Why Should I Trust You?

This is the question I pose to anyone running for office this year… especially the Presidential Combatants, Legislators Bankers, and Lawyers.  Why should I trust you?

Why should I trust you?  What have you done to ensure and secure my trust?  Have been honest with the people of this country: with me?  Have you acted in the best interests of our people?  Have you personally done everything in your power to secure this nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic?  Have you?

Mr. President: Didn’t you increase our deficit to record and unbelievable levels during this administration?  Didn’t you promise to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba?  Didn’t you promise to end our colonial efforts to force democracy on the Middle East?  You promised affordable Healthcare then handed control of this volatile situation to the people that created it.  You gave management of our health care to the Healthcare Insurers!  Which of the hundreds of your promises have you kept?

My personal assessment of his activities indicates that we are living a lie perpetrated by a person that should never have run for or been elected to the presidency of this country.  He has no business experience.  He no governing experience.  He has no verifiable past.  None of the people from his college days know him.  Who is this man?  He claims to be Christian yet claims to be Muslim.  He hates his father who he deifies in his book.  He has a past that no one can trace, yet we trust him to lead our country based on empty promises and rhetoric.  The media promoted him as the 21st century messiah.  Where has he led us?  We are wandering in the desert looking for water and manna.  Does anyone but me think that Obama was groomed and placed in his current position by some very powerful people to create our current situation?  Yes, there are people with sufficient power to plant someone in his position.  Why would our president try to hide his background? 

Bush won the presidency with Florida because of card counting problems.  What?  Do you remember the “Hanging Chad” those problematic little card-punches that stuck to the election ballets causing them to be judged invalid?  How many times did they recount these cards before the Supreme Court stepped and settled it?  That takes power and money.  Who has that power?

Mr. Romney is a business man that used his workers to amass a fortune.  As governor of Massachusetts he instituted a program just like Obama Care and now he vows to overturn this policy in the interests of our country; but if it worked in his home state, why not for the country?  Which one is right or is this another matter of expedience and electioneering? 

Romney refuses to release his tax returns.  Obama refused to release his transcripts and birth certificate. Why?  Are they hiding something?  We all realize that it takes a huge personal fortune to mount a campaign for the presidency. So far Romney has outpaced the Obama campaign, collecting more money for “The Romney” assault on Washington.  What are his real policies?  So far the rhetoric is nothing more than demographic pandering.  He spews what the locals want to hear.  Where is the real message?  What does this man really believe?

This country does NOT need a business man in charge.  We need a leader with the focus and foresight to solve our problems.  This is not manufacturing or sales or technological innovation.  We are a country of diverse people with different needs and wants, but most of all we want security.  Not from foreign invasion, but for the unscrupulous activities of the “Robber Barons” of our times.  We need a leader from the people, not from the elite ruling class.  We need a leader that understands the problems of poverty, of the working class, of the middle class.  What ϋber rich cretin that lives above the laws and completely out of touch with our reality really knows us?

The Federal Reserve is a cancer ravaging this country.  They are running this country into the ground much like the National Banks in European history.  These banks gained control of entire countries by loaning kings money to wage wars.  When the war was over – win or lose – the kings owed more than they could ever pay so the banks took surreptitious control of the country.  Once in control they ‘approved’ the policies and heir apparent to the thrones.  America continues to borrow money to pay the interest on our loans… note that we are only making interest payment.  We are not lowering the principle – the amount borrowed – but just the interest.  Unless we make drastic changes we will NEVER repay this debt. 

Credit Cards are another pariah in country.  We have reached an epidemic of borrowing.  The February statics indicate that the average household is almost $16,000.  Here’s the breakdown…  You owe $16,000 on your credit cards.  You average interest is 12.75%.  Your minimum payment would be $320 per month.  The total interest on this amount will amount to $17,522 for a total owed of $33,522 with a repayment plan that extends for 31 years – you may NEVER, NEVER use this card again or the costs and terms increase.  Please note that the interest is higher than the original amount borrowed…  Do you get it?

The promise of easy credit hooked millions of people.  The lure of instant gratification and pseudo-prosperity hide the reality of the trap.  The disguise is amazing… We can have what we want when we want it and pay later.  Where is the truth in lending and disclosure?  They are there in print and on the websites. 

There is a payment calculator by the Federal Reserve so that you can see the extent of your indebtedness: too bad our legislative branch doesn’t know about this…  A recent survey shows that the total is down almost $2,100 per household.  I’m sure there is some clever way to massage these figures to gain an advantage much like unemployment rates.  When you control access to the information, how can anyone dispute your conclusions?     Caveat Emptor!

Our deficit is 1 billion times the number above.  If you take those numbers and multiply by 1 BILLION will give you a good look at where we are financially.  We are bankrupt!  So this lie perpetuates printing more money and borrowing more to pay just the interest payment – no principle.  The banks have this country and everyone by our short & curly hairs.  Who created the Great Depression?  Who created the recent Depression?  Who ruined the economy in 2008?  Who created the lending disaster and housing crash?  Who fucked each other and everyone else in the process?  Bankers!  If these people screw each other, why should I trust a banker? 

Our legislators are mostly lawyers.  There are a few doctors and other barbarians, but they are predominantly attorneys.  This is one of the remaining self-perpetuating professions around.  They make life so complex that they ensure their survival.  I interpret laws as guides for keeping honest people honest.  They were enacted to protect us.  Lawyers have twisted them into quagmires that no one can navigate and that allow the guilty to pass without penalty – except for the fees of course.  How many felonies are dropped on technicalities?  The local legislature tries to tighten the noose but in doing so creates more loopholes. 

It’s like our current tax laws.  Thousands of pages that only an accountant and attorney can interpret and forms that require a CPA to complete.  Why; because lawyers were involved.  I’ve heard that 99% of lawyers give the other 1% a bad name.  Could this be true?  The point is there are so many laws now that we are breaking them without any knowledge.  We break them all the time and don’t know it.  I am breaking some laws by writing this post.  Which ones, I don’t know, but I’m sure I’m breaking a few at least. 

What’s the difference between a lover and a lawyer?  You lover stops screwing you when you’re dead!

In the beginning of our country these positions were considered honorable; expect for banking.  Bankers have always been thieves and scoundrels.  When bankers realized they could profit by loaning money they began to take control.  Our President and Legislators’ were honorable men with an eye toward our future and safety.  They wanted the best for this new country and all of here people.  Sure there were some a few unfortunate holdovers like slavery and women’s rights, but we managed to work through these.  Where and when we went wrong is a matter of debate.  I think their initial altruism faded quickly as unscrupulous men took these positions because they saw an opportunity for power.  That’s the point where the lies began and our country started to decline.  We have a brief history as a country.  European countries are thousands of years old: We are a few hundred.  Yet in our brief history we have accomplished more, created more, and lost more than any other country on earth.   These positions were originally unpaid!  These men recognized their duties and stepped up.  They took the job to better the country. 

The current salary (2011-2012) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.  They have a “First Class” retirement program; a “First Class” healthcare program; and graft and corruption payments from the lobbyists.  These are “LIFE TIME” benefits.  They are NOT available to you and me.  The median personal wealth for members of Congress grew to $911,510 in 2009, up from $785,515 in 2008, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Nearly half of the members of Congress are millionaires.  Their retirement benefits cannot exceed 80% of a three year average of their highest salary.  So for the sake of this example they would receive $729,208 per year for life!  Where do you and I fall in this salary range?  Anybody?  Anybody?  No wonder so many people want to run for these positions.

Our problem is that we continue to swallow these lies and worse of all, we lie to ourselves.  We believe the mendacity from our leaders.  We embrace these fabrications as truth.  We fail to consider our recent past full of deceit.  Why should I trust you legislators, bankers, and lawyers?  What have you done to ensure and earn my trust?  Which of your empty promises have you actually fulfilled?  Why should I trust you?  You need to earn my vote!  So far I have found no one worthy!

I am tired of the lies.  I am tired of being lied to.  I am tired of the mendacity!  It seems that every facet of my life requires me to investigate the veracity of the statements, weigh it against the discoverable facts, and add a modicum of salt to make this ‘shit sandwich’ palatable.  Then I flip a coin to decide.

Where does it stop?  Who can I believe?  Even the people that should be working for me lie to my face as if it is the norm.  Lying has become the norm.  We no longer value our honor.  We don’t care if anyone uncovers these lies.  We act as if the new millennium mandates deceit and dishonor.  We don’t care!

I am looking for work.  Yes, I am one of the unwashed millions that are unemployed.  I use almost every resource available to uncover potential jobs.  Yes, I use recruiting companies.  I have found that about 97% of them will contact you with the most wonderful and lucrative opportunity on the planet; for which you are a PERFECT fit.  We need you information and confirmation immediately to present you for this golden opportunity.  97% of these recruiters NEVER, NEVER call you back.  It is the 3% that maintain contact and keep you posted as things develop.  Can I ignore the 97%… NO.  They may get lucky and have a viable opportunity.  Can I tolerate dealing with these people… yes for a time, because that’s the industry.  Does this make it right?  Sure… they get away with it.  Why, because we need the work and it is impossible to put that genie back into the bottle.  We don’t dare confront their lies or call them on it.  There are three choices:  Disclose the lies and not deal with them again; accept it as a part of doing business; or find a personal business that can support you.  Right now I am stuck with number two (there is no accident to the inference here) and working on number three.

So what have you – anyone mentioned in this post – done to gain my trust?  Have you done anything to change my views?  Well…?