Unscreened Cargo Planes Could Become Next Terror Target

If this isn’t an opportunity for an investigation I don’t know what is.  How long will we tolerate these idiot news dopes being allowed to feed this kind of information to the terrorists?  How long will we sit idly by as these broadcast boobs transmit potential targets to the enemy?   This is sedition!  Aiding and abetting the enemy is treason!

I admit that the leadership of these terrorist organizations is very sharp.  They are well educated and well schooled in the activities de’ jure’; that is making us afraid to do anything and smart enough to be sitting comfortably in some Muslim country convincing other people to die for their cause yet they live a life of absolute luxury.  Who’s the fool, the terrorist or the average Joe America; the ordinary guy in the US that accepts the fact that he can do nothing about it and lets the Security Special Olympics get a cheap feel?

So now we transmit ideas to these terrorists with inane stories like this one above telling them that we don’t monitor cargo that transits our skies.  In fact let’s go one further and tell them what time the shifts change at the local customs impound facility.  Actually they already know that because they have people sitting and listening to our conversation in the most secretive places like bars, parks, offices, business, dry cleaners, grocery stores, convenience stores, and homes all across America.

If you read and can understand the content between the lines, or listen to others conversations you can learn everything that you want to know about a culture, their fears, their insecurities, and their vulnerabilities.  I can only imagine what these people think of us after watching the reality TV shows.  They know everything they really need to know from our own indiscretions and our allowing the media to confirm their facts and suppositions.

Shortly after the attack in September of 2001 we began telling them where to look for the next opportunity.  Our well meaning and totally stupid broadcasters went all over hell and creation looking for a sensational story that would propel their careers to the next level without a thought that they were giving vital information to our enemy.  These insipid talking heads began verifying the next potential target for the terrorists.  They went to our nuclear generating station and told about the approach to the building, the size of the parking lot, the number of guards, the location of the access points, gates, fencing and security staffing.  They went to our local fuel farm (this is the place where all the tanker trucks that supply fuel to the gas stations fill up.)  They reconfirmed the blueprint for these locations as well.  They did the same for the rail yards, airports, post offices, government buildings, water treatment facilities, etc.  These terrorist leaders sat in comfort thousands of miles from the next ground zero as our media confirmed their targeting intelligence.

As a veteran of the military I know and understand that the little things in conversation add up to vital information.  We learned that during WWII.  There were slogans like “Lose Lips Sink Ships” that conveyed the message quite clearly.  As a result of our collective paranoia we even put an entire ethnic group (the Japanese-Americans) into concentration camps to keep them from leaking vital information. 

Unfortunately our self-centered and self-serving lifestyles exempt us from any personal responsibility regarding national security.  Now you can start to see how the government stuff the TSA up our asses and then enacted the “You don’t see London, you don’t see France until I feel your underpants” laws.  It is really unfair for me to characterize all TSA agents as stupid some of them are actually quite intelligent … Some how they snuck through the screening process.  Anyone with any intelligence and moral fiber would realize that what they are doing is wrong.  You cannot put your hands on someone with out their permission and without a warrant for search.  I can only imagine that there is some small faction of TSA agents that are really getting their perverted little rocks off using this law to further their disgusting fantasies.

Unfortunately the TSA has us by the balls, literally, and we cannot travel without submitting to these indignities while many honest, hardworking, moral agents, in fear of losing their jobs, can do nothing to prevent these atrocities.

Some poor woman in Austin, Texas is now bared from flying because she objected to having her breasts felt, and not one person in the airport would stand with her.  You cowards…  You sheep…  The cattle that they interview when this took place sympathized with the woman but cowed with “well… it is for our security… I do feel safer…”  You feel safer from what; That nail clipper TSA confiscated, The cigar cutter that would wreak havoc in the aircraft cabin at 35,000 feet, That knitting needle that grandma uses to create a scarf?

They government has won…. And so have the terrorists.  We are fighting our own people and enacting laws that remove our personal freedoms.  The terrorists win because we now punish each other with bans from airports and restricted and no fly lists because we refuse to have our personal sensibilities compromised.

The patriotic approach to fix this problem is to start taking responsibility for what we do and what we say.  Next, we need to retake our civil liberties and our freedoms from the government that took them surreptitiously.  We need to insist that we no longer use the Constitution as a door stop to allow anyone with an axe to grind access to our country then demand that their pathetic cause requires constitutional amendments and start following the principles that it lays out for us. 

The boys that wrote this little document were some mighty smart fellows.  They knew their history and had a vision for this country.  Their vision was a place where people could worship their god and not stuff it up someone elses nose.  They wanted a place were a man with a dream could make it come true for his family and not have the government standing there ready to redistribute his hard earned wealth to someone who has no intention of working.  They envisioned a place where people were proud of their personal origins, but more proud to be Americans.  They envisioned a place where people were free to live as they wanted within the laws and without fear of oppression; not a country that insisted that you be groped before boarding public or private conveyance.

We’re told this is for our safety.  How many pat-downs to you need to do before you realize that the terrorists are NOT smuggling bombs in braziers; we’ve told them to put it into cargo that transits America.