The Fallacy of Democracy

We all believe in our hearts that we live in a Democracy.  That’s what we are taught in school, and college, and universities, and church, etc.  We are living the American dream in the best Democracy in the World.  Right?

Well, I’m going to burst your bubble…  None of us live in a Democracy.  In fact, no one has lived in a Democracy since the Greeks BCE (Before the Common Era – or – Before Christ – BC).  This term is perverted to give the impression that we all matter and have a voice.  We live in a Republic.  The main difference is that in a true democracy we have one vote, and at the majority rules.  A Republic aggregates the votes for your Representative who then vote for you.  We all know how well this is working in America.

A great example is the proposed decriminalization of marijuana in California.  I’m sure that the population there is pro-pot reform as are most of us.  I can smell the burning weed from here, yet the proposal was voted down.  The Federal Government said that they would overturn this law because marijuana is a Class I Narcotic on their books.  End of discussion.  Medical Marijuana is another matter.  Several very power medical lobbies in California, including the Medical Marijuana Growers Coalition supported that bill because of the medical benefits, and of course the revenue for the growers and their contribution to the tax base, and it can be controlled through special pharmaceutical dispensers who will charge and pass along these tax revenues.  That’s how a Republic works.

I have spoken to hundreds of people about the 2008 elections and only two have admitted to voting for our resident president.  In a Democracy our resident president would not be corrupting the oval office.  In fact in the last several presidential elections, the popular vote was not for the person seated.  No matter what you want you receive what the Representatives decide you need.  They know what’s best for us all and will make these decisions.  That’s how a Republic works.

SB 1070 is another example of a true Republic in action.  The people of Arizona decided that they wanted more control over illegal aliens and the ability to require adequate documentation of their origins.  Our Federal Government decided that they wanted control over the borders and filed suit against Arizona to block the implementation of our law.  Now this leaves them in total control of immigration and Arizona to pay for the results.  In 2008 304,000 babies were born to illegal alien parents in the US.  Who is responsible for this cost?  The taxpayers in these states carry that weight.   That’s the power of a Republic.

Our ‘elected’ representatives are selected by “THE CLUB” for their ability to return favors in kind, post election.  We vote and never really see the tally, but we feel like we had some voice in the matter and we are told who won.  It’s OK if our candidate of choice lost… Maybe the other guy will do a good job, too.  So with the right backing from “THE CLUB” and enough money you too could be elected to public office.  That’s how a republic works.

If you can sink millions of dollars into an election campaign, I think you are out of touch with reality.  Using those millions to buy a seat in government is ludicrous but obviously possible with the right manager and message.  I guess the up side of this is that this investment tax deductible as a political donation!  The biggest problem with this mentality is that these representatives are completely and totally out of touch with the American Public’s reality.  Hillary Clinton recently commented that she had no idea gas was so expensive.  No Shit!  That’s because she as a, vehicle, chauffeur, fuel, maintenance, (etc. et al) that we all fund.  No wonder she is out of touch.  She hasn’t paid for anything in years. 

Here is the best example: Our “Rock Star” president, the fiscal moron, and his use of Air Force One” at over $56,000.00 per hour, will spend over $200,000,000.00 for a trip to India and South Korea where he is going to preach to the World about fiscal responsibility.  It is estimated that more than 25% of America is unemployed and he has the temerity to lecture and confer with world leaders about fiscal policies.  PLEASE!  I hope you can appreciate the dichotomy and irony in this.  God help this country with this mad man at the wheel.

Are we a Democracy, no!  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  We all servants of the Representative that we elect (if can call these political farces elections).  We serve the master whose names are; “Political Action Committees”, “Special Interest Groups”, and “Lobbyists”.