with a touch of Mohammad Ali’s “bob & weave.” He was untouchable and never, never, never answered a question – even to congress.


Fauci coerced Trump to “lockdown” the entire country beginning March 2020, and it remained so through July 2022; the draconian pandemic measures stopped most commerce and almost everything in this country, except essential DemoSoc friendly businesses and the election.

After 16 months of confusion, many businesses and federal offices still adhere to these Faucian mandates. The damages of this decision are still unquantified. As are the injuries to the children who lost two full years of state-sponsored indoctrination, I mean education.

Guess what happened in the middle of this oppressive control? Yes, there was a presidential election – a contest between Trump and Biden.

We all know who won. Blame the Obama Cabal.

Maybe we should applaud their stealth and capacity to hide these facts from our country. Their feat of legerdemain is the stuff of legend.

If a political party possesses enough power to control the efforts of executive departments like the DoJ, they can change election results.

Was the administration powerful enough to steal an election and cover up all evidence?

Yes, absolutely!

Imagine what they can do going forward.

Are the mid-term elections another massive pull (puff) on the Hopium Pipe? They were successful in defrauding us in 2020! What makes you think any subsequent election results will be reliable?

More evidence of the conspiracy between POTUS and the DoJ surfaces every day. Recent events suggest that corruption extends from the president’s office through every department in the government.

The DemoSoc cabal weaponized these departments for their political purposes. This malfeasance includes the protection of their families and ensures the persecution of political enemies.

Bungles the Clown exists behind an impenetrable curtain of weaponized departments. This shelter substantiates the power and the reach of the oligarchs that control him; and, through him, America.

Bungles the Clown’s hatred for Trump caused him to countermand every order and program DJT created. Bungles the Clown’s every action violates the constitution and most active statutes in this country, yet none of the agencies in place to protect us will take any action against him. Not one will speak out in our defense. They fear the power Bungles the Clown and his DemoSoc cabal puppet masters represent.

If Bungles the Clown has the power to;

  • manipulate elections
  • shut down a country
  • hide his criminal atrocities
  • control what we know
  • profit from his position as POTUS
  • collude with foreign governments and our enemies
  • lie to congress and Americans

He can do whatever he wishes.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

  • Mark Twain –

We are seriously Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed!

So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it is a sin for him.

  • James 4:17 –

“We Must Drain The Swamp!”

But maybe it’s already too late?