I Know This Feeling

American Requiem 

I know this feeling. I’ve had it before.  

It’s the sense of profound loss.  

The first time I was a Sophomore in high school. The young lady, my crush, died unexpectedly after routine surgery.

I’ve had this feeling too many times since then, but as they say, that’s life.

That banal comment does nothing to decrease the pain or assuage the loss. This trite phrase is often used when you don’t know what to say, when silence is uncomfortable but preferable.

The curious thing about loss is its way of making what remains and endures seem more dear and precious, making their loss even more painful.  

Nothing lasts forever, or so they say.

I’ve lost family, friends, lovers, comrades, pets, and possessions. I think we all have. I don’t care to count or tally or relate or compare them. They are all lost, but each provoked grief in some way, to some degree. I still remember.

Perhaps it’s my age. Maybe it’s the age in which we live. Change now happens at light speed rather than allowing me to acclimate, absorb, comprehend, and process the event and its impact.  

It must be my age. 

I’m getting too old for this shit!

My morning routine continues to evolve. Lately, it includes a quick scan of the news feeds to see what inalienable rights Bungles the Clown alienated or which pillar of America he toppled recently. His predictability is unnerving. You don’t know when or what, but you know he will fuck up something.

I appreciate the delay in waiting until tomorrow to discover the next calamity. The delay softens, defuses the event to prevent whiplash from the instantaneous realization and horror of Bungles the Clown’s adventures.  

While I appreciate the mainstream media’s passionate albeit melodramatic interpretations, I try to avoid them at all costs. I must admit that I do find them entertaining – occasionally.

An old aphorism says, “He hit the bottom of the barrel and started digging.” Nothing could be more appropriate or express my feelings more clearly. It seems that somebody handed Bungles the Clown a shovel, and he continues to dig deeper.  

His swamp-cronies, the Bumbling Bandits of Bureaucracy – Congress -, are as complicit – moving the debris and doing DemoSoc’s bidding.

Each passing day, shovel full by shovel full, he digs America into a deeper hole. He’s dismantling America one tenet at a time. 

I thought he’d hit the bottom of the barrel with this last humiliation, but – Oh, no, my friends, we have more to lose; he’s only eight months into this term.    

We still have forty months to go.

Did Bungles the Clown and Giggles kill America? Did their aggressive, combative political posturing and socialist-style meddling put a stake through America’s heart? Was it their ineptitude, negligence, and audacity?  

I feel a profound sense of loss. Maybe America is dead.  

America lost a precious cornerstone. One that generations struggled and sacrificed to build. Every person who served this country invested. Everyone who lives here contributed. Too many gave their lives to obtain it, guard it, and secure it.  

Bungles, the Clown just gave it away.

Bungles, the Clown’s tenure as president is nothing more than a continuous capricious calamity culminating in casualties to our culture and credibility.

Many feel that Bungles the Clown’s fiasco in Afghanistan is the worst military defeat in US history – he’s hasn’t finished. There are still citizens and loyalists stranded there. Bungles the Clown has single-handedly created the largest hostage crisis in American and possibly recent world history.  

The coup de gras, Bungles the Clown handed the Taliban a list of US Citizens and Afghani US sympathizers, effectively providing a ‘kill’ list.

The abandonment of Bagram Airbase further exacerbates this tragedy with his donation of biometric equipment and personnel data containing the identities of all of the Afghans who assisted us for the past twenty years.

The quick retreat and military pull-out of Afghanistan sounded like a good idea as a campaign promise; it will prove disastrous. There are some actions in life that allow for spontaneity; this is not one of them.  

According to David Foster Wallace: “Act in haste repent at leisure.”  Bungles the Clown will wear this albatross for the rest of history.

The cornerstone to which I refer is our credibility on the world stage. We were once seen as a world superpower, but this embarrassment in Afghanistan impuned our integrity and trashed our trustworthiness – America cannot be trusted, so says the CCP, and many of our allies now echo that sentiment.

Bungles, the Clown abandoned 3.5 million items at Bagram Airbase, everything from armored vehicles, body armor, modern weapons & ammo to Zippo lighters and everything in between; an estimated $85 BILLION in equipment and supplies.  

The Taliban is now well-equipped with modern American weapons. This impetuous evacuation left the region vulnerable and probably the US and the rest of the world, as well.

I don’t advocate protracted police actions. Twenty years was eighteen years too many. We completed our mission and should have withdrawn in 2003. Our extended occupation was more commercial than political, to be sure.

Some rationalize that we protected America and the world from terrorist actions by lingering in Afghanistan. Maybe we did, but it cost America an estimated TWO-TRILLIONS dollars and thousands of lives to feed our Military-Industrial Complex.  

We’ve fortified The Afghanistan Academy of Terror and created the Taliban’s Terror University – TTU.

I think a recent post by SkyNews, an Australian organization, nailed it. Their commentator remarked that after over fifty years in federal service, Bungles the Clown thinks he knows everything. His extensive self-professed background in foreign policies, elite government positions, and proclamations of expertise in foreign affairs imbue him with an uncanny understanding and proficiency of all things, primarily and particularly political. But he can’t hit the floor with his hat!

Bungles, the Clown’s track record speaks for itself. He has gotten every foreign policy decision wrong for over forty years. Even his boss for eight of those years, President Obama, warned:

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” 

It isn’t the president as much as the process, although he is a complete sock-puppet. And brother, we’ve had a few, but America bounced back and kept moving forward. I question our ability to recover from Bungles the Clown and Giggles Woke Clown Crowd. They have done a monumental amount of damage that seems almost insurmountable. 

We allowed our government to hijack our process – We let them make even the simplest tasks a political imperative. It’s our fault because we allow it to continue.

But what to do?  

My suggestion is to fire them all and replace them with honest, moral patriots. We have the perfect process to effect this change – VOTING!

The beauty of Bungles the Clown’s delusional thinking is that facts don’t matter. The DempSocs say and do what they want, adjust the narrative, and erase and rewrite history to accommodate their views and fit their purposes.  

And… The Sheeple follow right along.  

We let it happen.

This latest failure to secure our citizens moves me from disappointment to outrage! How can the leader of our country be so patronizing and unmoved by the plight of his people? He promised to protect them. It’s in the oath of office he swore. He’s abandoned us, them. 

I admit that recently Bungles the Clown retracted, modified his original intent to abandon everyone, to OK… I’ll try to get most of them out… 

This recent action serves as proof that he and his elitist compatriots are above the law. We are in inconvenient distraction. How many investigations – indictments – prosecutions – convictions have we seen, or are we likely to see? Platitudinous partisan power prevents any proceedings.

Congress – the Blundering Bandits of Bureaucracy just forced through another $3.5 trillion spending bill for god knows what. Bungles & Giggles elite Clown Crew bastardized the congressional process to slam through the latest bloated socialist budget and agenda items.  

Bungles the Clown & Giggles thumb their collective noses at untold thousands of loyal American’s and Afghan sympathizers who they stranded. Good luck, and thanks for playing, but as they say, that’s life.

I’m pointing unfairly at Bungles & Giggle and our government. None of them can find a cogent thought with a flashlight and a net. They are merely the highly paid, willing distraction and focal point, the shills for the cabal behind all of this.

They gave the Taliban a list and the tools to verify identities, yet Bungles the Clown and his Clown Crew will go free – for now.

Oh, well, That’s Life!

“Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”  …from It’s a Wonderful Life.

Imagine the hole all those lives will leave…  

Too few people consider that in their calculus.