Morally Bankrupt

Our world is on the verge again of moral bankruptcy.  We have emptied the accounts.  There is nothing left, yet we continue to write checks on a zero balance.  Maybe we never did have enough in the accounts to cover the checks we continue to write.

Save the planet, save the whale, save the spotted owl, lose weight, gain muscle, grow hair, replace lost testosterone, and by all means, save the USA; but to what end.

History proves that man cannot live in peace.  There will always be those that want more than equity, more than total control.  Their view is that the world would be a better place with them in control: their view is the only correct and plausible path.

Considering the cause and effect equation, we will never attain balance yet that is what we seek.  External balance comes from internal balance.  Without the latter the former is impossible.  So that creates a dilemma.  Since most if not all people are internally unbalanced, there will never be external balance.

Religion provides tenets that offer a false balancing point, God, who supposedly has an undisclosed plan for your life.  This removes personal responsibility and shifts that responsibility to an external force leaving the believer blameless.  Other sources of internal balance are a laundry list of things and substances, all advertised to bring into focus that missing internal balance.  What this actually brings is another shift in the balance blame game.  We chose that substance that seem appropriate and then blame the substance when balance evades us.

I have no idea what the answer is.  Maybe this is the total awareness that you achieve when you die, or maybe this is the quest that mankind will never resolve.  This could be humanities holy grail.

So, the present human condition just points to the reality of our moral accounts.  Do we have the fortitude to make the hard choices for humanity or are we so self absorbed that we can no longer write that check.  If the account is empty, then the check is worthless and nothing can or will be accomplished.  With nothing in the reserve there is nothing do draw upon.