SSDD is an acronym for the Same Shit Different Day. This instance could be the Same Shit Different Decade, which, however, does not cover the intended time frame. I present SSDC or the Same Shit Different Century. It’s been several centuries that we’ve taken the same actions and produced identical results on this same issue.

Little has changed since this situation began in 1619. The actors and locations are slightly different, but the crux of this dilemma remains the same.  

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. So far, what we’ve learned from history is that we have learned nothing from history. We do what we’ve done in the past, expecting different results. Repeating the same actions expecting different results is the classic definition of insanity, but I think it goes much further.

Advertising informs people that you have something to sell, often to convince them that they can’t live without it, or that their lives will be incomplete or less than satisfactory. A relentless campaign tries to beat you into submission.  

I refer to the ceaseless and positively racist black lives matters campaign, which infers that people of other colors are inconsequential.

Fine, so call me a racist. You’re not the first, and you will certainly not be the last. But don’t confuse my character with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on how you approach me.

We remove the reminders of our past without considering the consequences or consideration of the reasons they exist. The American Civil War was about much more than slavery, but we’ve lost that truth in the vortex of social rights and politics. When we eliminate the reminders of this conflict, we diminish the motivation that provoked it and degrade those who fought to change it. 

We’re reshaping these events and their lessons to suit our current view. Looking at this period in our history through the lens of contemporary mores distorts the picture and twists it to fit our present social consciousness. We lose our perspective. Blacks are angry about their alleged treatment based on a recollection of oral history and reports of events over 150 years ago. They did not experience it but use these accounts and their memories of these stories as the newly polished 21st-century lens to provides their perspective.

Black Lives Matter is based on a select few individuals who misused their positions of authority. Defunding the police will worsen the problem. We need better trained and screened professionals in these positions. Not underpaid thugs with anger issues predisposed to an abuse of power. An honest assessment and investigation of the people and events are in order. Evaluations that do not include the agencies that manage them.

Rewriting our history by removing monuments is like lining out passages in Constitution. We have a process that amends this document but does not delete the intent. The original text remains to provide context for the change. These statues and monuments offer historical context.

Germany didn’t tear down the Third Reich’s concentration camps because of the uncomfortable reminder of the Holocaust. They stand as an example of power gone wrong and people unjustifiably accused. 

We retained many Japanese internment camps throughout California to remind us of our xenophobic and inhuman incarceration of 110,000 American citizens, unfortunately, born in this country to Japanese parents. These camps and our treatment of these American Citizens stand as a National embarrassment. Slavery is our moral embarrassment. The significant difference is that slaves were not considered citizens until adopting the 14th Amendment in 1866.


Our distortion of history supports some of our leaders’ agendas, whose goal is to arouse a target audience to action, usually violent reaction. It obscures the actual background and the truth. The purpose is to keep people off balance and divided. Should we atone to the affected by changing the transcript of the events?

Roman Emperor Julius Caesar mastered the tactic of the “Divide and Conquer” to build his empire. Caesar knew that it is nearly impossible to conquer a unified country or its people. We follow his example to this day.

By editing and abridging this period in our history, we avoid the truth that slavery existed from the beginning of time and continues vigorously throughout the world. 

We’ve eliminated the real accounts from the educational curriculum, replacing it with the sanitized and sensitize version that we call history. We don’t want to hurt feelings or step on any toes. I’m surprised that people recall the war of Northern Aggression, except that it’s thought to be all about slavery and black people’s mistreatment. We conveniently ignore the other reasons because they fit no purpose in the plan.

This new account would have us believe that America was the only country with slaves. It avoids the fact that there are still over 45.8 million slaves in the world.  

  • 58% are in India (18.4m),
  • China (3.4m), 
  • Pakistan (2.1m), 
  • Bangladesh (1.5m), 
  • Uzbekistan (1.2m).   

This number does not count those held as labor captives in the Middle East whose passports and work visas were seized to keep them returning home. Sadly, all of these counties are trade partners with the US. Where is the moral outrage for their treatment? Where are the demands for their release? Don’t these lives matter, too?  

We know that in late August of 1619, 20 to 30 Africans arrived in the New World. The fight for their civilized treatment and freedom began almost immediately. We’ve made some progress in this 400-year-old struggle in America. Blacks are free, are citizens, have the vote, and are afforded equal opportunities like everyone else here.

The black lives matter campaign frays the country’s fabric because this aggressive approach creates an adversarial atmosphere and environment.

Rather than compromise, we have conflict.  

Instead of conversation, we have condemnation.

Inequality, like slavery, existed when civilization began around 4000 BCE. What makes anyone think that a few riots and protests will resolve a problem this old in a few weeks or months. Misunderstanding history underlines the need for reminders and accurate representations of events. At this point in our evolution as a society and as a world power, we should be dealing with more significant issues rather than rehashing the same old shit. SSDC!

Slavery lasted 256 years in America. It is still in full-force in the rest of the world. We’re repeating history rather than learning from it! All we’ve learned from history is that we have learned nothing from history.

It is historically accurate that the first African slave landed in Virginia in 1619, and it marks it as the start of slavery in America. It is not the seminal moment for racism. Racism is a state of mind and has nothing what-so-ever to do with color. Racism comes from distrust and dislike. Racism in America began immediately with the initial landing at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. The Indians saved the invaders from starvation that first winter. These grateful European intruders repaid their hosts with murder, disease, and appropriating their land and property.

Racism is not just about being black. Other races and nationalities receive the same treatment. An interesting difference is that most of them manage to rise above it. They don’t wallow in it. Even the much-maligned American Indians rise above their treatment by the invading European’s. If anyone has an ax to grind, it would be the indigenous people of North America. 

The Black Lives Matters movement seriously erodes our sensitivity and sensibilities. Life is precious, so shouldn’t all life be cherished, and therefore all lives matter? It isn’t about color. It is about our state of mind.

Being assaulted continuously with any issue diminishes the impact and weakens the message. The barrage of racial inequity messages, and especially black lives matter, makes me turn away in disgust. Slogans like “Black is King” and “Black History Month” and ” Right On” and “Black is Beautiful” are racial exploitation. They discount the cause to a cheap advertising cliche’. I find the phrase “what you white people need to understand…” from black celebrities to be racist and insulting. 

If black lives matter, why aren’t blacks tearing down crack houses instead of Confederate statues, and rebuilding their ghettos instead of burning down their neighborhood stores? Why aren’t blacks attacking the endemic problems in their communities rather than shifting blame to the white community?  

Where are the fathers of these predominantly single-parent black families? Children, especially boys, need a male role model. Celebrities may seem like ideal candidates and perfect role models, but even a casual examination of their lives exposes their problems’ enormity. Is this the best example for young people? Is that what we hope our children emulate?  

The self-professed men of God, these spiritual leaders, are the ones instigating these protests and riots. Is this what your religion teaches you? Is this how you perceive your god as angry and vengeful? Whatever happened to Christ’s message of love and peace? Are biblical lessons to be used cafeteria-style, taking what you like and disregarding the rest?  

The Civil War was really about states’ rights and political control of the Southern economic system. The War of Northern Aggression was a clash over a century old. It was about differences in economic interests, cultural values, the power of the federal government to control the states, and slavery. These were the issues; in that order. How quickly we forget and how cleverly we rewrite this history to fit the new plan. History is becoming advertising and propaganda.

We are still fighting this war of Northern Aggression, but the method has changed immeasurably. Media coverage of marches, protests, angry accusations, speeches, and riots replace muskets, squirrel-rifles, canons, and knives. The internet and TV are the new battlefields. Carefully crafted and edited sound bytes replace the bullets and bayonets. Political and religious leaders are the opposing generals.

It’s no longer a matter of who wins because we all lose. The rift between a few Northern and Southern states expands to engulf our entire country along racial lines. It’s all about an attitude and a perception. Racism is real and will never end until we decide that race no longer matters. The more we give it power in our lives, the more significant a weapon it becomes against us. The more we use the racial club, the more it alienates the opponent. A relentless campaign beats you into submission, creating adversaries along the way.

I find it most interesting that this animosity reemerged at the dawning of this coming election cycle. I don’t believe this is coincidental. Is this all really about the plight of the black people, or is there something else going on? The entire performance is too well orchestrated, too well planned, and too well funded.

Anti-American groups like Antifa and 1,000 other hate groups subvert the message to shift attention from black lives matter to their anarchist doctrine. They intend to cripple the existing government and plunge us into chaos. Their belief follows Niche’s teaching that “from chaos comes the new order.”

Will a savior, arise from the political morass? Will he heal all of the racial wounds? Will he deliver the blacks from all this dastardly whiteness? I’ll bet it will come, neatly dressed in the pinnings of modified democracy. You can call it whatever you like. I call it socialism. But the price will be an incremental loss of liberty and freedom in the guise of social restructuring and healing, all by accepting and teaching the newly revised and sanitized version of history.

Will freedom be a measured commodity? It seems the new strategy and proposal will limit freedom for some to increase it for others. These are not rights; they are priveledges. Rights cannot be taken away. Our mutable privileges of liberty and freedom are granted by and controlled by our government.  

My anger and disgust are not personal dislikes for any race. I direct it toward what the black lives movement represents. It is an assault on everything that exists. It is an affront to everything I believe. It attacks the US Consitution by insisting that blacks are more equal and, therefore, more entitled than any other citizens, simply based on color.

I’m not a white-supremacist. I believe in equality for all races and genders. This equality means that I expect like treatment and respect in return. Did you ever consider that you get what you give? Respect is not given; it is earned.

I agree with the premise that there are still areas that need work. But, is creating adversaries the best approach? Do you need to make me your enemy to attain your goals?

I see these horrible and untenable protests and riots being hijacked by anti-American terrorists willing to trade their hatred of this country for any available stage, by blaming this on any convenient group; in this case, the blacks. This a pure power grab by these enemies of our country. 

These white supremacist mercenaries are not how I want my race characterized. I’m confident most blacks feel equal disdain for the African-American thugs looting and rioting.

Their perversion of the black lives matters cause does not lessen my disgust for the ceaseless salvos of racist advertising. The terrorist plans of these enemies are reprehensible. Racism is intolerable, and this anti-Americanism is inexcusable.

Sadly, these groups have the right to their opinions, but they do not have the right to damage property, loot, or riot, or harm anyone.  

Rather than compromise, we have conflict.  

Instead of conversation, we have condemnation.

Peaceful protests give way to acts of violence to punctuate the message.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s, children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”  

Ronald Reagan 40th President of The United States