An open letter to Joe Biden

Mr. Vice President Biden,

I am not a supporter of the President nor of yours, in fact I am against all of the inane, insipid programs you both have backed.  You know the ones that remove our freedoms and cost us money as a tax payers.  The ones that we will be repaying until the end of time!  The ones that have crippled this country economically.  The ones that every country on the planet has tried and failed with…  You know the ones of which I speak.  I must admit, at first I was willing to concede, and give you both a chance.  You have proven that inexperience and rock-star rhetoric may work on the youth of this country, but it bears no fruit in the real world.  You had the opportunity to enlist the support of the best minds in America, and you hire cronies and pals to fill the cabinet.

I find the fact that the two of you, and several other Government types are spending my tax money campaigning on behalf of others that believe the same way you both do, bitterly abhorrent.  Wasting our tax dollars jet-setting all over the country at our expense in transportation purchased by the taxpayers for use in support of the USA, not the democratic party.  Incidentally, I take the same umbrage at the Republican use of these items to support their constituents… 

It costs over $56,000.00 per hour to operate Air Force One but the President deems it proper to fly all over the country to support the democratic party.  Add in the costs that you are personally incurring supporting democrats like yourself.  All this money from taxes spent to back frivolous programs designed to provide more comforts to the millions of non-productive welfare recipients.  I find this appalling.  This money could have been used to create more jobs and better jobs to rebuild our failing infrastructure; to pay back the money stolen from Social Security; and to offset the governmental debt.  Instead you waste these funds to propagate the democratic party’s strangle hold in government.  What about the private militia in the Health Care Bill?

How much has been spent so far campaigning for a job that repays a small fraction of the investment?  How much more will be spent to garner a spot in this exclusive club that pays dividends based on membership at the expense of taxpayers?  You should be asking “How could I have used these funds to forward the country” “not how many more democrats can we seat in government?”  You missed the mark on this one.

Here’s a great idea to reduce the cost of welfare.  Spend money on drug testing for ALL welfare recipients.  Make it mandatory for them to pass a bi-weekly full drug screen before they receive their support checks.  That will reduce the overall costs considerably.  I have to pass one to even be considered for employment; and I must pass random “Wiz-Quizzes” to stay employed.  I’ll bet this would reduce our dependency on illegal drugs significantly…

Here’s another great idea…  Why don’t you government types use the same programs that we in the public sector use?  Things like health care, Social Security, Retirement Savings Accounts, 401K’s, etc.  I’ll bet that these programs would flourish with all of Congress involved.  But then, these special programs that you use are not designed to help the people that elected you or that supply the tax dollars to support them and you. 

Have you ever heard this saying?  “I can’t be broke, I still have checks left…”  How about…  “Why can’t I pay my Master Card with my Visa Card?”  This seems to be the new policy in your administration…  Your answer to fiscal responsibility is to print more money… to keep writing checks even though the account is empty.

Hopefully with my help, you won’t be there for another term, and neither will the other dishonest thieves in government.  I just hope there is time and strength left to rectify your mistakes and the fix the things that remain broken in government.

Government for the people… What have you done for me today?

Yours truly, 

Charlie Dickens