What Choice?

It seems like this all started years ago. I know it was sometime in 2015 that the lines were drawn and the combatants declared their intents to battle for the most powerful position in the world. I think I can remember a time when the bullshit started the year of the actual election, not a year before, but then the marketing engine in this country works that way with holidays… I mean, Christmas decorations are in the store at Halloween and Thanksgiving sales start at Easter… So why not start beating the public senseless with the political clap-trap a year early?

I don’t want to pound on the two main combatants… they are doing a marvelous job without my help. What bothers me is the media’s intentional misdirection away from the other players for the presidency. There are several hundred to be sure, everyone from the American Nazi party to the Bolshevik’s, and Muslims with a favorite son or daughter who wants this job. All of whom have the right idea for America and will transform this completely fucked up mess into the Garden of Eden. They all have a plan.

Did you have a choice in the pre-primary process to select Her Highness Hilly or His Majesty Donny as the main players in this passionate engagement? It sure feels like we were told who the favorites are and who we will be voting for in the November popularity contest. I don’t recall any mention of alternative combatants from parties other than the Democrats of Republicans. I had to find the independent and other players for myself. Thank god for the internet and other totally accurate and unbiased sources of information. Where would we be without this honest reinterpretation of reality? Yes, that was intended to be a totally sarcastic comment. Even Abraham Lincoln said that you can’t trust everything you read on the internet.

Truth be told, we don’t actually elect anyone. That is done by the Electoral College: a carefully selected team of Lemmings that follow orders in regimental fashion to post the president despite the popular vote. It’s happened in a past couple of the most recent High Office selections and will continue to happen because the real choice is too complex for us mortals. So we’re given the illusion of choice to placate us and to make us feel like we participate. The Electoral College knows best… And so far they have done a stellar job with their selections; haven’t they. A brief recap shows that we now have a $20 TRILLION deficit, more foreign nationals headed for a free ride in this country, problems between the races that were either hidden since the 70’s or completely resolved since then. We’re at war in twenty countries. We are the FREE police force for the world! We have more people living on the streets and starving in this country than ever before, and burgeoning welfare rolls. We pay homage to indigent political refugees and ignore our own homeless and unemployed; especially our veterans. Yes… I’d say we’re doing a fine job with this two party system under the direction of the Electoral College… Yes, a fine job indeed.

Ask yourself… What is there about the Presidency of the United States that would make the investment of a projected $5 BILLION worth it? The job only pays $400,000 a year! What in the world is there about these combatants that make people lose their minds on social media sites? Why would you abandon personal friendships to support someone they don’t know? Why would you engage in violent protests for these two combatants? Oh, you do know Hilly and Donny? Do you really? Or do you know the carefully crafted personae their teams create to make them ‘your’ candidate? Do you really know what they think or what they really say off camera? Do you think you know their motivations to seek the most powerful post in the world and to expose themselves to the guarded scrutiny of the biased media eye? Do you know who they pay-off to make headway? Do you know the reality of their hidden agendas? Do you really know what they plan to do to our country? You are giving them an enormous amount of trust. Despite the noise and accusations against each, the evidence is certainly damning if you trust the source. Neither of them is what I would consider a person of integrity, yet we will stand on either side of a line and forcefully defend them regardless of the truth.

These two people are asking you to trust their intentions to manage this country for the next four years. You have a responsibility to this country to select that person who will faithfully and honestly discharge the job of President for all of us… I think we need a few more choices… I think we need to broaden the search and be a bit more strident about the selection criteria. I think we need to abandon this antiquated two party system in favor of a more open and representative process. I think we need to be more introspective and retrospective rather than narcissistic. We’ve lost track of Our Country and are engaged in the ‘Selfie’ of the moment…

That’s the illusion of choice and the deceit of the game. The advertising moment is to get elected at any cost and ignore the public… after all; your allegiance is to those that spent the $5,000,000,000.00 on your campaign. (In order of contribution amount, of course.)