Déjà Vu All over again…

I’m Angry!!! God Damn It, I’m Angry!!! Two years ago we entered a black hole in this country. It sucked us in and spit us out the other side in a reality far, far away. We created this singularity through frivolous spending, waste, and by supporting people that refused to work. It grew from the boneheaded ideas foist upon us by leaders in Washington DC who are far removed from our reality and who continue to pass laws that hurt rather than help; all in an effort to crush the middle class. They created a generation of “Takers” to support their feeble and miserable campaigns. Most of them including the President run on the Welfare Ticket. They wouldn’t balance the budget so they raised the amount of debt they can create to $16,000,000,000,000.00.


Here we are two years later and in worse shape than before. No one in our leadership has learned from these past foul ups. No one has learned from our recent history. Maybe they have learned a thing or two. Maybe they’ve figured out just how stupid and complacent we really are and to prove it not one of them has done anything to prevent or even attempt to avoid this disaster and just like before they align alone partisan lines and fuck the country for personal gain. Finger pointing, name calling, pomposity, bombastic speeches, and rhetoric are the tools these miscreants use to support their positions for and against a program called the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) and the other party. Regardless of your stance there is no reason to hold up an entire country because you don’t like it. AND.. instead of actually finding a way to pay off our debt, increasing the limit to support more malfeasance. The new policy in Washington DC is… “I’ve got mine – Fuck You !”

Each and every one of us is responsible for this horrible disaster. We keep reelecting these assholes. We keep putting the same self-absorbed people in power and allow them free reign in our affairs. We support our jet setting, vacationing Prez and his cronies willingly and openly. He leads and we follow blindly. He speaks and we nod approvingly without thinking through the consequences.

Are there any guesses on the new debt ceiling? Will it be $25 Trillion or maybe $30 Trillion to give us more room to misspend? Do you realize that we can barely make the interest payments on this debt and not even touch the principle amount? So far this year we’ve spent $395,845,239,236.39 in interest alone. That’s $40 BILLION a month in interest. That would be the same as me sending in just the interest payments on my mortgage and never paying on the original amount. Remember the interest only mortgage that allowed you to purchase a very expensive home and make just the interest payments? Several thousand people tried this with home mortgages. Almost every one of those homes went into foreclosure. That’s right people lost them to the banks… The same banks that created the idea of “Interest Only Mortgages.” Go Figure!

The problem is that you never pay it off and in fact your debt continues to grow. What financial genius came up with this policy? The same geniuses that created the Housing Bubble and demise of Investment Banking. These same people that cost the American public Billions of dollars in saving and equity are the people advising the President how to manage our financial affairs. Jesus Christ… Who put them in these positions of power? Barack Husain Obama!

That’s not bad enough… Our Elected representatives are now fighting about who has the power to stop the government. They are battling over the budget that neither side will balance and neither side takes responsibility for fucking up. Both side created the problem and each side blame the other for the mess.
I want to personally thank the Welfare State Obama supports for these reelections. What will you takers do when the government goes broke? There aren’t any jobs for people that sit on their asses and collect money. Where will you all be when the middle class collapses under the weight of your needs? Where will you be when there is no one paying taxes to support you lazy bastards? Isn’t it time we all start thinking about the future of our country? Stop putting the ignorant and self-serving people into office. Stop reelecting the same people that create the problems. Start looking for real solutions to these situation. Become part of the solution or sit on your fat ass and collect your welfare check until there is nothing left to collect. Detroit is an excellent object lesson.

I also want to personally thank those of you that vote blindly along party lines. You lack of thought places these self-serving, self-absorbed, fiscally ignorant people in office. Your alignment with your party of choice creates these disasters. It’s easy to punch the ticket for Democrat or Republican and be done with it not thinking that these Party Sponsored candidates are the ones that put us in this position in the first place and who have absolutely no intention of fixing the problem. Their main interest is self promotion for personal gain!
Attendance and Voting statistics exist on line in the Congressional Record. All you have to do is look it up. It will tell you what your representative voted for and against, and how often they actually we in sessions. I know that’s too much work. It would mean that you might miss the football game or “Real Wives of Salt Lake City” or your favorite reality show, “Prawn Stars of Teaneck, NJ.” So sit tight and let the government take care of you… They certainly will, you know.

“We cannot use the same level of thinking to solve the problems that we used to create them.” Albert Einstein.

If you are not part of the solution your are the problem.

That’s my opinion!