SCAM Alert: 757-952-0789

I received a call yesterday afternoon from a person claiming to be from the Treasury Department.  This woman had a very thick Indian accent – the phone quality indicated this was an off-shore call.  She told me that there was a warrant issued for fraudulent tax activities from 2011.  I owed several thousand dollars and it must be paid immediately.

When I questioned her about warnings and written notices, she claimed that an attempt was made to deliver the notice to my home address, but no one was home.  She could not or would not state the date this occurred.  They did not leave the notice because of the sensitive nature of the contents.

She kept accusing me of fraud against the government and how I would be jailed for a minimum of 30 days minimum and that I must pay these funds immediately.

I asked to speak with the floor supervisor – who happened to be conveniently busy.  I asked her locations – which was Virginia as she stated.

She knew my name, address, phone numbers…  (Yes she had my home and cell numbers) and too much detail.  It made me VERY uncomfortable.

I terminated the call when I could tell this was indeed a scam…  The next few steps really piss me off…

I immediately called the US Attorney General’s Office in Phoenix to register a formal complaint.  They told me it was not their problem – and suggested that I call the IRS.

I called the IRS, who told me this is not their problem that I contact the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and register a formal complaint.  I’ve been down this road before.  I have registered several complaints and never received a response from them.

I called my accountant – who assured me that this was a scam and gave me this website to verify the phone number…  the phone number comes up multiple times with complaints about this very activity.

Be careful – there are predators out there looking to create enough Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) to have you react instead of think and respond.

The sad part is that our government, the people that are supposed to protect us, are not interested in arresting this problem.  Their lack of actions makes them complicit in my book.