It Is Time…

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

I hope some of you can remember this sentence.  It is an exercise we all learned it in typing class.  It really is too bad that the meaning of this little saying seems completely lost in modern life; and especially in politics.  Of course there are a great many other things lost in modern politics not just the power of a simple sentence like the one above.  We have lost our direction and passion for this country as well.  We have lost our focus and our drive.  We have lost our national identity.  We are a nation of individuals all clamoring for their personal way and insisting that we are no longer Americans…  We demand to be hyphenate – Americans!

Regardless of your job, we all work harder and play less.  We have more of everything except time and money.  We live stressful lives walking on eggshells and hope none collapse under our weight.  We look hopefully for leadership for a path out of these trying times.  We look for answers and all we receive is more questions and restated problems.  Like most of you I think we are well aware of the situation in America.  We all know what’s wrong; we are looking for someone to help us find the answers and solutions to these problems.  We are looking for someone to lead us out of these dark days and into the light of reasonable action.  We know there are solutions and that these solutions will require our combined efforts to solve them.  It will take ALL of us to solve them just the working class, but the wealthy privileged classes as well.

There is a continuing drone from the talking heads reciting our problems like a Buddhist chant.  They remind us with their every word that we are in trouble and they point knowingly at other party in accusation.  It was not “me” that created this situation; it was the other guy or gal.  Well guess what… we are all responsible.  We sat on the couch watching the NFL or NBA or NASCAR or sports de jure’ while our country caught fire from within.  Each of our leaders has a bucket of water to douse the fires, but they are waiting for the media to film them throwing it.  They want the recognition for their pitiful and futile performances.

So far the circus of debates has bested Ringling Brothers for showmanship.  Not one of the contestants has any clue about solutions although they would have you think their plans will save the country.  When you stop to think through these weak dramas and the pitiful rationalizations they spew, you begin to realize that the fox is again looking to guard the hen house.  Clever proposal names like “9-9-9” sound terrific but in reality they will cost those with the most to lose the most to implement.  Those that profit will the rich and powerful.  Don’t misunderstand, I am not against wealth, I am a big fan, but with great wealth comes great responsibility.

We all know the problem.  We all recognize that there are some very, very smart people in this country but what is stopping progress, at least for now, are the enormous egos of these contestants.  They are jockeying for position in the greatest game of all… the American Presidency.  The most powerful job in the world, the President of the United States of America is up for grabs again and who are the contestants;  Some of the weakest possible leaders in the country.  I want to know why!  Why in a country of 313 million people can we not find a leader that will take us from the dismal situation we are in the correct direction?  The answer…  POLITICS!  Yes, Politics!

Our system of selecting the prettiest and sweetest and most appropriate puppet is broken.  I have written about this before so I will not launch down that rabbit hole.  Suffice it to say that we are in trouble and we need REAL Leadership.  Not some pretty boy or girl that satisfies the political power brokers and placates the populace and not someone that will take the orders of the extremely rich and powerful.  We need someone with the backbone to do what is best for the country; not some egomaniac bent on self aggrandizement.  We need someone that will take us forward, not someone to keep us in the quagmire of rising debt.

We have pissed a fortune for the glory of a few carefully selected men and women that sold us out to the highest bidder.  We elected a half black president that cannot hit the floor with his hat.  This clone is bent on the socialization of America; if not the Islamization of it.  The bone head he followed could not even run lumber yard or a professional baseball team.  The one before him could not keep his Johnson in his pants.  Can you see the pattern here?  Every one of the past several presidents, all the back to Eisenhower, was a worthless piece of shit that was more interested in self than in this country.  Oh sure, they looked good on paper and even better for the media and TV cameras, but the truth is that they all had one thing in common they worked for special interests and for themselves.

Our way of life hangs in the balance and all we do is clamor for more reality TV.  Our Rome is burning and Jet-Set BHO offers solutions that will bankrupt this country in a few years.  All of the programs that existed before him will disappear in his next term.  Social Security; Americas Ponzi Scheme is almost bankrupt.  Medicare and Medicaid are equally in trouble.  We have 50.1 million people on Welfare: that is almost 20% of this country.  The real unemployment figures in June of this year were calculated at 22% not the 9% advertised by our government.  We are expected to cheer for an unemployment reduction or 0.4%.

Our government lies to us regularly and we suck it up as if it was our last drink of clean water.  We look at blogs and internet publications, and recoil as if these are all blatant lies.  We sit on the couch with the big screen blasting away ignoring the impending disaster.  I continue to reference ancient Rome in these letters.  Here’s the reason…

The Roman Coliseum was built to keep the populace entertained.  Why?  So they people would not notice the eminent demise of their Empire.  Rome was failing quickly so the Emperor built the biggest show on earth.  There were hundreds of festivals each year to keep people entertained and to divert their attention from the facts.  They didn’t notice that their way of life was crumbling because they had REALITY at The Coliseum.  Our current media choice it the Big Screen TV in High Definition with hundreds of Satellite Channels all pumping Reality TV up your lazy asses.

Some time ago I wrote about the Wizard of OZ and the corollary to modern times.  Boys and girls we are right there today.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain – the one pulling the strings.  Just watch the pretty show, the flashing lights, all the pretty colors and let the wealthy and powerful take away what little you have left.

America is following Rome right down the toilet.  Rome collapsed because they could not support the cost of the Empire.  The Wealthy would not pay higher taxes to support the rabble.  Instead they bought armies to protect their wealth and property.  We are following in lock step with the Romans.  The result was complete collapse of the system.  Almost everyone lost except for the wealthiest.  Our current financial situation is untenable.  We cannot even afford to pay the interest on the debt let alone the principle.  We are headed off the cliff and no one is at the wheel.  The leaders all bailed at the crossroad.

How much longer will we sit stupidly in our faux leather family rooms lamenting the eminent plight of our Nation?  How much more can we afford to lose before we stand up to this broken machine and demand changes?  How much worse will it get:  Much, Much, Much worse.  You cannot imagine the problems to come.  If you are following the situation in Greece you are watching the previews of coming attractions.  Watch as the Euro takes a dump even after the massive infusions of cash from the richer nations and the World Bank.  Watch as European countries fall like dominoes from the burden of social programs and entitlements they can no longer support; but their people refuse to relinquish their entitlements. 

Enjoy the show folks…  ‘Cause as PT Barnum said so eloquently…  There’s a sucker born every minute – and America has 313 million of them.  Pass the Popcorn!


Notes: Unemployment Figures Number on Welfare US population