The Wuhan Crystal Ball

Once upon a time, in the 16th Century, a French apothecary called Nostradamus used a strange process to predict the future. He’d enter a trance-like state and transcribe his visions – prophecies – into a bazaar four-line prose. Most folks found it incomprehensible, but what predictions they could decipher were usually wrong.  

His record – 11 hits for 942 predictions.

Forecasting the future is a brutal way to make a living because the fulfillment of your guess isn’t revealed for years, decades, and sometimes centuries. Fortunately, like another seer in this commentary, Nostradamus was a very wealthy man.  

Financial independence allows one the latitude to follow atypical or peculiar pursuits, like foretelling the future. Nostradamus’ prognostications concerned the distant future; our other clairvoyant has more profitable near-term interests. Being a chemist or a doctor is an honorable profession; being a paid prevaricator is not.  

I endorse NostraDumbass as the new sobriquet (nickname) for Anthony S. Fauci, aka Flip-Flop-Fauci, because of ceaseless confounding forecasts regarding the Wuhan virus. His erroneous predictions and his penchant for changing direction to follow the prevailing winds from the DC Swamp have earned the new name.

A recently released book by Dr. Scott Atlas – A Plague Upon Our House – dispels much of the hype in the folklore of NostraDumbass and opens the curtains on his part in government deception concerning his Wuhan virus.

NostraDumbass is a very well-paid employee of the US government. We don’t usually expect any productivity from government operatives, and any inadvertent or accidental productivity usually demands immediate scrutiny.

We all know that the future is impossible to predict. There are too many variables and possible alternatives. Friedrich Nietzsche said: “The future influences the present just as much as the past.”  That is a somewhat nebulous statement, but consider Wuhan’s impact on America and the World in general – now, in the future, and how we’ll treat these events on our history. You’ll understand more as you read.

NostraDumbass’s conjecture about the potency and virility of the Wuhan virus only created panic, which I believe was his primary intent. His recommendations to shut down the economy, wear masks, close schools, and build general alarm, disregarding all of the scientific data to the contrary, had a similar effect.  

His follow-the-science comments smack of the Go Green (bowel) Movement’s contrived data that forecasts the end of the World in 15 years.  

Tick – Tick – Tick

The year Al Gore was born, there were 130,000 glaciers. Today, 130,000 remain. In 2009, he also predicted that the North Pole would be ice-free by the summer of 2013. So much for global warming, climate change, and Al’s prognosticating acumen.

I hope you’re starting to see the pattern.

Any crisis is the media’s bread & butter. The bigger the problem, the more people watch, and the more they charge for their commercial air time. If that problem isn’t big enough, they’ll blow it out of proportion – ChaChing!  

As Winston Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Here’s where NostraDumbass comes in.

The manufactured Wuhan virus and subsequent crisis were tailor-made for the media and NostraDumbass, who became the soothsayer deluxe. As long as he kept the calamity alive to confuse America and pinned it on Trump, the media and the DemoSocs loved NostraDumbass. He has the valuable ability to lie straight-faced with conviction – the perfect political tool.

Remember, this all happened in early 2020, at the beginning of the election cycle, when every DemoSoc hated Trump and wanted him removed from office. The more confusion and misgivings the DemoSocs could fabricate, the better their chances to steal the presidency, which is precisely what they did. His role as a doctor, the defacto witness, was instrumental to the demise of President Trump.

None of what NostraDumbass said or reported was true. Data were all taken out of context or just blatant lies. There was no real science or information to substantiate his assertions. Wuhan was a new virus, and we knew very little, but he was indispensable to further the DemoSoc’s conspiracy and cause.  

NostraDumbass became the Wuhan virus HMFWIC in Bungles the Clown’s Whore House. Not too bad for a doctor of dubious character who lies for a living. NostraDumbass’ team are experts at distorting data to their advantage, just like Al Gore’s Go Green Gestapo of Climate Change Clones.

As for the Wuhan crystal ball, it’s a fabrication like NostraDumbass’ predictions. There’s really nothing to see. All the panic is an intentional overreaction by the DemoSocs to foster confusion and create an unfavorable atmosphere for the election. It worked beautifully. America was so confused; we didn’t know whether to scratch our ass or wind our watches.  

This confusion thrives today.

Now that they have us against the ropes, the DemoSocs will use our disorientation, exhaustion, and anxiety with this crisis to force through sweeping changes to our way of life and cause more social and economic paralysis.

The economy tanked, people died, no one knew the truth, and Trump took the blame. The perfect coup. Sadly, this truth isn’t reaching everyone yet, thanks to the pocket pool pals of partisan politics – the media. Fortunately, a few brave people open the curtain of lies and coverups, exposing the facts.

Look who occupies the seat of power in America, and NostraDumbass is still calling the shots, disregarding the actual medical-scientific data and mental health expert recommendations. His latest flip-flops; We’re not sure about the definition of fully vaccinated, and we may need more mandates and closures.

Several websites detail NostraDumbass comments in chronological order, so I won’t belabor the point. I’ve read through some of them, and they all paint a damning picture. Some of the comments adjusted his position on trivial issues, though the rest are profound prevarications.

The contradiction to this quasi-scientific charade is the evidence provided by states that contravened the orders to close entirely or cease all retail activities. There was no appreciable change in the Wuhan statistics, yet NostraDumbass continued to beat the lockdown drum.

As 2020 drew to a close, the actual science regarding Wuhan surfaced. Many medical, mental health, and economic professionals warned of the damage to the country of this prolonged draconian posture. Medical and Mental health professionals warned of irreparable damage to the economy and peoples’ psychological health of people, especially children, from continued sequestration. Medical-grade masks were suggested, but only in specific circumstances.

One epidemiologist commented about cloth and other non-medical grade masks – Think of the chainlink fence stopping a mosquito. He also stated that the proper cover provided adequate protection for all parties concerned, but it must meet medical standards.

The DemoSoc plan thrives on our irrational fear of Wuhan and our submission to government directives and mandates. Thomas Jefferson said: “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Many sheeple in this country hang on every word of NostraDumbass as if he were a messenger of god. Well, I suppose he is if you Consider Bungles the Clown your higher power. I refuse to bow to idols or idiots, especially tin-pot autocrats like Bungles the Clown, NostraDumbass, or The DemoSoc Cabal.

Dr. Scott Atlas addresses most of this in his recent book, A Plague Upon Our House. If you hunger for unvarnished truth and a glimpse behind the White House’s protective curtain, I recommend it. The conclusion I draw is that American citizens never want to see the sausage being made, so we willingly turn away.   

Some things are not meant to be seen; others are. Decisions regarding our country and our lives should be seen and understood by the citizens. That’s why we hired/elected the 535 ineffectual meat bags who occupy congress. That’s THEIR job. You see, most congressional occupants are no longer responsible to us; they report to their respective partisan political machines.

The damage of this mindless approach to the pandemic is beginning to surface. Medical and Mental Health professionals warned of the harm to society from this lockdown and sequestration. Only now are the immediate impact appearing. The long-term effects and damage are still to be quantified.

Countless businesses will never reopen. Millions of jobs are unfilled. Inflation is running away, and as always, those who suffer most can afford it the least. This all tells me that we are in for a Nantucket Sleighride. We are at the mercy of this whale called government dragging us along with it, out of control, only to stop if it dies or breaks its bonds.

Think about that.

Why didn’t NostraDumbass see all of this in the Wuhan Crystal? In this case, the crystal is an analog for professional insight, experience, and wisdom.  

I think he did see it but was paid not to tell us.

NostraDumbass’ latest prediction is a “Winter of Severe Illness and Death” if you’re unvaccinated, even though the jab does not prevent, but only lessens illness and does nothing to stop the spread of the Wuhan virus, is an amplification, perpetuation of the whole conspiracy.

The truth be told, he’s not a soothsayer, only the mouthpiece for the Cabal, The Deep State!  

But I do like the name NostraDumbass.