An eye for an eye…

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Mahatma Gandhi

Think about the recent flap about racism in America. Someone claims that Ms. Paula Deen made inappropriate racial remarks and suggested that black men dress in Civil War serving attire for a wedding. They were to be waiters. Did this really harm anyone? What’s the point? Her business and her life as she knew it are now in ruins all because of an accusation.

Ms. Deen admits to having used the “N” word. Just in case you don’t know which “N” word: it’s nigger. I wonder how many of us have used this word? I know I have… There, now according to the new definition of racist – I am one. Interestingly, I am not racist. I have many friends of color – many colors. I see them as people not objects. My wife is a woman of color… She’s Hispanic. I don’t believe that using any word defines a person: It has to do with intend. Even then, there is nothing obvious that brands a person outwardly. You must look at their heart.

I have been to the south. I grew up there. I remember the days when there was intentional segregation. People of color were considered unworthy of the privileges granted to the majority white population. These people were slaves. Just in case you are unfamiliar with this concept it implies ownership. Did you know that there is still slavery practiced openly all over the world. It is even condoned in a few archaic religious texts. YES! Some barbaric and prehistoric religions condone slavery. It’s unfortunate but true. Many people seek to elevate themselves by lowering those around them. It continues today, but not just along racial lines. It flows liberally along financial and governmental lines as well.

I was very fortunate because I grew up in the Marine Corp. My father is a career Marine. He was a drill instructor. I was lucky enough to grow up around many people of color and was taught that there is NO difference indicated by skin color. It has to do with a person’s heart and soul. I can’t tell you how proud I am that I was afforded this luxury growing up. The greatest thing is that I still remember this today. In fact I celebrate my father and mother for these lessons.

Do you think that you are equal in the governments view? Are you and I accorded the same privilege as those that make our laws? Are you and I afforded equal treatment in housing, our when buying a car? Certainly not. We are classified by our credit rating. We are subjected to prejudicial lending based on a number. We are judged! Isn’t that what prejudice is? Judgment!

Now Ms. Deen’s entire world comes crashing down because she admitted to saying a few words that brand her as a racist. Someone with an axe to grind made the accusation and Ms. Deen loses her businesses. She IS now a racist regardless of her intent or the context in which these words were used. She will always be a racist from this point forward.

The Food Network pulled her programs to preserve their lily-white reputation. Wal-Mart the biggest violator of workers’ rights decided to drop her products: talk about the kettle calling the pot black. Everyone that made a fortune from her product suddenly turns against her. Where’s the loyalty? Where’s the appreciation for the millions of dollars they made from her… Oh My GOD… She said NIGGER! Sweet Jesus she’s a racist. I defy you to point out anyone in the south that has not used that word. Look deep inside and tell us all that you have never, never, never used a racial slur! Have you been ruined? Why not? It’s probably because you don’t earn $17,000,000 a year! This predator should be exposed for what they really are: an opportunist and a racist!

I guess it’s acceptable for blacks to call white people honky and cracker; or for the Asian population to call white people Round Eye’s; or for the Hispanic population to call us Gringo… That’s not racist… is it? Guess what… IT IS RACIST!

This has all the marks of sexual harassment. If a woman claims sexual harassment, it is the man, guilty until proven innocent, that must prove beyond a doubt that he is innocent. If he is innocent the specter of this accusation hangs there forever. How is this different? Ms. Deen is now and forever a racist. She will never escape this accusation or the mark on her reputation.

There is no escaping in this litigious society. Most people want their turn at the legal lottery wheel. Spin the wheel and earn a fortune at someone else’s expense. Did they really earn that money? Do they really deserve it? How can they live with the damage they’ve done to someone else? Why? Did they really cause you harm? Did Ms. Deen really ruin your life as you have now ruined her? What about her family? Did this damage end with Ms. Deen? No… Her family now carries this burden as well. What about their children – you know… her grand children. Will this affect them as well? Sure it will! This doesn’t end with Paula Deen. It goes much further.

So why did the accuser wait so long? Why not expose this racist bitch immediately? Why did you wait? Oh.. you wanted to think about the repercussions or was it to wait to find the right legal counsel… Dewey, Cheatham and Howe were busy so you went to Ted Kennedy’s attorneys: Whiner Diner, Dicker, and Dunker! Did one of your friends suggest that you take your turn at the Legal Lottery Wheel?

We have all said things we regret, or maybe we don’t regret them. We have all used hateful and slanderous words. We are all racist. We are all prejudiced. The unfortunate definition of prejudice is racist. All it really means is that we Pre-Judge. That’s all… So if you don’t like broccoli or spinach, you are prejudiced. If you don’t like war movies, you are prejudiced. But… This doesn’t make you a racist.

Racism is rampant in our world. A recent article I read states that 48% of the world is racist. That almost half of the world population! Why single out one person as the poster child for racism. Adolph Hitler was a racist. He murdered millions of Jews to cleanse the Master Race of this pollutant. Saddam Hussein, and a myriad of leaders were racists. Oh yea.. we killed them, didn’t we. But, our own government is racist. They insist in keeping the lower class in place. The lower class comprises most of us, by the way! How do they keep us in place? Programs designed to keep us sucking on the government teat with welfare, free cell phones, food stamps, high gas prices, low minimum wages, and public schools. OK.. So racism is a harsh term for this apartheid but who are the predominant constituents in this lower class? You already know the answer.

We make war against illegal immigrants – sorry geographically disenfranchised people – because they are different from the White, Middle Class. Isn’t this a form of racism? They are Hispanic and Asian mostly. Isn’t this racist?

What about the Middle Eastern people? We don’t want them here in our country. Isn’t this racist. We are forcing Democracy on an entire ethnic population that really doesn’t want it. Isn’t this racist? The Powerful White population of this country knows what’s best for the rest of the world and we use our military to force our views on these people. Isn’t that racism? Who do we send into this war? The same lower class people that can’t find a decent job, or that are the proud children of Southern parents. Isn’t this racist?

Paula Deen is from the south. She grew up in the South. She heard these words every day of her life. Asians hear “Round Eye” or some form of it every day. Hispanics use Gringo every day. Arabs use infidel every day. Are these not derogatory words? Are these not racial slurs? Don’t they refer to someone not of their culture – someone different? Isn’t this racism?

Mahatma Gandhi said that “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” He understood that once we embark down the road of biblical retribution, it never ends. Everyone is guilty. Everyone has done something that injured someone else. No one is innocent. No one!