America the Beautiful?







(To the tune of “God Save The Queen)
My country tis of thee,
This land of treachery,
From this, we sting.
Where politicians plied,
And native people died,
From every spoken lie,
Let Freedom Ring.

My native country, thee,
Where laws are arbitrary
From this, we sting.
Illegal people stay,
To live the welfare way,
Demanding rights they claim,
Let Freedom Ring!

Where hatred swells the breeze,
The air’s not fit to breath
From this, we sting.
Where greed and profit reign,
And corporate power is king,
Corruption is the game,
Let Freedom Ring!

We’ll trade our liberty for,
For false security,
Heil T S A.
Now, take off your shoes
All metal, purses, and belts, too.
We need to X-ray you.
Let Freedom Ring.

Our way is best you know,
We tell the planet so,
And so, we sing.
Where accusations fly,
Yet no proof’s required,
Democracy’s not even tried,
Let Freedom Ring!

Our country tis of thee,
Once a land of liberty,
For thee, we pray.
Turn from your Liberal ways,
Let judgment and fairness reign,
Where equality for everyone’s our way,
Let our Freedom Ring!