Free Speech – – WTFO?

It appears that an opinion will now get you fired. Yes, boys and girls… having and sharing your opinion will get you fired! A woman in Ann Arbor Michigan tweeted: “FLOTUS beautiful??? Seriously she is an ugly black bitch,” Ms. Greenwood tweeted. The pandering putz she works for caved under pressure from the twitter-sphere and fired her for her “racist” comment.

Help me out here… please help me understand the racist part of this comment. Was using the word “Black” the racist part? How about using a canine term “Bitch” to describe the wife of the President? Maybe it was “FLOTUS?” Oh… it must have been “Ugly!” Sorry folks… I don’t see it. I cannot find the racist part of this comment. HOWEVER… it is NOW racist to say anything against the black community. That’s right… if a White person expresses any negative opinion about a Black person… it is now racist. I guess this is a perfectly natural progression from the ‘misogynist’ moniker gives to men for disparaging remarks toward women. How fucked up is that?

If I say that Barack Obama is the worst president in my memory… I am a racist. Really? Where did I make any ethnically disparaging remark? Where is the slur? Where is the reference to anything except his presidency? Well, there isn’t but, because it is known that Barack Obama is Black (partially) and it is expected that I am aware of this fact. I am guilty of being racist. OK. Using the currently accepted guidelines for racism as the test… I am a racist and so is every white person in this country.

Using this test as the example if you have ever disagreed with a black person and voice that opinion to anyone; you are a racist. Even if you only thought it and never said a word; YOU can consider yourself a racist. We might as well all download the KKK application forms from the internet and sign up today, because if I am a racist, I want to be the very best mother fucking racist possible. I want to start wearing my robe and hood to work so everyone will know that I am a racist. I’m getting a KKK & Swastika Tattoo… Actually, it’s not really necessary at all. After all, I am White, therefore guilty by association. I AM A RACIST!!! At least I’m a racist by the new definition. I don’t think I’m a racist. I don’t think like a racist? I’m not predisposed toward thinking or making racially disparaging remarks. But… I’m White – therefore a racist.

What if I support the president, which I don’t, but let’s say that I do… I’m still White – am I stall a racist? What if I married a woman of color – which I did, am I still a racist? What if we adopted some children of color, are we still racists? What if my close friends are people of color and we interact daily, am I still a racist? What if we go to dinner and I want to order catfish and they order salmon, am I still racist? Can you see how absolutely and mind-numbingly stupid this is? How totally absurd this is? Yet the Democrats and others totally devoid of independent thought support the dismissal of this woman. Her boss fired her for her opinion against the president’s wife, and all in order to pander to the anonymous twitter-sphere hate mongers. If this is really what you believe… I mean really believe, show yourselves. Stand up and be counted! Let’s start a national list of people against free speech.

Whatever happened to Free Speech? Or is it only free when it agrees with the approved agenda?
The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

Let’s take this a step at a time.
Freedom of Religion… So far we can still choose which god we pray to and how we chose to worship that god. However, we are quickly approaching the homogenization of Politics and Christianity wherein you win the Vote because Jesus is in your heart and on your side. Pretending to follow the strenuous tenets of the Bible gives you power with your constituents; At least as far as they can see. However, when you’re in your office it’s another situation altogether. God can’t see through a closed door.

Freedom of Speech… this is where I have a real problem. My idea of freedom does not include Political Correctness (PC). If I want to say fuck – I do. Out Loud. If I think you are an arrogant asshole, I have the right to tell you so. If I think that something is wrong – like firing a person for an opinion… Well, you’re reading this… The caveat is that I take responsibility for my comments and my thoughts and for my actions, too.

Freedom of the Press… is really in full vigor. They can and do say as they please and with total impunity. As it should be, but taking responsibility for misleading and erroneous information, well that’s another story. They are even protected from using their position to promote the master’s agenda.

Peaceable Assembly… is another interesting right that is frequently and conveniently circumvented. Most states require permits to assemble and often cite and prosecute those that fail to obtain these permits under the “Unlawful Assembly” laws.
Freedom, Oh Freedom… where art thou Freedom… We traded you for security, political correctness, and the New American way.

OK, America… It’s time to grow a spine (I was going to say ‘grow a pair’ but that’s sexist and certainly not PC. So now I’m a misogynist and racist. Maybe by the end of this I can be labeled a Heretic, too.) Stop all this divisive bullshit and get on with the program of fixing what’s wrong with America. This president has done more to disrupt the balance of this country than any other president in history. We have people of color now claiming that a few incidents where the police have killed possible perpetrators while in pursuit, as a war against the blacks. Black Lives Matter is the slogan and it is bullshit. Absolute BULLSHIT! All Lives Matter. At least they do in this country. Well, they used too.

We have military veterans living on the streets and we import political refugees from every dirt poor, shit-hole country on the planet – professed Muslims that HATE the US, many who have vowed to kill all infidels. We give them homes, jobs, support money and our help turning their new neighborhoods into little pieces of the shit-hole they just left. Several students – refugees – are now suing the government for substandard education… They are suing our government, the government that probably saved their lives by extracting them for an unfriendly country where the local regime wanted them dead. This is how you show their appreciation?

Under King BO’s leadership, we have returned to the 1960’s when racial divisions were well defined and violently overtly supported in some areas of this country. We’ve made ethnicity a factor in national elections with the coronation of King BO and Queen FLOTUS, who call the tune and set the racial tone for the country. We have gone backward in our efforts to bridge the chasm that divided us for too long. Every time there is an arrest, it’s racially motivated. The Black Community leadership makes sure that it’s interpreted that way in the media.

We have huge tasks before us folks but our main focus is that some cop that popped a criminal avoiding arrest. Was the Officer right or wrong? We don’t know because we weren’t there. We have no respect. We have no respect for authority, even if it is a bit heavy-handed sometimes, and we have no respect for each other. Our social media surfaces interesting examples of this daily. Some young punk punches an old vagrant in the head – from behind – while his homies laughingly record it, later posting it on the internet as a badge of honor. WTFO? Some young asshole with no respect for anyone baits a cop into a fight while her homies record it and it becomes a viral outrage on social media. We feel free and justified posting anonymous comments on these social media sites for all our cronies to read and feed and post their approval for our stand. Guess what anonymous geeks and post-whizzes everywhere… Da Man knows who you is…

We are so quick to judge and slow to forgive. We can take a media tidbit and turn it into a social media rage – you call it going viral – with little concern for the reality or context of the situation. It is as though we were standing there when it happened. We act as if we had all the pertinent information and were justified in making our own assessment of the facts. I think that we should enter an Olympic “Jumping to Conclusions” team for the 2020 games. We’d win hands down! And the Gold Medal for “Conclusion Jumping” got to the US Team. We accept the word of the ‘Expert De Jure’ and comment away as if there were godly corroboration and biblical reference rather than innuendo and hearsay, and lest we forget the carefully selected and misconstrued sound-bite taken completely out of context. Abraham Lincoln said… “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet…”

I am truly disappointed with this current administration. Not only is King BO doing as he pleases regardless of governmental process, he has destroyed what progress Dr. M. L. King made to mend ethnic division. Every time he addresses us it has an ethnic tone. His wife has her own ax to grind and uses the pulpit to further her black agenda – not the American agenda. By giving obvious attention to a single ethnic community we empower them and denigrate the rest. By creating these racial divisions, they foster the growing enmity between us and distract the public from the back-door and under-the-table dealings in our government. He has eviscerated and emasculated both houses of Congress by ignoring their involvement in our governmental process. They are totally ineffective. So they spend their time voting themselves raises and better exclusive health care programs. Yes, I have a theory about why this racial divisiveness continues and it has high-level government sponsorship.

Boys and girls, they want unrest in this country. They want us distracted. They don’t want us to know what’s really happening. As long as we continue to fight among ourselves, we are distracted from the business of government and they can do as they please. Sure there are a few watchdogs ready to wave the foul flag. Yes, there are a few people that follow these watchdogs with intensity and interest. Most people call them kooks while glued to TV Media News/Entertainment channels lapping up the biased pablum they spew. They feed us partial facts wrapped in sound-bites as news and we believe every moronic premise because if it comes for the big news channels – it must be true. Remember, they have their rights to the First Amendment, too.

Stop thinking like White Americans or Black Americans or African Americans or Chinese Americans or Japanese Americans or Hindu Americans or Jamaican Americans or Irish or English or German or French or Italian or Russian or enter your country here… Americans and remember “We are all Americans” – We all love this country. It is still the greatest country on earth. We can be even greater if we stop listening to the people that would divide us and recognize that we are FIRST and FOREMOST AMERICAN!

As always this is my opinion. I own it and I will stand by it.