The God Lever

I am tired to the bone of those that use God as a lever to rationalize and justify their actions.  Not even Cecil B Demille killed as many people as we have in God’s name.  Some religions like Islam continue to subjugate the believers with Shariah Law which places men well above the status of women and condone all manner of atrocities in the name of this cult.   Women are subjected to beatings and murder regularly.  In Pakistan 80% of the women are beaten and one is murdered daily.  All that is required to convict a woman of heresy are two men to accuse her.  One woman is in prison awaiting hanging for arguing with two such men.  They accused her of heresy.  She awaits her fate.

Here in America our Republican presidential contestants are using religion to pander to the religious right in the hopes that this tactic will propel them to the front as it has in many past contests.  This self-righteous excuse for inappropriate actions and murder sickens me.  We turn belief into justification for everything from abortion to xenophobia and accept this as acceptable behavior because it is in the name of religion.

We red line our Constitution to fit our political needs.  We ignore the section regarding religious neutrality to support and to elevate the contestants in the greatest fraud on earth.  No one questions the motives of these “Christians.”  No one looks for the truth in the claims.  They are blameless because of professed belief in the Christ regardless of motive and certainly without thought to the implications of forgiveness for past actions. 

I firmly believe that when religion enters politics it is a business and taxed appropriately.  The founding concept in this country is religious freedom and neutrality.  This God Lever flies in the face of reason.  What gives anyone the right to associate his or her political aspirations with religious belief?  What gives anyone the right to use religion as a political tactic?  This is such an abomination, and a strong indicator of our sad national condition.  If we actually accept these deluded claims we are missing the point completely.  Our faith and our beliefs should be manifest in our actions, not in our rhetoric.  If these political contestants are so righteous, then let them be examined on the stage before a jury of their peers, not just in the court of public opinion.  Let them demonstrate their beliefs.  Let us see if they can really stand the tests.

It appears that personal integrity, ethics, morals, and ideas are no longer adequate for pandering to the masses.  They now must enlist God’s help to win the ultimate position of deceit and fraud.  How will they rationalize the unfulfilled campaign promises?  How will they justify the accusations against each other?  So far the evidence and behavior they exhibit is contrary to the biblical concepts they all espouse.

I can hardly wait for the attack ads next year.