Economic Crisis… Who Done it?

We are all responsible.  When did borrowing 125% of your homes’ appraised value make sense?  When did cashing out the equity of your property to purchase a depreciating asset start making good business sense?  When did accumulating an average $35,000 per household in credit card debt all at variable interest rates up to 22% on the unpaid balance make sense?  Yet we did it; didn’t we?


Our greed contributed and our complacency allowed it to continue.  Cyclical events like growth and decline define the norm and attempt to balance the system.  Allowing uncontrolled growth or decline is reckless, but certainly not criminal.  Our government should be more concerned with doing their jobs’ than keeping their jobs’.  Acting differently would be counter to being politicians’, wouldn’t it?  Making any attempt to balance the economic system at one point would just throw it out of balance somewhere else.  Tampering with things this large and far reaching is VERY dangerous.  Use our attempts as Governmental Deregulation as examples… When our government goes into business both business and government suffer…


Hey…  Where are my dividends from our investment in the auto industry?