Why did you come to America?

If you hate America so much, why are you here?

Muslim Fundamentalist Protesters and Islamic sympathizers are marching in the streets of America voicing their hatred and discontent with my country and her policies.  It is your privilege as a citizen: But are you a citizen?  The reason for these violent protests is not the issue, but it does make me wonder why you came here in the first place.  Why did you come here?  Was it the free rent, welfare, medical care, educational system, or the remaining freedoms we enjoy?  Were you forced to come here by some despot that wanted your life, or the lives of your family?  Were you kidnapped; brought here against your will?  Did someone hold a gun to your head forcing you to come here?  Were you rescued from that shithole country you called home?  No???  You came here of your own free will and at your own expense?  Why???  Are you here on a Student Visa or as a Guest in this country?  Why did you come here? 

I strongly suggest you become accustom to this question because I will ask it frequently… Why did you come here?

So, here you are in America.  It’s a beautiful wide open place of endless opportunity.  This is the place many if not most of the people on this planet dream about.  It is a place of safety and many remaining freedoms:  Especially the one you abuse – freedom of speech by protesting.  I know you’re angry and dissatisfied with the deceitful and duplicitous policies of our government: many of us are.  If you are so dissatisfied with the conditions here – go back to the shithole you left.  Go home and live in mud huts on dirt floors and in total poverty. Live under the thumb of the despot or sheik or king that took everything you had, killed your parents and left you naked in the street.  Go home to the shithole country where you had no job, no money, no education, no hope, and no freedom. Go home to the zealots that insisted, no demanded, that you embrace fundamental Islam or be stoned to death as an infidel.  You’re protests tell me that you loved that country and your old way of life.  Go Home!  America is for Americans – not hyphenated multicultural whack jobs that insist that we conform to your way of life.  I like it here and I don’t want your pathetic religious beliefs, your politics, or your way of life.  I like mine.  I don’t want to live in the shithole country you left.  If I did I would move there.  Don’t bring it here.  I DON’T WANT IT!  Why did you come to America?

Did you come here on a student visa or as a guest?  Students study and guests visit.  They do not advocate the violent overthrow of the host country.  They do not march in the streets carrying signs that call for the murder of innocent people calling them infidels.  They do not celebrate the murder of US Ambassadors and military personnel.  They do not celebrate dragging them through the streets on public display.  Guests do not advocate or participate in these barbaric displays.  Why did you come here?

You insist that we embrace your way of life, religion, customs, politics, and laws because it is your ‘right’ as Americans.  WHAT?  When you came to this country you hoped for a better life, yet you cling to your old ways.  If it was bad enough for you to leave your shithole country, why do you come here to recreate it?  Why did you come here?

You came here because the conditions in your shithole country were intolerable. You come to my home and insist that I allow more of your indigent, ignorant, criminal, uneducated, unemployable, leech-like brothers and sisters move into my neighborhood for me to support.  You tell me that you want your rights and freedoms: those guaranteed by our constitution but you insist on living by your old codes, the codes of the shithole country you left.  Why did you come here?

I honestly do not understand the Muslim mind.  Maybe I never will.  I’m sure there is something I could learn: Even if it is to understand your hatred for my country and why you think it necessary to change me.  Why should I become like you?  I’m not asking you to become me.  All I ask is that you respect the country where you now live and respect our customs and laws.  I don’t care what gods you embrace or where and how you decide to live.  I don’t care what you do as long as you abide by OUR laws.  You are in my country and subject to our legal system.  When I am in your country I MUST abide by your primitive and archaic legal system.  Why do you deserve special treatment here?  Why did you come here?

Your old culture gave us mathematics and the “zero”.  You created writing, beautiful poetry, magnificent art, stunning architecture, and a lifestyle second to none.  Since you have embraced fundamental Islam, you have turned violent and hateful.  You have taken a quantum leap back to the stone age.  You have become unproductive and ignorant.  You are spiteful and angry.  You are the antithesis of love and tolerance.  If this is the teaching of your religion; if this is your religion… I want no part of it.  Your intolerance has no place in America.  Why did you come here?

Why do you hide your faces with masks and scarves?  Why won’t you let us – your neighbors – see your faces?  Are you afraid that the rulers and death-squads of your shithole country will find you and kill you for leaving?  Are you afraid that you neighbors will discover your identity and help you pack?  You are protesting against America, on behalf of that shithole you left.  I don’t understand.  When I protest I’m proud of my position.  I don’t hide my face.  I want everyone to know who I am and where I stand.  I don’t advocate the overthrow of the country that harbors me.  Why do you hide?  Why are you so afraid?  Why did you come here?

Other nationalities came here illegally: for a better life; maybe to find work.  They protest our stand against illegal immigration.  I understand that you don’t want to go home to cardboard shacks, to live in poverty, or to live under the cartels that now run your country.  I understand, but you broke the law.  You do not deserve any protection or exceptions.  You are a criminal!  Unless you take the necessary steps to become US citizens, you should suffer the consequences: Including imprisonment and deportation! Regardless of your reason or your rationale, you are here illegally and do not – DO NOT – have a voice in our affairs.  You do not deserve any – ANY – of the social services created for our citizens.  You are NOT a citizen so you should not receive the benefits reserved for them.  I know why you came here, but you did it illegally!  Sit down and shut up because your protesting is a perfect way to expose your illegal status and to be escorted to the border.

America has problems.  YES… we do.  We have problems with our government and our social services and our petty differences about whose god is the only true god: That’s called human nature.  We try to embrace our differences and grow stronger as a result: We call this diversity for the sake of coexistence.  We try to practice tolerance.  You, on the other hand, band together in nice neighborhoods, turn them into ghettos, insist on your privilege to live like livestock, and demand that we conform and accept it.  You hide behind religious freedom demanding that we provide land and money to build your Mosques and that we incorporate Sharia Law.  You insist that your ways are the best ways.  So why did you leave your shithole country?  Why are you here?

I try hard to remember that you protest against our governmental policies.  I try hard to remember that you have many salient points.  I try hard to remember that this is NOT personal.  Unfortunately, the more violent your protests become and the more you advocate the murder of our citizens, here and abroad, the less political this is.  I take it personally.  I agree that we have no business meddling in the Middle East except to protect and support our Israeli friends.  If you have problems with Israel take it up with the UN.  They decided to give away the land to create that country in 1947.  Killing innocent people to prove your point will only start a war that no one will win and one that will surely cost you much more than you are willing to lose.  Why did you come here?

You are in America now, I expect you to act accordingly.  Sure I protest against many of the wrongs I discover.  It is my privilege as a citizen.  I stand together with others against the inconsistencies in our government.  We stand together for what we believe.  We do not advocate the murder of non-believers or infidels nor do we resort to terrorism or other acts of aggression.  We do not call for the death of our elected officials…  We do not murder them in their offices and drag their bodies through the streets.  We just don’t reelect them.  Why did you come here?

Did you come to change my mind about Islam; about the Muslim religion?  I want nothing to do with a belief that advocates hate and violence.  If Islam is “The Way of Peace” you have a very poor way of showing your peaceful intentions.  Why did you come here?

Did you come to remind me that our government is deceitful and that our policies advocate interference in international affairs?  I already know that that our government is imperfect.  I am working nonviolently to correct it.  Why did you come here?

In fairness I must admit that there are a few Muslim’s that advocate peace and that follow the Koran as a lifestyle document, much like our Christians follow the bible.  They are here because they want to be here.  They are here because this is their new home.  They embrace America!  Why are you here?

Did you come here to really piss me off, because if that is the reason you came to my country…  You have succeeded!  You have really pissed me off!!!

Go back to your poverty stricken, fundamentalist, archaic, uneducated, misogynistic, male cleric dominant and violent shithole of a country, because I don’t want you or your ways here in my country!  I am proud of my heritage and very proud to be an American: and in spite of our problems… this is my country…  this is my home…  Don’t fuck with it!