Me for Manager in Chief…

Hello America.  My name is Charles Dickens and I am running for Manager and Chief of these United States.  I think that manager has a nice ring to it and in order to make the necessary changes to this country, it will take at least the rest of my lifetime to fix all the things that need fixing, so once I’m in I will be there for life, or if everyone cooperates, well we’ll see how well it goes.

A little about me:
I am an educated man in my late fifties with no political experience whatever.  I am particularly proud of this lack of experience.  I suppose that this lack of experience should exclude me from this office, on the contrary.  I think this country needs a fresh approach from someone with no experience.  We have professional politicians running things and look at the mess we’re in.  Now tell me that I could make things any worse.

What I believe:

I believe this is still the greatest country on the planet.  We certainly have the most potential for improvement.  If you consider that only a few hundred years ago, we were rejects from the decent countries of the world, we’ve done all right.  But we have a long way to go and that’s where my platform and my ideas come in.

Speaking plainly is most important.  No more political correctness.  No more making the bad stuff look and smell any better than it should.  We have problems that need resolving.

Foreign aid stops right now.  Until we are back on our feet and our educational system is once again the envy of the world, we stop trying to buy friends and we concentrate on teaching our children how to think, not how to take meaningless tests.  We need to invest in our future.  That future is our children.  You’ve heard the politico’s preach that education is the most important plank in their platform, yet not one has lifted a finger to make the changes necessary to effect anything.  Instead, they eliminate art and music from our schools.  These are the two things that foster creative thought and abstract thinking.  We need to teach problem solving and creative thinking, not how to pass a test.  They glorify sports at the expense of other programs that make the difference for all students, not just for a talented few.  I’m not against sports, I all for them.  They have a place in our world and in our schools; not as an end unto them selves, but as part of education.  They teach teamwork and fellowship, they teach sportsmanship; how to be a gracious winner and an accommodating looser.

We will move the UN to the Middle East.  That’s where it is needed to most; that’s where is should be.  We will not pay for the move. That will be paid by the Saudi government.  They are charging enough for their oil, they can afford it.  We will grant 90 days for them to vacate the UN building in New York.  This building will be uses as the people of New York deem appropriate.

We will allow foreign embassies on US soil as long as their ambassadors and their families abide by and follow American laws.  If not they will be subject to punishment like everyone else here.  If you are a Muslim and follow Shariah Law, we will gladly treat you accordingly.  Let the beheading, beating, limb cutting, and stoning commence.  

The US, through business taxation, will pay for college and trade schools education. Everyone will have the opportunity to attend the school of his or her choice.  In return, you will repay the country with your services at a rate of two for one.  Two years of service for one year of training.  If you choose a trade school, you will repay at the same rate.  This will support the many State and nationally sponsored programs including health.  You will receive reduced pay commensurate with your skill and training until your commitment is fulfilled.

Everyone serves in the military.  To earn the right to vote and for citizenship, you need to learn what it means to be a citizen.  Please note that to be a citizen you need to server.  Even the person judged 4F would serve, so that everyone will have a chance to support this wonderful country of ours.  There will continue to be various branches of the military to include state services and militias.  Once you understand how to support your country, you can actively participate in the decisions that shape your country.  NO ONE is exempt.  This is a four year commitment either before or after college or trade school.  If you like the military or state service , you may choose it as a career, if not you can move on to college or training in a trade or into business. 

These military branches and services will not only provide for the common defense, but also provide the personnel to help in case of natural disasters and in times of emergency.  We will NOT be fighting foreign wars unless it is for our OWN protection.  We will, on request, help foreign nations with the management of natural disaster relief.  We will no long act as the world police force or big brother.  We will act as mediators to resolve foreign matters, but this will NOT be a free service.

Taxes will be a flat 10% of your gross earnings.  EVERYONE will pay taxes from the richest to the poorest.  No one is exempt.  All companies doing business in the USA will pay taxes as follows:

  • If the company has headquarters in the USA they will pay 10%. 
  • If the company has their headquarters in another country (outside the US) they will pay 30% for the privilege of selling and or creating products in this country.  These foreign companies will also need to purchase a permit to do business in this country.  Should they be interested in moving their headquarters back to US Shores, they can apply for permission to do so for 20% of annual gross revenue for the next 5 years.  We will no longer tolerate corporations that go off shore to save on taxes and to avoid supporting the country that has made their business possible and profitable.  
  • US Companies that use foreign labor – off shoring – will be charged an additional 40% for the dilution of the labor pool in the US.  There are more than enough people in the US to handle any job very well.  There is no need to go to India or anywhere else looking for qualified labor.

Several decisions will be left to each State to decide.  They are as follows:

  1. Abortion –
  2. School Prayer –
  3. Gay Marriage and Right –
  4. Capital Punishment –
  5. Immigration and Visitation (border states) –
  6. Welfare and how to administer for the poor –
  7. Administration of their Health Care Program –

If you do not agree with the standards and statutes of the state in which you live, you may move to one that more closely suites you and you beliefs.  You and your family have the ultimate in mobility.  You may choose to live anywhere you feel comfortable.  This allows all of us a method to seek balance and peace in our lives.  No… the government is not going to pay for your move.

Every foreign citizen and illegal alien must understand that this country owes you nothing.  We don’t owe you a living, we don’t owe you an education, or health care, or a pension, or anything.  These things are earned by becoming a citizen (note that you too will be required to apply for residence and must server this country for four years to earn your citizenship).  You will pay for them with your taxes and with your physical support and efforts through your home states.

Everyone contributes.  No one gets a free ride.  If you can work, you can help.  If you draw a disability pension or support from the state, you will be given the opportunity to pay that back in work credits.  This is up to the states to work out.  But no more free rides.

We are going back to the beginning, when this country was first conceived and founded.  These men understood that there must be a separation of church and state.  You have a choice of worship and you will have a choice of representation.  You will not hear religious rhetoric from your politicians, nor will you hear political opinion from the pulpit.  Any church that wishes to participate in politics becomes a business and will be taxed at the usual rate for businesses.  Any politician that spouts religious rhetoric will have his church charged as a business.  This holds true for foreign churches.  We don’t care who you worship, just do it in private the way God intended.

Our Foreign policy will be based upon the fair exchange of goods and services.  We can grow more food than anyone on the planet; we can use that food as a commodity for bargaining and barter.  Oil for wheat… etc.

Our borders are open to anyone and everyone as long as they can demonstrate a skill that does not exists in this country or to fill a labor need that cannot be filled locally.  We leave the administration of these programs to the Border States with assistance from the US Government.  Anyone is welcome to work in this country, but must pay an export tax of 15% for any money sent to a foreign country.  This includes banking transfers and multi-country credit cards etc.  Any money sent to or used by a foreign national will be taxed.  This does not include vacations and business related travel.  However, any items imported must be checked through the Department of International Commerce for applicable taxation.

Our aged will become a national treasure.  They will be afforded the honor and dignity that they have earned.  They will ALL be asked to participate in consultative counsels that will guide our youth and assist new businesses.  The wealth of knowledge that they amassed over their life times, should not be squandered, but used to our advantage.  They should not be shut away in cold towers, but allowed to enjoy the fruits of life long labors.

Now obviously there are hundreds of things that need to be worked trough.  I admit that this is a short list, but I want you to have an idea of where we are and where we need to look for our country.

At this moment there are businesses that hide behind the curtain of offshore banking.  Companies that send our technical and support jobs to other countries because it’s cheaper and more cost effective; it raises their profits.  That will end when I take over Management and they will be taxed accordingly.

Our national debt is financed by China. I have nothing against the Chinese, but I don’t think it wise to hand over our country on a platter for their use.  I also think it VERY bad form to take our cues from the Middle East or any other country that cannot seem to find a balance between business and religion without beheading, beatings, and stoning or where women are not held as equal to the man in every sense.  This will also end immediately.  We will redeem our debts and pay off our loans.  Going forward anything needed form a foreign government will be paid in cash or bartered.

We must take control of our country for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  The legacy that we have prepared for them is disastrous at best and horrific at worst.  By the time our children actually take the reigns, there won’t be much left to control.  It will be in the hands of the foreign interests and politicians.

Let’s get our act together America!  Make me the Manager in Chief!