I’m An Embarrassed American

It’s been a busy week for me with errands and appointments; I had a significant amount of waiting room time. They nice thing about waiting is that there is usually good coffee. The unfortunate thing is CNN. Especially this election shit. I’ve had it… Seriously… I HAVE HAD IT!!! It’s all they cover. The Queen said this about Donald and He said this about her and the Emperor. Oh, by the way, some 15-year-old black kid was killed by police when he pulled a BB gun on them. Now… back to the elections…

I intentionally ignored the shameless pandering during the preliminary combat and contest. Since then, they have officially signed the armistices and selected champions. Now we moved into the real combat. I have tried to distance myself from the lunacy. At least the primaries were an opportunity to hear some ideas from some ‘bright’ people. Some of the ideas were positive and others bordered on socialism. Hey… they might work… Just because Socialism hasn’t worked in any country on the planet, well… it might just work here… right? After all… we’re different!

That’s all in the past, not far enough past for my tastes but in the past. What we face now is the unbelievably adolescent behavior of the two people that claim to want the most powerful position in the world. The really scary part is that they hired people to continue the fight for them. These alternates in the combat arena fight the good fight when the Champion is otherwise engaged.

Is it too much to ask that they show some decorum and some decency? Would it be too much to ask for them to show some professionalism and leadership? How about not engaging in this adolescent behavior as a good start?

I expect a president to lead the country by example. The Emperor Obama showed his support for the Islamic Fundamentalists by laying out the Red, White, and Blue carpet replete with the keys to the Kingdom for tens of thousands of refugees. They now have comfortable homes, jobs, money, cars, education, and special status as the Emperor’s special sharia guests in the land of Golden Streets all bought and paid for by your middle class; and a $20 Trillion Deficit. He opened the door for the continued Islamization of America. Welcome to USA 2.0 or your son’s name will be Mohammed and your daughter will NOT go to school. Not only has he set the equal opportunity back a hundred years, he’s opened the door to stone age religious fundamentalism.

Interestingly, his special guests have the balls to complain that their new homes are not good enough. Compared to the mud-hut shit hole they left, they should be thanking Allah that someone saved them but no… They want more. Reference that asshole with 10 kids from Somalia that sued us for more free stuff for his ever increasing family.

Let’s not forget the students from the Middle East that have suites against us for not teaching Islamic classes or adhering to Halal in food preparation. They came here for an American Education but want us to teach it in an Islamic format according to the Koran. What really pisses me off is that we are actually considering it. We are actually clogging our court system with this inane bullshit.

OK… they have the right as US Citizens to use the court system, but not while here on a student visa or while in refugee status. Once you become a citizen the full litany of American rights will be yours… NOT as a guest in this country. These new squatters are the guest that will NEVER leave… and become a burden on our society. Thank you, Emperor Obama.
So that brings me back to my embarrassment with the two morons – sorry I don’t mean to belittle morons – that are running for president. The combat is foolish and certainly creating a laughable stir in the rest of the world. These two idiots are locked in a battle about birth records and if the Emperor is wearing cloths. They call each other names and get into the he said and she said arguments. This is school yard – sand box – grade school antics and certainly not worthy of presidential combatants. Worse yet are the millions willing to battle in the street for their champion. What the Fuck is going on here? This takes electioneering to a new sub-human and simian level. Hey… I win… my constituents beat up your constituents…
When do we get to how to fix our economy? When will we discuss how to repay the $2.6 Trillion congress stole from Social Security? When will we discuss the miserable excuse for leadership in congress? When will we address the racial issues in this country? When will we actually honor a contract with the Indigenous Natives of this country? When are we going to stop referring to each other using a racial preface and country of origin? When do we address the issues? Oh, wait… maybe birth records and insults are the issue. Maybe there is no platform or political agenda. Maybe it is all about calling each other names and begging for more money to run attack ads on TV. Keep telling me that this was once a great country and you have the answer to return us to greatness.

Promise me that if your favorite doesn’t win, you’ll leave the country. If that is really your intent, don’t wait for the election. You’ll be disappointed by the outcome. Leave now. Did you ever wonder why there are millions of people on this planet that want to move HERE? Because compared to where they live this is the Promised Land. By the way… who would have you?

This is Millennial Politics. This is what I have to look forward to for another 4 or 8 years; anger, rhetoric, finger pointing, blame, trite sayings, clichés, racial slurs, bigotry, and no accomplishments… except maybe fixing it for your pals and donors to get fat on the backs of the middle class: More people on welfare and fewer people to pay for it.

This is what we’ve become. This is our idea of supporting the electoral process. This is how we want our children to behave. This is our shining example to the rest of the world. While we’re arguing about he said she said, the Islamic Fundamentalists are walking through an open gate, setting up shop and planning their takeover of America. We’re letting them take over; just like we let the government’s takeover 15 years ago after September 11th, 2001. We practiced our capitulation in the Middle East a few years ago. Now perfected, it’s ready for the American shores.

My, how far we’ve come in 15 years.

Ed note: I did not capitalize several common agencies and words intentionally. Capitalization shows respect. I have lost my respect for these agencies and the words that describe them. I believe and in my opinion, they do not warrant capitalization.