Free Speech? I’ll Take Two!








He’s a racist and a bigot! So what if he is?

What’s your point, and who appointed you to be the judge and jury?

The Bill of Rights, as its name implies, grants us certain inalienable rights. The archaic word means that they are absolute and irrevocable for all Americans. Being a US Citizen is an important point. For some reason, many Americans’ believe this extends to all countries and their citizens. It does not! It gives us the license to our own opinion, even when that opinion is not fashionable or socially acceptable. It allows me to write these posts and to voice my opinion. So far.

I am amazed at how easily we point an accusing finger at someone to classify them as racist or as a bigot, denying them this freedom. I’m disappointed that so many “Americans” demand their privileges, but conveniently deny that same right to everyone with a different or opposing view.
I don’t take issue with the comments or the classification. My contention is with how easily we arrive at this decision and how glibly.

Are we ready to dispose of the Bill of Rights to condemn someone’s idea or use misquoted comments to force-fit them into our characterizations? Are we prepared to abandon our freedom of speech to allow censure in social media? I think it’s too late. We already have. We demand our rights to the First Amendment but conveniently forget that it extends to all Americans.

We traded our liberty and privacy for security theater. Are we ready to relinquish free speech to the court of political correctness? I see the trend in the various media outlets, especially in not-so-social media. It’s easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet or social posts. You can say anything or damn anyone for anything with impunity. There is no collective conscience that governs us. We spray the world with hate and caustic rhetoric regardless of consequence. How do you rationalize this with your ethos?

I saw this morning on a not-so-social media feed that many cognoscenti label President Trump, a racist. They reference his comments but employ their interpretation and extrapolation of his intent for support. He is guilty in the court of political opinion; a trait that we have adopted zealously.

I keep looking through the Bill of Rights to find the article or amendment that allows us to select the items cafeteria-style taking what we like and discarding the rest when we disagree. If you know where it resides, please send me the link. Either they apply to everyone or no one.

The idea of Free Speech so offended people they began to voice their objections, which is their right. But these demands disallow our right to that freedom. We call it political correctness, but it is social censorship.

Political correctness and social media is the garrote on the first amendment. Social Censorship is here. It’s entrenched in our lives, in our country, in our society.

Free Speech? I’ll take two, please!