Find some real workable solutions

To all the political experts:

You are expert at exposing the problems in this country and exposing the frightening aspects of our elected officials, so what do we do?

Electing a brand new set of millionaires and power mongers is not a solution of merit, what choice do we as citizens of this country have?  When was the last time we elected a politician from the people and not from the aristocracy?  Tell me the last time a poor working class or blue collar person was was put in this position of power. Tell me the last time a nurse or small business owner was elected to represent the people.  It has never happened in my memory.

Our problem is representation for the masses.  By that I mean the lower and middle class Americans that pay these exorbitant taxes and carry those that will not pay because of special “RICH MAN” tax credits that exclude them.

Elections and replacements are not the solution.  We will be replacing the devil in congress with a new an unknown devil.  The only people that can afford to run for these lofty positions are the mega rich.  Working class stiffs like me have no hope in hell to even be considered because we are not “Club” members.  What you and every other replacement pundit propose is lunacy. 

How can we hope to change a corrupt system by replacing corrupt officials with another or different corrupt official?  What you and the other “Replace the bad guys” drum beaters advocate is a circular process that replaces a broken part with another and possibly worse broken part.

The answer is not to continue down this path of repetitive lunacy; but we need a new path.  We need to change the system completely.  We need to go back to the times of the founding fathers when the representatives to Congress we chosen by the constituents for their ability to convey the needs of the masses, not just the needs of the rich suckers that funded their rise to these positions.  Stop this madness!

As I said in the opening paragraph, you are expert at exposing the problems in this country and exposing the frightening aspects of our elected officials.  How about some solutions that will make a difference, not just this smoke and mirrors approach called voting!  It’s very easy to find fault… It is much more difficult to craft a workable solution.  So here’s your charge.  Stop beating “The System Is Broken Drum” and start working on some real solutions.