Rampant Racism

Alive and Well in America… and in a city where you live!

A man named George Zimmerman killed a man named Trayvon Martin. Their ethnicities are mildly important. George is Mexican and Trayvon is African: Both are Americans. This is really important so remember this fact. They are both American.

We all know the story and regardless of where you stand on the trial or the fact that our legal system seems broken. This legal system is what we have and we cannot change it right now. We have a better system than most countries; regardless, sides are chosen and stands are taken. The past few days have seen protests of all sorts, a few more violent than others, all because of a racial undertone colored in by the media. They turned this into a circus of sorts telling everyone that this is a racially charged situation. Well, it is now! Don’t they do a great job at redirecting our attention from the facts?

The indigenous people came to this country long before the Euro-trash invaded it and brought civilizations, Christianity, and smallpox to an already civilized and deeply spiritual place. These indigenous held it in reverence. They had their own laws and order. There were wars and battles over hunting rights and living space. It was certainly no different than Europe at that time. They were living a life connected to the land. A land that they held in high regard. It was sacred to them. The dwellers in this place were happy and content to live as they saw fit and proper. They took what they needed and enjoyed a prosperity still unmatched today. The Spanish were looking for a short route to the Eastern countries just to satisfy the greed and avarice that permeates their culture. They wanted more spices and more produce from the East to sell at home to make more money: all to feed that greed.

These indigenous people had no idea that they were about to lose everything including their lives. The conquerors brought diseases and their greed to a place that had no defense against it. These moderately peaceful people were astonished by this wanton rape of their land. The Conquistadors heard rumors of gold in the Southwest. Their greed was most powerful, but obscured by their rationalization of civilizing and converting these heathens, saving their souls by bringing Spanish religion and other diseases.

A few decades later the new owners of this stolen land decided that the work to arduous and taxing for their civilized European lives, so they starting looking for someone to perform this hard labor cheap. The Dutch stepped in and sold them stolen lives from Africa. The part the current Americans chose to ignore is that these slaves were captured and sold to the Dutch and other slavers by their own people. Yep… That’s right… Africans captured and sold their own people into slavery. The more powerful tribes would raid the weaker villages and sell their own people into bondage. I still don’t know why this isn’t taught in schools. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t fit the myth that White Europeans were to blame. I don’t really care why we ignore this uncomfortable truth. We choose too.

Today Americans that are black are protesting the fact that our current legal system decided the facts were in white Mr. Zimmerman’s favor and acquitted him of the charges. His life will never be the same. He is marked by the black population as a racist murderer. The other side celebrates the fact that this legal system found him innocent. I am not going into my thoughts about this trial or who did what to whom. I wasn’t there when it happened and all the hoopla about it has clouded the issues. What is important is the rampant racism that it exposed.

1. belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Now tell me that what we see today is not the definition of racism. Blacks hate the Whites because this country’s legal system didn’t agree with their racist belief that George was guilty for killing a Black man. None of them was there. None of them have super powers that allow them to see through the media bullshit and extract the truth. None of the Mexicans or other races have these powers. No one does! Our legal system is not about what is right. It is about twisting the laws to fit the disclosed facts and convince a jury that this is the correct way to interpret them. Who’s right and who’s wrong? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that both sides in this new contest are showing – no proving their racism. This is no longer about a murder or self defense. It is about the color of the two people involved. Even though George is Mexican, he has a White “German” last name so he is guilty of being White by association. There was never any doubt about Trayvon’s ethnicity… with a name like that he must be black. So now the competing sides are chosen and the race war begins… and will continue.

Every Black leader has already weighed in with their ethnocentric biased view. The White population, not to be outdone, have taken the opposite stance against the Black position. George is guilty because he’s White and Trayvon is innocent because he’s black and visa versa. It is RACISM! The belief that because of one’s color you are right, better, smarter, more powerful, etc. It’s racism.

The blame lays clearly with the leadership on both sides and with the media. Certainly more so with the media for starting this divisive disaster in the first place. Did is really matter the races of the people involved? Was this a hate crime? We were lead to believe so. We were lead to believe that George was driven by his passionate hatred and fear of Black. That’s the way is must be… All Whites hate and fear Blacks. All Blacks hate and fear the Whites. That’s the natural order… Isn’t it? One group capitalizes on the other’s fears. One held slaves and the other wants retribution. One sees the other as no good lay-abouts and sees them as inferior. Leaders on both sides want revenge for centuries of oppression and reverse discrimination laws that favor the other side. They want what’s right for their side. What else is this if it’s not racism.

If you’re not on either side you are in the middle. Sure there are sellout Whites that sympathize with the Blacks and there are Uncle Tom’s that think Whitey has a point. It’s still racism. How will this end? Some moron on either side will make a remark or shove someone and that will start the 2013 riots. Personally, I don’t care who did what to whom and why. It’s enough that a man is dead and another man’s life is ruined.

What’s at stake are our continued racist views. We can’t let go of them. They define us. The keep us culturally divided. They are what is needed to mask the reality that we live in an unfair society. Our legal system is broken. We pay too much tax to support too many nonproductive people. We have national leaders that care more about getting more of what we have than making things equitable for everyone. They want what you have and they won’t stop until they have it. So keep fighting about who’s right because of color or sex or life choice. Keep throwing stones at anyone that’s not your religion or that prays to soup cans and not your gods. Keep letting the media tell you what to think based on some rich old bastard’s agenda. Keep taking that check because the rich White guy owes it to you. Keep hating people because their color doesn’t match your sofa. These are great reasons to continue this rampant racism… Aren’t they? They make as much sense as fighting over why a man lays dead and the other man’s life is ruined. A man’s life is ruined and a man is dead. Isn’t that enough?

We are Americans. This was a once great society with plenty for anyone willing to work hard. We are now a third world country of takers and not makers. We would rather vote for the gangsters that promise us stuff and keep us amused with reality TV. We trade our freedom for feigned security. We would rather grope a granny than admit that our foreign policies are shit. We would rather allow the NSA to intercept and catalog our calls and email than to stand up for our right to free speech. We would rather vilify a groups of Middle Easterners that don’t want our style of government, and drill our own oil. We would rather fight among ourselves than turn on the government that created this problem in the first place.

Lives lay in ruin and people die for causes that benefit someone who will not fight but who will direct our lives by remote control. It is still racism.