Social Programming

Thinking objectively about this clandestine activity I keep running afoul of my bias toward open an honest communication, something missing for the past 30 plus years.  This is becoming more obvious as time advances and as we are inundated with media entertainment in the guise of news reporting.  We have graduated from information to entertainment.  Where it will go next is a great topic for conversation: another lost art.

Once upon a time there was a group of individuals that fought hard to bring the truth to our country.  This group had active members who all worked diligently to expose and report news.  Yes, news.  There was veracity and believability in these reports.  This is gone the way of the Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon: which are by the way extinct.  There was even prosecution for false reporting.  I imagine prosecution was abandoned because of the unbelievable demand and our inability to distinguish fact from entertainment.

The invention of the television is arguably one of our greatest achievements, and certainly the one most perverted for its invasion into almost every home in our country.  Very smart people, advertisers, create need and want by playing on our vanity and through the use of sex.  They can sell sunshine to Arabs or Ice Cubes to Eskimo’s.  They show us how discontented we are with the status quo and how by simply purchasing their product we can achieve social nirvana.  Men with full heads of hair enjoy the company of big boobied blonds in swimming pools, drive much nicer cars, and have much better jobs: all through the elevated self confidence of having hair.  18 year old beauties show aging women how their hair products and makeup can transform your 40 year old personae into this rapturous and devastatingly gorgeous young creature: all from the application of this secret formula based on camel dung, but never before offered to the public because it has been restricted to a selective ultra rich clientele but now available for the first time to you, our home viewing audience.  But wait… there’s more if you call now!

The invasion of television is most insidious.  Not only does it create the desire to purchase frivolous products, it sows seeds of discontent between the sexes.  I am frequently the unwilling viewer of a channel that panders to the discontent of women nationally.  Not only do they play to this discontent they elevate it to new levels.  It is “LMN” or The Lifetime Movie Network.  I call it “The I Hate Men” channel: Most of the programming deals with philandering and abusive men in women’s’ lives.  This biased programming sets men up as the perpetrator of women’s plight.  We are portrayed as the problem in every relationship and rarely as the supporter of women.  I have noticed a marked change in my own spouse over the past several years.  She is more suspicious and certainly more cautious about our relationship.  In addition, there are indications that this is an addictive behavior, in that every time I return from work or I turn on the television, this is the last station viewed.  Oprah created a billion dollar Media Empire doing just this.  I object but to no avail.  It’s like pissing on a forest fire and with equally unsatisfactory results. 

I have also noticed that our media is selective in reporting violence between racial groups.  Whites against Black or Latinos is a travesty and always racially based, whereas Black on White, Latino on White, Latino on Latino, Black on Black, Latino on Black, Black on Latino are never, never aired.  It is always the White that is vilified.  The recent situation in Florida is an excellent example.  Mr. Zimmerman was supposed to be white by virtue of his name, but when it was discovered that he was indeed part Latino, the situation changed markedly.  Young Mr. Martin shown as an angelic pre-teen is actually a fully grown gang member replete with tattoos and gang paraphernalia, and a checkered past was the unfortunate victim in this racially charged and motivated event.  Regardless of the reality of this unfortunate situation the racially based attack of a White against this angelic young Black was the core of the story.  Why?  Isn’t any violence a reason for concern?  Why was this blown out of proportion by the media?  What’s the agenda?  Why are the Black leaders so ready to leap on this story and to insist that it was racially based?  Where are they when a young white woman is brutally raped by a gang of young Black men?  Oh, I remember… she was asking for it.

Television takes us into places so foreign and remote many could never find these places on a globe, yet here you are in this god-forsaken shit hole watching as the people riot against an unfair government or dictator.  They are fighting for their human rights!  They are fighting for their very lives!  They are suffering at the hands of this despicable regime that’s held them captive for centuries and now through the magic of television you can view this heart-wrenching saga play out… LIVE.  Is this true?  Can this be true?  Who really knows?  We have been so buried with media hype that the truth is lost in the blitz for ratings and to provide the ultimate entertainment experience.  Opinions will be provided by our crack team of misinterpreters and offered up in High Definition… film at eleven. 

Why do we expect the world to conform to the American standard for behavior?  Why would they knowing all the problems we have here?  They have media empires that distort information for political agendas, too.

Our current presidential contest is another example of media bias.  Neither party has yet firmly stated a platform, but craftily intones the songs for the demographic.  In our heartland it’s all about the light of the American farmer.  In the cities it’s about the plight of the workers, or the elite multi-bazillionare who wealth is being attacked by those socialists of the other party.  Don’t I care about the farmers, or about the bazillionare?  Oh yea, farmers grow corn for ethanol and soy beans for shampoo.  They don’t grow food, we get that from Mexico: along with the migrant workers to harvest our cash crops.  Neither party has done anything for America except to stall useful programs and run up a staggering deficit.  The Bipartisan commission to reduce the deficit couldn’t ever agree on lunch much less craft a meaningful reduction policy.  So what did they do?  NOTHING… absolutely nothing.  They decided to recommend cuts amounting to several million dollars.  Nice work if you can get it.  We get the bill.  They create new programs to help the poor… more welfare.  The create programs to help refinance bad mortgages.  They strip education and social programs that provide food to under privileged school so we can increase their salary and private benefit packages.

Reality TV programs are not!  These programs are provided for pure entertainment value.  There is NO reality involved.  These gladiatorial sagas are created to keep you engaged and rooting for your favorite cast member.  The cast is carefully selected to include an excellent cross-section of combatants who appeal to a perfectly researched demographic of typical viewers.  The advertisements are also geared toward this demographic.  These sagas are carefully orchestrated to offer a fighting chance to all combatants with no glimmer of bias.  As these programs play out you are lead through the script to change you allegiance to the preselected winners.  Oh sure there are potential changes in the script and today’s winner may be tomorrow’s looser based on comment in the social networks.  What?  You didn’t know these producers comb these networks for clues?

Media empires show their bias in the way they convey the information.  Notice I did NOT say report the news.  Each has an agenda solidly for or against a contestant.  Again, notice that I did NOT use the word candidate.

I didn’t know I needed a Wal-Mart service to transfer my existing DVD collection to the new Cloud-based Netflix style service.  You just take you DVD’s to them, they rip them to storage and you access this service via your X-Box, PlayStation, or Blue Ray Player and the internet.  You don’t have a Special Access Box or internet?  They can provide those for you, too.  Of course this service is not free!  But imagine the freedom of just sitting comfortably in the sofa making a few clicks and voila…  You are watching your own DVD without the hassle or physical strain of walking to the DVD rack, selecting your favorite program, turning on the player, opening the drawer, inserting the disk, closing the drawer, and walking back to the sofa to watch the program.  I’m tired just thinking about it!  Thank god Netflix is only $9.00 per month billed directly to your credit card to free you from the physically demanding process of paying on line, or even the more exhaustive process of writing a check then mailing it!  Hey, where is the mailbox, anyway?

We sit comfortably at home, cold drink and snack in hand watching carefully selected and well orchestrated television programs to keep us entertained and ignorant as reality marches past.  We don’t see the agenda or the purpose behind these programs.  We don’t care that the country is in chaos, lead by multi-millionaire lawyers with their own agendas.  We wait patiently for someone to proudly proclaim themselves as the Savior of the Country – vote for me… I have the plan that will change the world and certainly solve our inconsequential problem a home.  Why just look at the state of the rest of the world.  We buy useless and inane product to increase our social personae and know that this new produce will bring on the fast car or take 20 years off of my tired old face.  Ah… if I only had a full head of hair!  Viagra will give a woody that will split a tree and bring the zing to your tired old sex life.  There is a new drug that will solve your nagging problems with plaque psoriasis – but may cause your legs to grow together at the ankle.  Using this asthma inhaler will bring back your ability to breathe, but may cause asthma.  What???  Am I the only one that caught that one?

Consider that everything we watch on television is a ruse.  Remember these programs and advertisements are there to make you discontent and to create a utopian world where even people my age (61… oh my god I’m getting old) will have a shot at that 20 something year old blond.  Do you honestly believe any of this?  Wake up America.  You are being lied to at every turn.  Question these products and programs and make sure that you know what this is all about. 

My best suggestion is:  Turn off the Television and read a good book, but make sure it’s not a fantasy or Harlequin novel.  You can get that on TV.

I know the readers of this post are those that do get it.  My hope is that you will forward this or other posts like it to your unaware friends.  You know those that think wrestling is real…

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