Bidens Königreich






Twenty Twenty-one

It’s winter. The rust-belt deals with the ice and snow, and Texas sees what it’s like “when hell freezes over,” and we have unreasonably average weather in the Desert South West. Our last encounter with snow was in December of 98, a fantastical thing to see Saguaro Cacti in the snow. 

The winter of awareness and sense rolled into America at a glacial pace. It took several decades for this apostasy’s seeds to germinate and bloom, but Socialism is here. What transpired over the past few months defies reason and leaves judgment in its wake. Our garden is now full of the weeds that consume but do not bear fruit, only seeds of dissent.

Senator Joseph McCarty is probably dancing a jig in his tomb. He was right, you know; he was a little too militant in his approach, but he was right. Our enemy did and still does walk the halls of our government in the guise of left-leaning progressives and Socialists.

Even members of Congress succumb to the sirens’ call of Socialism. The insidious process of indoctrination through education planted the seeds of insurrection first at the college level. Once firmly rooted in future teachers’ minds, it spread like weeds in an untended and untended and fertile garden. This ideology’s allure of social-inclusion and dogma of destructionism is approaching completion and nearly in full bloom.  

If intelligent people’s mark is their ability to control their emotions by applying reason, we rank right up there with rocks! We’ve seen the results of Socialism all over the world, yet we still embrace it. How unconditionally stupid are we?

Emperor Biden’s Demosocs ignore the Constitution and replaced liberty with recrimination. The demosocs based their new religion on impossible and endless commandments. Bidens Königreich is built on fear, innuendo, accusation, and guilt. It’s called “the Cancel-Culture.” If you disagree, they simply cancel you! We used to call it censorship, but the new ideology embraces the power of cancellation and exclusion. It’s the head in the sand concept. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

The Cancel-Culture abhors truly descriptive words and favors gentler ambiguous words and phrases. Don’t offend anyone’s sensibility – EVER! It’s not domestic terrorism; it’s a spirited discourse sponsored by community organizers. It’s not Socialism; it’s responsible administrative realignment, civic reengineering, and progressive education.

The list of precepts for this new cancel-cult is simple. There is someone else to blame for your situation; it’s not you. The Königreich will solve all of your problems and make life fair for everyone. Any idea not sanctioned by the Königreich is a transgression, especially if it is against any accepted principle that the left embraces. If we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you. The way to succeed is to conform. Be Normal! Follow the Norm! Be accepted.

Any thought, comment, or idea not in complete agreement with the Königreich is an unforgivable transgression. The punishment is censure and exclusion from the proletariate. You become persona non grata.  You lose your livelihood, job, reputation, standing in the community, possibly your property, potentially your freedom. No proof necessary – only an unsubstantiated accusation or innuendo is needed. If you thought it, you are indeed guilty.  

There is NO forgiveness!

Guilt by association is now the burden of White people in this country; in this new cancel-culture, we are guilty of everything from animal cruelty, antisemitism, apartheid, bestiality, bible-thumping, bigotry, child molestation, colonialism, cultural appropriation, democide, discrimination, gender-bias, genocide, global warming, heresy, homophobia, intolerance, islamophobia, Klanism, licentiousness, narcissism, nazism, proselytizing, racism, rape, religious intolerance, sexism, technophobia, terrorism, transgender and transsexual phobia, xenophobia, to zoophobia. It’s all our fault!

Socialism is the cancel culture’s adopted religion. There are no minarets for the call to prayer. It’s no less radical than fundamentalist Islam; it comes via the biased mainstream media. And, rather than wafting through the air five-time a day, it slips in unnoticed through the internet and advertising. There is no official meeting place, no church, and no mosque. It’s in homes and businesses throughout America. It permeates our country, and like Elvis, it’s everywhere!

The mainstream media links the faithful. It’s published in the New Demosoc Times and broadcast on Demosoc mainstream media TV. Socialist-Media like ScrewTube, Twister, and FarceBook act as mind-police. They ensure that information (or disinformation) is politically correct, appropriately wordsmithed for mass consumption, and that it follows the Demosoc Doctrine.   

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell theorizes the consequences of a totalitarian state governed by mass surveillance and oppression. Did he realize that the theory of his novel would provide the blueprint for 21st Century America?  

We’ve nearly completed our rewrite of history, torn down monuments, banned cultural reminders, and symbols of critical events. We’ve even changed our language to eliminate gender-descriptive pronouns. We’ve insisted that gender is a matter of choice, not biology. And we’ve embraced imperious partisan control.

Orwell’s novel is about a dictatorship whose chief weapon is psychological and informational control. He delves into the manipulation of thoughts and words to control the citizens. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so. Of course, you can wait to see how it ends because we are living it right now. I recommend the former rather than the latter.

Many great leaders cautioned us about runaway power in the government and their affiliation with businesses. History, what remains unaltered, is full of examples. We fought a war for independence against the British Empire about 246 years ago. Are we not facing the same level of tyranny?

Mega-corps control the government, and the government uses them to control us. The flow of funds for favors is a perfect circle. Our misrepresentatives ensure a fertile and unrestricted growth market; the oligarchs’ provide the funds through lobbyists and the conduit to the masses. This is the great circle of political quid pro quo in ‘Merka.

Mega-corporations took dominion of our government while we sat complacently, comfortably, and conveniently entertained. The left used this diversion and slithered us toward a Socialist ideology that pairs nicely with Democracy, like steak and cabernet sauvignon or sole and buttery chardonnay; they work well together. They compliment each other.

Understanding socialism is not complicated. The text-book definition: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. The practical implementation: government control of everything where selected individuals reap the benefits of others’ labor. They hand over the fruits of our work to their friends, then distribute an equal share – of what little remains – to us. The one absolute tenet of Socialism is that a few get absurdly wealthy, and the masses live in poverty.  

Venezuela and Argentina are sterling examples of Socialism in action. A quick look at the news or the internet will expose the economic desert and devastation created by Socialism in these countries. It should provide sufficient warning. Need more examples? Look at most African countries where a despotic regime is in control. How are their ‘elections’ handled? Are they fair and open or a travesty? Are the people happy and living fulfilling lives or living in abject poverty?

It won’t happen here, you say! Look at the 2020 presidential election and tell me that it can’t happen here. The collusion and conspiracy to elevate a second-rate political hack to Demosoc Demigod prove their reach and power. It is the same tactic used in every Socialist coup and by every despot worldwide.

Oh, and by the way, Socialism is the gateway to communism. All great communist nations like the USSR, China, Cuba, and several Middle European countries began their foray into Communist as fledgling socialist devotees. Some of them shed the coils of entanglement but only after military revolutions; some remain ensnared. 

The spin used by the Demosocs, by our misleaders, benefits regular people like us. Their new ideology will provide better healthcare, free tuition, better security and protection, better representation in government, lower prices, equality, cleaner air, and less government.  

We already have most of these. The rest are simple fixes if we look to the thought leaders in the respective fields for guidance rather than the corporations that own this country. 

America is not perfect. No one with any sense would say otherwise, but it is the best governmental and social system on the planet. Our process of improvement is by consensus, not by exclusion. We founded our approach on what is best for the majority, not the minority, and certainly not the oligarchy.

“The real power in America is held by a fast-emerging new Oligarchy of pimps and preachers who see no need for Democracy or fairness or even trees, except maybe the ones in their own yards, and they don’t mind admitting it. They worship money and power and death. Their ideal solution to all the nation’s problems would be another 100 Year War.”                       Hunter S. Thompson