Enough Already!

The political contest for President of the United States of America is heated to the point of boiling, as is my temper.  Over the past several weeks I have been plagued by an onslaught of unsolicited telephone calls on my home and mobile lines by political committees pandering for votes.  I have heard the rhetoric and have seen the attack ads.  I am sick and tired of this bullshit.  I pride myself on being reasonably informed.  I don’t need anyone telling me what to think or how to vote. 

If these contestants would put this much effort into doing their jobs or fixing this country we would not be in our current condition.  If they spent the billions of dollars in election contributions on fixing the country instead of exposing the rottenness of their opponent we would be on our way to resolution.  If their real concern was for this country and not narcissism we would be a “Great Country” again:  But alas, we are pummeled by these self aggrandizing egotists.

I wonder just how stupid they (all of these candidates) think we really are.  I recognize these ads are aimed at the lower echelons constituents.  They must think that most of us are too dumb to see through the tricks and misquotes.  They expect me to take these attacks at face value and not to investigate their insipid claims.  Really?

All of this rhetoric is verbal diarrhea.  They spew carefully crafted demographic bullshit and expect us to swallow it without thinking.  In many cases they are right: too few Americans actually bother to think.  They don’t expect us to discover the truth, digest, and absorb it.  They want us to vote on emotion.  God knows there is enough of that right now.  That’s the plan.  They want us emotionally charged when we hit the voting booths tomorrow.  They don’t want thinking voters, they want passionate voters.  They want blind acceptance of their bullshit.

One of the contestants is a multi-millionaire that runs businesses.  The other is a political organizer with no leadership experience.  One made his money through the efforts of others.  One associates with unsavory people yet denies knowing them.  One hides behind Executive Privilege refusing to divulge his real credentials.  This country needs leadership, not an organizer and liar.  America is not a business; we don’t make anything, except debt.  Neither of them has a real plan to return people to work or to retire the debt.  Please understand that I have no issue with wealth or with the people that find a way to make it honestly.  Owning a business is a very time consuming and arduous proposition.  It is not a forty hour per week job.  I applaud those that make it and I don’t want your money.  I plan to make it on my own.  I am not here for a handout.  I work for a living and I have earned everything, everything I have.  I also plan to keep it!

I refuse to follow anyone into oblivion.  Neither of the Presidential candidates has a solid plan.  Neither will lead us though the difficult decisions facing this country.  More taxes for the rich with wealth distribution to the poor, is NOT a good plan.  By the way, more taxes will only give them more money to misspend and misappropriate.  Both plan to borrow more money to keep our failing economy afloat delaying the inevitable day of reckoning.  Neither has a plan to retire this massive debt or to return us to responsible spending.

We spend more than we make!  How long before we are bankrupt?    Maybe we are already bankrupt and we just refuse to see it.  One year ago the debt load per American was $43,000: Today it is $51,000.  Yes: $51,000 per American!  Can any of the 99% afford that load?  I know I can’t.  I know that the 1% is not interested in assuming responsibility.  What American in their right mind would?  What real American in their right mind would allow this to continue?  This tells me that precious few Americans are in their right mind because we are not doing a god damned thing to stop it!

Who will continue to lend us money to make the interest payments while piling up more debt?  Does everyone in this country have their heads in the sand – or more correctly up their asses?  If I ran my business like this I would be in jail, yet politicians continue to push us toward the precipice and walk freely among us.  Now they expect me to vote for them!  Are they smoking crack? 

Regardless of the eventual winner tomorrow we are in for another four years of deterioration.  Government spending will not stop or change.  Social values will not improve.  One of these contestants plans to accelerate the demise of this country the other want to socialize us into eventual destruction.  It doesn’t matter who wins tomorrow… The people of America lose!

Is this what you want?  Is this our destiny?  Will we sit idly on the sidelines; beer and popcorn in hand, watching NASCAR or Football allowing our country to circle the drain?

You vote DOES NOT count!  Remember the Bush – Gore contest?  Gore won the popular vote and Bush had the Supremely Stupid and Partisan Court declare him the winner!  The Electoral College, an outmoded and totally useless institution, had a part in this, too.  The point is boys and girls, Bush stole that election!  I’ll bet this happens again… Just you watch.  If the contest tomorrow is close the incumbent will invoke his power and walk away: “Bush Style.”

I have had enough!  I don’t want another four years of this foolishness.  I can’t take another four years of rampant spending.  I can’t take another four years of broken campaign promises.  I want real change!  I plan to vote against every incumbent!  I plan to vote against the two narcissists from the “Two approved Parties” and for the third party candidate.  I have had enough of this!  I want a return the People’s America.  The country that valued the people not the special interests, lobbyists, Political Action Committees, Personal agendas, and Fiscal Malfeasance.  I want my country back!  I want a voice in our direction not some pathetic placebo to lull me into more complacency.  I want my vote to count, not to be discounted by this archaic institution, The Electoral College, whose time has past.

I have had enough of this horse shit.  We are knee deep in problems and all the political contestants do is tell us it’s not shit… it’s fertilizer that will eventually return our country to full growth.  If this is the case we are in for monumental expansion.  This coming growth will make Jack’s Bean Stalk look like crab grass.