Going over the same ground

I found out today that the job I was counting on was just given to someone else.  I was promised this position several weeks ago in fact I was preparing for the job today.  I guess nothing is certain and counting on something is certainly a thing of the past.  There is no honor any more, there is no honesty any more.  Just corporate profit.

The past few years have been a real disappointment for me.  I can’t see to hold a job, nor can I seem to find one as easily as before.  Maybe they are just not out there…  but that doesn’t seem to deter my will to work but clearly my ability to do so.

It really does seem that I am covering this ground time and again.  I’m not making any progress and this time I feel that I have burned the last bridge unintentionally.  I am beginning to feel like a total looser.  Nothing is going right…  I am depressed.