An open letter to the President

Mr. President:

I realize that your policies are those of the power brokers and political committees that worked for your election.  I also realize that you have your own agenda as it relates to our country and our economic situation.  I know you face some difficult decisions in your coming term.  I also realize that your past term required you to consider reelection so your actions were carefully calculated to that end.

Mr. President, America needs a leader.  We need someone that will take us from here to where we should be.  We need a leader that believes we can again become a great nation and become to guiding force for good in our world.  If we lead by example the world will follow.  Our recent example is laughable… and the world is laughing.  Our actions do not follow our words.  You and the other leaders in Washington rarely follow your spoken or written directives yet you expect us to look past your examples.

Mr. President, you have the opportunity to fix the issues facing this country.  You have the power to enlist the brightest minds in this country to craft solutions to these problems.  You can orchestrate the greatest and most important coalition for change in history: but will you?

I will not belabor the issues we face.  I’m sure you have a list in order of importance.  What is important is that you take the necessary steps to move us forward. I know some of these choices will be unpopular, but that should not enter this equation.  You have this last term to right this country.  You have an opportunity to show your metal. 

Using the best and brightest minds in this country exemplifies our core values as a country.  As a once great nation we looked to these thought leaders for solutions to our problems; we gave them the opportunity to work in our best interest.  We allowed them to that which they do best.  Will you do this again… for your country?

I firmly believe we have lost our way as a country; we fraction, facet, and marginalize our people into smaller groups discounting their importance to the collective; we create divisions in our people and force them into compartments bound by financial and ethnic titles.  We are all Americans and equally effected by and responsible for our direction.  We are not just part of the poor, middle class, or 1%.  We are all Americans.  We are not White, Black, Latino, Asian, Arab, etc.  We are all Americans.  If you continue to foster this divisiveness we will continue our demise.  You have the opportunity to unite us to this great cause:  The Repair of Our Nation!  Are you such a leader Mr. President?

If we are to survive these trying times we need to be united as a country, not marginalized by identifying titles.  We need you to pull us together!

You face a monumental task.  You have the opportunity to make us a great nation once again.  You can make this country a place of pride and abundance.  We can again be a sterling example to the world.  We can show them that by doing the right things, those things that benefit the country and not a selected few, we can change our direction.  We can solve these problems together but, it will take leadership to make this change.  It will require sacrifice and hard work toward the goal of a stronger America: A country for the people by the people.

Will you be the leader this country needs?  America is waiting for your response.