Open Letter

Democratic Party:

I am a long-time resident of Arizona and a combat veteran of Vietnam. I volunteered to serve our country during the 1970s when the convenient and popular sentiment was to protest all things American, especially the war.

I am conservative. I derive my values from our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and my morals from my belief in a higher power. What is right for our state and our country should not be influenced by political party leanings or affiliations. And it certainly must not be controlled by an oligarchy.

Recent decisions regarding our direction as a State and a Country go against everything I believe and everything this country was. I appreciate the necessity of change, especially as we face challenges, but change for change’s sake is a recipe for failure, which is where we are today.

The recent decision to approve the Democratic ‘Pork Bill’ and the impending changes to the Second Amendment is distressing, to say the least, and unconstitutional at best. President Biden’s decision to undo all the good done by President Trump is an example of political retaliation; Change for the sake of change. It is vindictive, and you allowed it to happen.  Blaming guns for violence is like faulting a fork for obesity.

No good will come from your retribution. You’ve lost your concern for the country as a community and forced national political segregation on your constituents.  

Scholars say that governing is about compromise, but where is the rationale in running up a $28 Trillion National debt? It is an abomination!

  • It is $218,000 per household.
  • It is $85,000 per person in the US. 
  • It is more than the combined debt of:
    • China
    • Japan
    • Germany
    • India
  • If every US household contributes $1,000.00 per month, it will take over 18 years to pay it off.

How will bankrupting the country help us? Is this part of the compromise?  Is this part of the Democratic-Socialist new deal?  

Is flooding this country with guest workers helping unemployment?

How is sending more manufacturing off-shore helping American workers?  

How is taking my savings going to solve financial problems, especially those your partisan politics created?  

How is splitting the country into disparate political camps helping our unity?

After a lifetime of work, my hope of retirement is nothing more than a mirage in the distance as costs spiral and investments become targets for political, fiscal malfeasance. And, let’s not even go down the Medicare and Medical Insurance rabbit hole. Is this more vendetta?

Following the Party-line may be expedient, but in most cases, it is self-serving. Your responsibility is to protect Arizona and America, not vote us into insolvency and socialism.

I fail to find the clause in our Constitution where an exclusive club of billionaires dictates policy and directs your every move. Their influence is undeniable, and the deleterious impacts on this country are unquestionable.

I realize the view from the ‘cheap and inconsequential seat‘ I occupy is far different from the Elite Box you enjoy. My perspective is that of a middle-class patriot and laborer, not as an oligarch.  Allowing Corporate America to dictate policy and to control the narrative is reckless.  Whose interests do they serve? 

There was a similar sentiment pervasive in 1765.