Obfuscation: n. the act of making or instance of making something obscure, dark, or difficult to understand…


Obfuscate: 1536, from L. obfuscatus,  pp. of obfuscare  “to darken,” from ob  “over” + fuscare  “to make dark,” from fuscus  “dark.”


I have been considering the state of this country for quite some time now and I have been seeing these puzzle parts for the last several years.  The picture in the puzzle is finally starting to appear.

I was wondering why the news media has latched on this issue of illegal immigration with such tenacity.  Considering our recent attempt to control our borders and the resulting flood of illegal immigrants coming to American soil I began to realize that this issue is multi-faceted and has already been beaten into the ground, yet there are several institutions that keep flogging this dead horse.  Points for all of these facets have been presented and honestly there is validity in each.  However, we are still mired in the bog of opinion and have no more movement in any direction.  That’s the immigration problem.  If you consider the conditions in which many of the immigrants live, you can easily understand their desire for a better life.  Consider their contribution to our country performing many of the jobs that we deem beneath us that we will not do.  There was an interesting Mock-U-Mentary called “A Day without a Mexican” (2004) that depicts the day in California when all the Mexicans disappear.  The film shows you the results.

Our “Rock Star and Chief” is traveling all over Southeast Asia telling the world of our love for Muslims, Islam, and all things Middle Eastern, and how the world would be a better place if they adopt American fiscal policy, all the while his pals are in Washington DC creating new and better plans to rob us blind through higher taxes and the elimination of personal income tax deductions.  His health care bill (Obama-Care) is rife with pork… So much so it is neither Kosher nor fit for Muslim consumption.  It includes little tidbits like a Private Militia for intra-US protection, and $100,000,000 per year for life to Nebraska for various state projects.  You wonder how these non health care related slices of bacon were added to a bill to provide universal health care: So do I…

Josef Goebbels is credited with creating the most effective propaganda machine in history.  He tightly controlled everything that the Nazi government and the media told the German people.  He firmly believed that if you say something loud enough, often enough, and with enough conviction people will believe it.  It worked for Hitler’s regime.  Our government uses these same tactics.

A magician uses ‘obfuscation’ or obvious distracting movements to catch your eye, and divert you from his actual intentions.  While you watch his left hand wave in the air, he reaches into his pocket and produces flowers, or a rabbit.

A pickpocket often uses a bump or other distraction to disguise the intent of removing your wallet or purse.  This is always accompanied with a disingenuous “Oh, excuse me” as a further distraction.  Sometime later you discover that you are somewhat lighter from the encounter.

We are further distracted by the lunatic ranting of FOX and MSNBC entertainment channels: I will not call what they do, “News reporting”.  They are masters at finding that thing that incites Americans to keep us off balance with rhetoric and charts that support an agenda dictated by the owner of the network.  We are living the lies of carefully selected sound bites and video snips that support the politically aligned network owners.  We never hear the entire story and we certainly never hear the complete truth.

Our government is master at distracting us with these gestures.  They use federal cases against SB 1070, or Health Care Reform, or trips to Southeast Asia to distract us from their real intent.  We are fed a constant stream of stories from DC (Distraction Central) by our sensationalizing media all intended to keep us off balance and incited so that our gaze is on the story not the underlying truth.

Is SB 1070 really that bad?  Arizonan’s tried to stop the onslaught of illegal immigration into the state by allowing a legal request by law enforcement for proper documentation if the individual was guilty of a violation.  The ACLU and Federal Government latched onto the one popular item “Racial Profiling” and made this the central case against the State Bill (SB).  Why did Arizona take this direction and subsequent action; because requests from our Governor Jan Brewer to strengthen the border went unfulfilled and were actually ignored.  The Federal Government was not interested in solving a state problem that supported their political agenda.

Well, here it is… The underlying truth…  We are being led a merry chase by our elected officials through the media with interesting stories about ethics problems in Congress, bills that protect gay baby whales, fishing treaties, strategic limitations for nukular go carts, and recipes for spotted owl stew, while they craft 5000 page health care reforms, 16,000 page tax regulations, and new ways to reduce the federal deficits by eliminating our interest deduction on personal mortgages and raising taxes.  They effectively use distractions like federal law suits against SB 1070 and legal injunctions against the State of Oklahoma’s attempt to prevent the introduction of Shariah Law to the courts to obfuscate the real agenda.

If we redirect our gaze from the not so obvious attempts at distraction, we could clearly see that our elected officials through the horse trading of Obama are selling us out.  They created this massive deficit and are now shifting the responsibility to us for repayment.  We currently have a deficit that if apportioned to each US Citizen amounts to over $42,000 each, yet Obama spends $200,000,000 on trips to India, Jakarta, and Korea, and Nancy Pelosi travels weekly to her government paid $18,000 per month office in California in a government supplied private jet.  Now multiply that by the number of of people in Congress and you can see the issue.  If these intellectual midgets (sorry dwarfs) would control their lavish spending we could easily offset most of the deficit.  But not one of these people has the balls to tell us what really goes on behind closed doors or to take personal responsibility to rectify this problem.  Whatever happened to open door government and full disclosure, Barrack?  It takes the efforts of real news organizations to ferret out the truth.  These actual news reporters spent hundreds of hours shifting through the minutia of details to give an accurate picture. Yet their efforts receive little if any air time.

There are also nefarious elected officials that use their positions to garner ‘favors’ for their states.  Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson (Dem.) holds out for Obama cash in the health care bill.  By the way, 67% of Nebraska voters were against the bill, but Nelson got them $100,000,000 per year for life…  Not a bad trade for one vote for health care reform.  I still don’t understand how this applies to health care, but then I’m not a politician.

I used examples of a magician, pick pocket, and Nazi propagandist intentionally.  Our government is all of these things and much more.  We are complacent victims of their activities.  We all have an idea of what goes on but sit quietly on the couch, watching FOX and MSNBC rant on about things that have no substance all meant to distract the American view from the truth.

Boys and girls, we are victims of our own success and complacency.  If we had been watching this would never have happened.  If we really stood up for our representative rights and demanded that these criminals in DC vote for OUR wants, we could reclaim this country.

The solution to this and other problems requires us all to voice our opinions, not through the illusions of voting but through personal and organizational campaigns to force our electorate to follow our wishes and not some personal political agenda.  Ah, but this takes action and we are no longer a country of action.  We leave that to someone else which is why we are in the current situation.

Once the economic situation reaches critical mass; when we are paying $23.00 for a loaf of bread; once we all live in government sponsored housing; once we all have nothing left but our personal pride, we will stand up to fight.  Unfortunately the Intra-US militia will be there to quell the uprising, and the resistance will founder.  (Wake up… why do you think that’s hidden in the health care bill?)  History buffs will remember the French Revolution and how the minority aristocracy lived luxurious lives and the majority poor died of starvation.  We are approaching this point in these United States.  We will soon be buying bread with a truck load of worthless paper.  Families will be living in the streets and starving.  Schools will be teaching languages other than English. You will have to dial “1” for English. There will be no toys in the “Happy Meals.” There will be no sugar added beverages in vending machines, no trans-fats on the menus in restaurants, no more pure foods in the stores, everything will have government approved additives and all the produce will be genetically altered.

Sit quietly on the couch listening to FOX and MSNBC enjoying the antics of these entertainers. 

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…