Déjà Vu… All Over Again

Well, folks, we’ve done it again. We’ve found more shit to distract us from our useful course, that of fixing this country. We are further dividing alone stupid fucking lines about nonsense. These things were put to rest decades ago, yet some moronic community leaders, aided by the media, resurrects them and create another shit-storm in our country. We have more riots, flag desecrations, verbal challenges, issues with free speech, killings, and more racial tension. AND… Of Course… It’s all someone else’s fault.

Here’s my opinion!

The demonstrations and riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, and elsewhere are bullshit. Misstated and misinterpreted information from the media and community leaders spins the locals into a frenzy. People were injured, property damaged and lives destroyed. Why? Because the police mishandled a suspect? So rather than demanding a thorough investigation or an attempt to fix the police, they riot, burning down their own neighborhoods. Depriving themselves of the basic necessities like liquor and convenience items. These racist acts of violence against non-black owners solidified the community as hateful. Were these hate crimes? It sure seemed like it to me. You don’t lovingly burn out a business because you like them. Our government wants to preserve the peace, so it’s OK to loot and plunder during a riot. Here’s what it did in the American consciousness… It further split racial groups. It drove the wedge deeper into the rift and split the side further apart. It provided fuel for the raging fire of separatism and apartheid growing in America. It gave a few community leaders a pulpit from which to spew more vitriol in support of their racial hatred and apartheid.

Even President Obama is resurrecting Slavery and Jim Crow as reasons – rationale – excusing the riots. What? This community (read racial segment) is constantly reminded of how underprivileged, mistreated, downtrodden, slurred, and marginalized they are. Who would do such a thing? Their own leaders… the people they look to for guidance, comfort, and direction. When things explode these leeches come out of the backrooms to fan the fire and pontificate about how right they are. They stand proudly in the foreground and further misrepresent the facts to suit their purposes. They are at least partially responsible for these community problems. The damage goes so deep that their constituents cannot see and will not admit being mislead. “Why would they lie to us…” It’s about power. The power to calm and the power to incite. The power of control! Open your eyes and recognize who is leading you to your own destruction. Listen to the rhetoric and hear the message of anger and hatred intended to further divide us.

A mother became a folk hero for chastising her son publically (on camera) for attending the ‘demonstration.’ Where was she before this all began? What outstanding lessons was she teaching her children that caused them to take to the streets and join the festivities? Did anyone but me wonder how her son, dressed as a thug in all black replete with his hoodie, was there to just watch? As they say down south… That Dog Don’t Hunt…

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Our police have too much power and not enough community / civilian supervision. Are we on the verge of a police state. Some people think so, and guess what… that number follows along racial lines. America already has highest population, 2.3 M prisoners. This is the second highest percentage of population imprisoned; 46% for drug-related reasons. Of those in prison, 4.7% are Black, 1.8% are Hispanic, 0.7% are White for a total of 1.4% of our population. Is there a problem here?

Freedom of Speech in America. How many times will we revisit this topic? Probably another thousand or so I guess..

We are governed by laws and those laws are guided by The Constitution of the United States. Free Speech is one of our most fundamental and certainly most contested guarantees. “The right to speak without censorship or restraint by the government.Freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.” There are a few caveats, but generally this is our right to express ourselves without fear of oppression by the Government. The desecration of the American Flag is one of those areas covered by free speech. It’s frightening to think that our country is one of a precious few that allows this. Here is some interesting reading about it. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_desecration )

Opinions about this are contentious at best often resulting in physical demonstrations for and against. Most recently there have been too many incidents of desecration for my tastes and all by Americans. It is easier for me to accept a foreign national in his/her country desecrating the American Flag, but it really hurts me when I see an America Citizen doing it. I find in VERY offensive. As one recent post said it.. “they don’t seem to mind the US Flag on their EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) Cards…” I personally find it shameful to “piss” on the country that supports you. I served proudly in the US Military and learned about sacrifices first hand. I have friends that came home to a hero’s honor in a flag draped box. When you desecrate our flag you desecrate that one, too. I am also a realist and recognize that there are people who will do anything for attention and flag desecration is a good one. It incites patriots and calls attention to some piss-poor cause. There are several people who have issued challenges to flag desecrators. I seriously hope no one is foolish enough to accept these challenges. I must also admit that your right to disrespect our flag is guaranteed By the First Amendment to the Constitution… I am bound by honor and my oath to defend this flag… Enough said.

As for Islamic Fundamentalists and Free Speech… You assholes are lucky that we protect you from the army of dissenters rapidly building against you. You are in OUR country. Fortunately, you are protected by our police and not subjected to the same xenophobic and religious fundamental treatment common in your country. Maybe if we would resort to the same barbaric acts that you use, we could have public beheadings on Fox Entertainment. I’m not suggesting that we resort to this – although Fox would love the ratings. My point here is that we are much more tolerant than any of their home countries, even to extending our Constitutional protection to the visitors.

The shootings in Texas point out a couple of things. First, we do support the First Amendment. There was a convention for Mohammad Cartoonists. They got together to draw pictures of the holy prophet. Second, the two morons (Islamic Fundamentalists) with the automatic weapons, hit a security guard in the leg. That’s it. Nice shootin’ pardners… A Garland, Texas Police Offices (off duty) shot and killed both of these boobs. The encounter lasted about 15 seconds.

America has problems – there is no denying that. We have fractured everything and everywhere. We are more contentious than we need to be, yet we keep dredging up more shit to heap on the pile. We need people with solutions, not people to create more problems in our communities. The more of this shit we pile on the less we’ll fix. The more divided we are the better our Government likes it. We’ve predictable when we separated and completely unpredictable if we stand together. It easier to control small groups than to control one large dedicated and focused population. Think about that…

I firmly believe the solution is education, not just the rudimentary stuff, but real education with emphasis on US History, Civics / Politics and critical thinking. I’ve written about this before and I am still convinced that the only way to stop our racist slide is to educate our children and their parents. The other basic we must embrace is personal responsibility. Without this, we are doomed.

We can already see the impact the entitled have on America. They are convinced that we owe it to them because their ancestors were slaves, or oppressed, or immigrants, or Native American Indians, or whatever… Get Over It. That’s History. It is imperative to be mindful of the past, but not to relive it daily. It’s time to move forward. We are mired in the past. Every word pushed by the media secures us to it. Even his holiness President Obama is pushing the racial agenda with comments about slavery and Jim Crow laws. Will there ever be an end to this?

Martin Luther King, Jr said… “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” His message was about leaving the past and creating a new world of equity and equality. Why do the people that revere his efforts keep pushing to keep us mired in history?

You are free to choose here, but along with that choice comes responsibility for it. You can do what pleases you, but there are consequences for your choices and actions. If you’re not happy here, you are free to leave. You don’t have to stay here and accept money for not working, creating children, doing drugs, or gaming the system. England and France have plenty of room for you, and you can disrespect our flag and theirs, and we don’t have to watch.

If you’re a student here on Visa, learn how to act like a guest in our home. I don’t come to your shit-hole country and disrespect your government, your flag or your way of life publically, why do you feel free to do it here? Yes, I love this country. That’s why I live here. I admit we’re not perfect, but I am willing to fix our problems. I certainly don’t need you making more of them. You, on the other hand, are free to leave. I know many, many people that will help you pack.