America Doesn’t Want to Know

I’ve come to the conclusion that America, and people of the world general, don’t want to know what is really going on.  There are those of us that delve into events in order to better understand the background and the cause and then relate our observations.  But lately I’ve awakened to the sad fact that most American’s don’t want to know.  “What we don’t know won’t hurt us”, is their mantra.  You can look around and see the results.  You can see how this complacent attitude has destroyed this country and our world.  You can see that we have lost our power and control.

As I write my opinions on various topics I am struck but the unfortunate fact that my thoughts on these topics don’t reach the people that should be reading them, but I do reach a few concerned global citizens of like mind.  We are a minority… a very small minority.  Sure our opinions are sometime on the fringe and too obscure for many sheeple.  We do our best to make a difference because we really do care about this once great country.  We digest printed articles and events for things that touch our hearts and minds.  We write with a passion that is missing from our country.  It tells me that hardly anyone cares.  If religion is the opiate of the masses, then politics is the club that keeps us compliant through fear.

There is a machine at work here designed to misinform the sheeple and to keep them in ignorance.  These are the average sheeple that works and pays taxes.  These are the sheeple that have families that are trying to make it through this life and provide a secure and fertile environment in which to grow.  They watch Fox entertainment and other biased programs that twist and distort information to support the obvious agendas of the media moguls.  We are like the prophets of old who stand on the hill tops shouting out our message hoping that a few of the audience hear and embrace our message and change their lives.  I’m not the sack-cloth and ashes type nor do I wear goat skins to set myself apart.  If find them terribly uncomfortable.  I try to look like everyone else for the most part.  I try to use less subversive methods to promote my ideas.  I wonder if the prophets of old ever lost heart.  I wonder if they ever felt like giving up and taking a seat on the sidelines to watch the impending train wreck.  Hey Isaiah, and me the popcorn!

We are now a two class country.  There are those with money and power that call the tune and the majority who only dance.  The dancers have no idea that regaining control will dramatically change the music.  They simply don’t know.  It is our mandate to inform them…  But how?

Money is power.  Massive power!  When you are rich people look up to you for advice and direction.  They believe that money makes you right.  That it gives you a better insight to the world at large.  Money is a tool that we used to trade for goods and services.  It is become a god of massive influence and power: just look around as see the power in the Almighty $$$.  Can you deny this power, this influence, and this incredible instrument of control?

This god replaced our old beliefs and created a new more powerful and insidious religion.  His name is Riches and his temple is the Bank.  Those with the most direct the lives of those with the least.  Their New Commandments guide our lives with nefarious edicts designed to keep us in our place and to increase subservience. 

1.        I am the Lord thy god.  Thou shall have no other gods before me.  I am $$$.

2.        You shall worship my symbol “$$$” and make no other idols or worship them.

3.        You shall pay homage to me only and not take this symbol in vein. I am the Power.

4.        You shall keep holy “Pay Day.”  It is the day when you will pay homage to me through thy tithes. 

5.        Honor thy Banker and thy Government for they provide the substance by which you live all the days of your life.

6.        You may do anything possible to gain my favor.  The pursuit of wealth is all encompassing and anything that you can do to attain wealth is permissible.  There are no transgressions but these.

7.        You shall not commit philanthropy. Thou shall not give too much to society except through sanctioned Government programs to support those who refuse to work for it keeps them in their place.  Your tithes, your taxes will be my support for they are how you honor me.

8.        Thou shall not steal from the rich and give to the poor.  This is the exclusive obligation of your government who can do what it will to provide for its own well being.

9.        You must witness against your neighbor in matters of finance.  False witness is acceptable for it will gain you $$$ and position.

10.    If thy neighbor has more than you, you are not worthy and must attain equity through any means available.  You shall borrow and mortgage and buy on credit to attain equality.

I am starting a religious sect called COFR (pronounced COFFER) – The Church of Financial Redemption.  Our Icon is the $$$ and our commandments are above.  The holy trinity; Money, Media, and TV are those that we worship, but in this order.  Money is the father, Media is the savior, and TV is the vehicle by which understanding is given.

Does this sound silly, inane, or foolish?  Mankind invented god to make us all more comfortable with our world.  These gods are a way of explaining our interactions with the natural world.  Religion is not about anything but control.  The powerful rulers in the past decided that we needed to be more tractable.  They perverted our spirituality into a powerful weapon of vengeance.  Anyone who studied history and ancient writings knows that man has always felt inferior to nature and in an attempt to reconcile his fears he invented the gods.  These gods controlled everything and everyone.  When the gods were displeased we simply made offering to appease them.  When the gods were pleased we celebrated and gave thanks.  These gods eventually evolved into what we experience today: Some really fucked up beliefs and zealotry.

So here I stand on the hill top shouting out my message.  I am the prophet of reality and the harbinger of doom.  Like the rest of you I offer my message to those who will not see, who will not hear, or will not think; in the hopes that I can awaken a few from their slumber ignorance.  These are the sheeple of the world.  These are the congregation of the Almighty $$$.  These are the sheeple we need to reach and cannot because their beliefs are based on lies and a foundation of fear.  They are afraid to admit that anyone, especially our government would lead them astray.  They are distracted by the almighty tool of the new god through the power of the Holy TV.

Money is not evil.  It is a good tool that allows us to obtain the things we need and that we cannot make for ourselves.  The love of money is the root of all evil.  Having enough money to live comfortably is everyone’s dream.  It is our greed that perverts this tool into the god we worship and that keeps us under control.  It is the lust for control that perverted our country and destroyed ethics.

Our world has been lulled into a catatonic state through the effective use of the Holy TV.  No one is immune and no one can escape the invasive force of this incredibly powerful god.  It is everywhere and it reaches out to everyone through carefully crafted messages (programs) that reach targeted audiences and special groups with selected propaganda to “entertain” and “inform” us of the Words of the Father.

Is it time to admit failure or should we keep preaching our messages of reality?  The Biblical Book of Revelations (John’s Revelation) is a interesting example of how the “End” will unfold.  John predicted a catastrophic end when we would all face judgment and would face the final reckoning.  The End is near John proclaimed until he was silenced by the forces that feared his prophecy.  We are nearing the end of our journey.  We are watching through the Holy TV as the end unfolds and we approach our Armageddon.

Are we ranting and raving lunatics or prophets of our age?  Only we can answer.  It is still up to us to carry our message forward to the sheeple of this planet.  It is still up to us to carry the message forward for as long as our strength and passion endure. 

I am getting tired!