Der Sheeples Republik of Amerika

I feel like I was kicked in the balls.  I fully expected an honest and fair ruling from Der Supreme Kourt but sadly discovered that they were for sale.  They simply shredded the constitution and let the pieces fall to the floor. 

Welcome to Der Korporate Supreme Kourt!  Seig Hiel!  Thank You Comrade Justices…

We desperately need Healthcare Reform, but I see Obama care as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It is Czar Obama’s next step toward the socialization of this country.  It solves nothing but it creates new opportunities to pillage our country.  It also provides some interesting elitist and exclusionary opportunities for “Special” groups. 

Healthcare in this country is out of control.  It is mismanaged and poorly administered at every level.  The corporations that control the hospitals and clinics are forcing doctors to commoditize care and insert assembly-line processes in their clinics.  These corporations carefully regulate the number of patients per hour to maximize revenue.  This has a direct negative effect on care.  Can any of you effectively explain your medical problems to a doctor and understand the treatment regimen in ten minutes?  Can you process this medical download and ask intelligent questions in that period of time?  What if you don’t understand, because you’re not a medical professional?  You take your laundry list of medications to the pharmacy – note that you can only use the one specified by your healthcare company – to discover that the drugs prescribed are not in the formulary.  The formulary is the list of drugs approved by your healthcare provider – for which they offer a discount – often the generic equivalent of the real drug.  If your drug is not in the formulary you pay retail price.   We are in the days of factory medicine.  You are a commodity, not a person.  You are a source of revenue, and the more people they can pump through the system the more they make. It is no longer about care… it is about money.  Obama-Care is another revenue stream for the machine.  Now everyone except a select group of religions (Muslims) will be required to purchase a product.  If you refuse, you will be taxed.  That’s some choice…  Freedom of what?

Who gains the most from forcing us to purchase health insurance?  Could it be the very companies that lobbied for this law?  There are Trillions of Dollars in play.  These companies will now control – CONTROL – healthcare in this country.  Our government just handed TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to these companies on the “promise” that they will honestly and equitably manage this program; that they will provide “affordable” care for everyone; that no one will be excluded; all with government oversight of course.  So who wins?  Well… it looks like The Lobbyists, Congress, The Healthcare Insurance companies, and our reigning Czar.  Who loses?  You can answer this one.

Healthcare reform is necessary.  Once upon a time in this county, we had groups of very intelligent people that created processes and programs for the benefit of the people.  They looked at the best possible solutions and moved them into use.  We had a chance to do the very same with the healthcare reform committee.  Unfortunately, these people were paid by lobbyist to skew the finding in the favor of big business.  There were trillions of dollars at stake and those mega-corps could not allow this golden opportunity to slip by.  They bought the loyalties of the committee.  We were sold out by the very people we trusted with our government.  We need to change the way we govern our country, just like we need to change healthcare and many other programs.

How I would approach this is a moot point.  We are no longer in control of our government.  We have no voice and we have no power.  We are quickly becoming a socialist country where those with means support those who will not work.  46% of this country is on support of some kind.  The workers of this country now support those who would rather stand in line waiting for their next handout.  We are in a country that insists on increasing taxation of the rich because they have money in order to support those who will not work.  When you take from those that have and give it to those who do not have you have Socialism. 

Who is going to pay for the health insurance for the welfare class?  Did I miss this one in class, too?  Oh yea, they are on Medicaid and Medicare…  They already have government sponsored care.  Who pays for this???  What about care for the Illegal Aliens?   Will they also buy healthcare Insurance?  I DON’T THINK SO!  So how do we reconcile this?  Won’t we continue to pay for these illegals, too?  So what did we solve?  Aren’t these people part of the original problem, you know the unpaid costs at hospitals?

It seems to me it is going to cost everyone more for affordable healthcare coverage because now we’re forced to purchase healthcare insurance, and to pay taxes to cover the costs or healthcare coverage for those on Medicare and Medicaid and for those who will not buy it to avoid being deported.

Containing the runaway cost at hospitals is not a simple problem.  It results from the lack of governmental control on illegal immigration.  I do not suggest that we refuse service to those in need, but we should send the bill for this along with complete information about the person to the INS and ICE.  Once they realize the enormous costs involved, maybe they will begin to enforce the existing laws and not allow Czar Obama to create another class of welfare recipients.  Can you say “More Czar Obama Voters” boys and girls?  Several states attempted to regain control of immigration but were “bitch slapped” by Czar Obama and the Supreme (for sale) Court.  We were told to stay out of the business of government and attempting to deny Czar Obama another several million potential voters.  How Dare We???

The idea of equity for the masses has been tried and failed in every socialist country on the planet, yet Czar Obama is pushing us down this road, because he has the backing of those who will not work.  It did create a two class system: one small class in power and very rich, and the rest of the people.  His programs are geared toward increasing this number of non-workers at the expense of the workers.  We will eventually reach the tipping point where there are not enough people working to support the welfare state.

I keep referencing the final days of the Roman Empire.  Rome fell because it could no longer support all the programs that helped those that would not help themselves.  It collapsed under the financial weight of welfare.  We are headed down the same path at an alarming rate.  It is a runaway train.  There is no stopping it.  Do you think for one moment that Romney can turn the tide?  Even if he is elected, it will take his entire first term to undo the damage Czar Obama has done.  Do you think that 46% on support will vote for the man that wants to take away their free ride?  Romney already has the clear advantage of funding for his campaign.  He has most of the wealthy behind him.  Czar Obama has the morons in Hollywood, the icons of the “Entitled Class” on his side.  Wait until he starts raising their taxes to support these socialist programs.  Guess what…  We are there….

Welfare should be a short term solution for people in need, not a life style support system for generations of useless indigent baby factories.  It should provide an opportunity to rebuild a life, not programs to transform able bodied potentially useful people into leaches.

So today we enter a new era where the Judicial Branch of our Government aligns with Big Business.  This is the time when we the working people are responsible for support for almost half of our population’s livelihood.  It is a time when it will be better to receive than to give.  It is the day when we watched as our Government handed control to Big Business.  Document shredders all over the Capital are busily destroying our now useless and unnecessary Constitution.  Hurry while you can still find copies on line.  These will be valuable collectables some day.

There is a bright side to this… If you convert to Islam you don’t need to purchase healthcare insurance, you can’t eat pork or drink alcohol, but… you can beat you wife!  Or… you can just stop working and wait in line with the rest of Amerika.

What a sad day for America…

Vilkomen to the Der Sheeple’s Republik of Amerikan und Der Sheeple’s Party!