Please Completely Ignore the National Do Not Call List…

How many of you have foolishly listed your phone number on the National Do Not Call List?  Have you ever filed a complaint?  I can answer yes to both of the questions.  You see I actually fell for the hype that this would somehow magically remove me from the annoying phone calls and daily annoyances of someone lowering my credit card interest rates or the rates on my student loans or letting me book ridiculously low passage on the USS Karma to Bermuda or the Bahamas and other such nonsense.

As for the complaint processing, well…  our brilliant government in order to recover funds for some new pet project like providing Welfare recipients with new I-Phones, eviscerated the FCC – not Franks Candy Company… the Federal Communications Commission.  I think there are ten people left in the entire department.  I tried to be a good citizen and filed about twenty complaints… I never received a response for any of them.

It would seem that since I took this bait, I am inundated with sales calls on my cell phone and my home phone.  Yes… I still have a home phone…  The problem with the complaints is that the numbers these companies use are spoofed or fictitious or fictional or non-working numbers.  There is no way to trace them.  That’s the rub.  The other issue is that you are not exempt from the Infernal Order of Terminated Police Officers or the Cook The spotted Owl Society.  Since these are “Charities” they are exempt.  Oh yes… The political parties are also exempt…

Now, every Nefarious Charity on the planet has my number and believe me… They use it…  I’ll bet I receive ten calls a day on both lines.

I should not be punished because I enjoy the convenience of a telephone.  It would be the same as roving gas peddlers were selling is door-to-door.  It’s bad enough that I still get the solicitors to the door, but the crazy interruptions on the phone are the end.  They have exceeded the limits of my medication.

So what’s the sense? Why even bother?  I just say no thank you and hang up.  I realize the callers are trying to earn a living.  I get that.  They deserve at least a civil response like…  No Thank You…  Besides, I can use the good Karma from a kind word now and then.

So what’s the sense? Why even bother?  Our government has dropped the ball again.  Like in so many other situations, they promise something, and then change their minds.  I guess this is just another in a laundry list of disappointments and broken promises we need to absorb.  It does feed my personal theory about our government…  If they can’t keep these small promises, how can we expect them to keep the big ones?