I am ashamed of my own country

I am ashamed of the people of this country. I am ashamed that we have allowed a chasm to split us into camps: That we have fostered this rift by not taking a stand for the middle ground. We are all equally responsible for the destruction of our home, of our society, and of our country.

The recent attack on that young man in Chicago is a symptom of the disease present in many of our communities. The fundamental breakdown in family style values is only part of the social cancer infecting us. We cede our rights to raising our children to caretakers and babysitters and teachers to rear our progeny and true their moral compasses. We abdicate the responsibility, then have the temerity to complain when things go wrong or go from bad to worse as in this Chicago example. We are the cause of this and now we reap the results; children with no respect for anything, especially life.

I just read an accounting on NPR, comments from a community leader who blames the white majority for this attack because after all, we invented and caused racism. Now the attack of these four young adults on another human being is rationalized and sanctioned by community leadership because it was black on white, not white on black. What sickens me is that it happened at all. Very few people have the conviction to speak out publicly against this action. Even fewer are willing to stand for what is obviously right – there were no parents to be found anywhere. Regardless of the value or correct assessment of this as a “Hate Crime” or just a kidnapping and attack… there needs to be some justice for the poor young man who was tortured. We won’t see it. The offenders will be given probation and time off in consideration of time served.

Who is the president of this country? Who was recently elected and validated by Congress as the President-elect? Who will assume this role on January 20th, 2017? Why are we so bent of fighting this decision? It’s because we didn’t get what we wanted so like too many toddlers we throw a tantrum right in the middle of our country’s living room. Age, in this case, is of no consequence. That was proven during the golden globe awards. While I enjoy movies in general, I do not look to the actors for moral guidance, nor do I expect them to actually speak intelligibly unscripted.

The following quote is attributed to Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain but originated in the Bible’s Old Testament.
Proverbs 17:28. Here is the New International Version:
Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.

Basic translation: It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
Why do these people think I care about their views? I reward them financially for their acting ability, not for their wisdom. I don’t care who says what about anyone. What wisdom do they have to share or what is the benefit to me? It is said that opinions are like assholes… Everyone has one and it usually stinks.

Explain the purpose of protesting the Inauguration? Why should anyone care if you decide not to attend or even march against it? The election is over. Congress has named Mr. Trump the 45th President of the United States of America. It’s done. It’s over. But on the day of his inauguration, people protest claiming he will destroy America, while they destroy America.

I am ashamed of my own country.