Proof of UFO’s

Well it’s conclusive… there are UFO’s.  Why else would Arizona go to all the trouble of creating a law (SB1070) to demand proof of citizenship if there wasn’t an Alien problem?  After all, there must be something to this if the legislature of this state takes the time and efforts to not only recognize the problem but to craft a law to support the identification of these aliens.

If the legislature of the state admits the problem of aliens in Arizona, they must have reason and proof that they exist.  So since the State of Arizona admits the existence of Aliens in our State, UFO’s must be real.  How else would they get here?

I have been here in Arizona for over thirty-eight years.  I arrived in the early 70’s and have loved it here even since.  I know what most of the inhabitants of this state look like.  I admit I would have a very hard time pointing out an Alien.  They look just like us: too bad it’s not like in the movies where the Aliens look like monsters and are easily identified.  They are certainly a crafty bunch because they look just like us.  In fact, most of them look like Mexicans.  Of sure they mix it up a little bit, they throw in some Chinese, or Middle Easterner’s, but most of them look like Mexicans.  No wonder the legislature in Arizona wanted to have the law enforcement folks check their papers.

There are those in Washington DC that are still in denial about the existence of UFO’s and the Alien problem.  They blocked Arizona’s law to identify them.  They must not know what we know in Arizona.  I’ve watched those UFO shows on TV.  You know the ones that have all the eye witnesses and pictures of the UFO’s landing.  I’ve seen the pictures of the crop circles and the landing sites.  I’ve listened to the accounts of the pilots that chased them.  I was firmly convinced then that UFO’s were real.  Now I know for sure; because Arizona passed a law to help identify their occupants… the aliens.

So now what do we do?  The Federal Government denies their existence by blocking SB1070, but the State of Arizona stands firm on their assertion of UFO existence with a counter suite on the Federal Government.  “This is a pickle, George, a real pickle…”

You can certainly see by now how these events have convinced me of the reality of the UFO.  You have to admit their existence, too.  There is a border between Mexico and Arizona guarded by a Federal Agents with guns called The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).  They wouldn’t let people just walk across the borders.  They are proud professionals trained by our Government to uphold the law.  They take their jobs seriously.  So how else would these aliens get here?  Quod Erat Demonstrandum (QED) it must be by UFO.

You know I just thought of something…  Maybe these Aliens have infiltrated the Federal Government at the highest levels.  There are stories that the President doesn’t have a birth certificate.  He fought pretty hard against this law in Arizona.  Maybe he’s one of them?  Oh my god!!!  There are others that helped him oppose this law.  They must also be aliens: replicas of the real people.  They must have kidnapped them, and then created alien clones to replace them in office.  No wonder they make those stupid decisions in Congress!  No Earthling would make these crazy decisions to run up the national debt, or to raid Social Security, or end Head Start!   You know… I’ve noticed that there are some pretty stupid decisions being made in the state legislatures, too.

It’s worse than I thought!  They are everywhere!

It’s too late…  Run… Run for your lives!

The Aliens have landed!  The Aliens have landed!